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How To Get Seoul Baseball Tickets – A Visit To Jamsil Stadium

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Baseball is a BIG hitter in South Korea – it is in fact South Korea’s most popular sport! So if you are visiting Seoul any time soon, make sure you catch a baseball game at Jamsil stadium. Seoul baseball game tickets are easy to purchase (and very cheap) plus the main stadium has good transport links with its very own Subway station.

Seoul Baseball Tickets at Jamsil Stadium

From purchasing Seoul baseball tickets through to what types of food, drink and live entertainment you can expect at the stadium, here is our guide to all things baseball in Seoul in 2024:

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A brief overview of KBO / South Korean baseball

The baseball season in South Korea runs approximately from April to September every year. Baseball is a huge sport in Korea, since it was introduced by the Americans in the early 1900s.

The main baseball league in South Korea is the KBO League. There are 10 teams in the KBO league (two of which are Seoul baseball teams) and each team plays each other 16 times a year.

How to get Seoul Baseball Tickets at Jamsil Stadium. Doosan Bears

The KBO / baseball games in South Korea can be seen 6 days a week- it is only Monday when there are no baseball games played.

This means that if you are visiting Seoul during the April to September baseball / KBO season, there will likely be several Seoul baseball games a week you can catch live at the Jamsil stadium or Gocheok Sky Dome.

Alternatively, all KBO baseball games are televised – most Seoul pubs and bars also show the live or recorded baseball games.

How to get Seoul Baseball Tickets at Jamsil Stadium

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When is the 2024 South Korean Baseball / KBO season dates?

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) 2024 regular season schedule starts on March 23rd 2024 running until the end of October 2024.

Ten KBO / Korean baseball teams will be competing including last year’s reigning champions , the Seoul LG Twins. The 2024 Korean baseball season will consist of 144 games.

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Seoul’s Baseball Teams and Stadiums

Seoul is fortunate enough to have two baseball teams that call Jamsil Stadium home – the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins.

The Seoul LG Twins were the 2023 KBO Season winners beating KT Wiz in the finals.

Jamsil Stadium in Seoul is South Korea’s largest baseball stadium with a capacity of 25,000.

The other Seoul baseball stadium is Gocheok Sky Dome (16,000 capacity) and home to Seoul’s third KBO baseball team, Kiwoom Heroes.

The majority of professional baseball players in the KBO are Korean but each team is allowed up to three foreign players per season.

How to get Seoul Baseball Tickets at Jamsil Stadium. Watching South Korean team Doosan Bears

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Buying Seoul Baseball tickets / KBO tickets

We recently attended a baseball game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul – Doosan Bears vs Samsung Lions.

You may ask – ‘How do I get baseball tickets in Seoul if I’m visiting from overseas? It is actually surprisingly easy.

You could attempt to buy Seoul baseball tickets online (especially if you want to get your baseball tickets well before) but we found that most online sites selling KBO / Seoul baseball tickets required a Korean phone number or debit card to allow a purchase.

Many of these online baseball ticket sellers and sites also require you to create an account / log-in which is easier said than done when you don’t have a Korean based address.

As such, we bought our Seoul Doosan Bears baseball tickets at the Jamsil Stadium on the day of the game.

South Korean team Doosan Bears sign. How to get Seoul Baseball Tickets at Jamsil Stadium.

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Buying Seoul Baseball tickets at Jamsil Stadium

We went to the Jamsil baseball stadium one week night in summer 2023 and bought KBO baseball tickets for the Doosan Bears baseball game that night.

The Jamsil stadium box office opens 90 minutes before the game so that anyone (including visitors from overseas) can buy baseball tickets. On a weekend the box office opens 2 hours before the game starts.

There are several seating areas and zones to choose from at Jamsil Stadium, the cheapest of which are the Navy coloured zones. Seating plans and baseball ticket prices can be seen on display at the Jamsil baseball box office (posters in the windows and above the counters).

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How much do baseball tickets cost in Seoul? Jamsil Baseball ticket costs

Foreigners can buy Seoul baseball tickets at Jamsil stadium for as little as 13,000 Won (around £8 / $10 USD). Note that 13,000 Won is the weekday baseball ticket price at Seoul’s Jamsil stadium – the same tickets cost 15,000 Won during weekend baseball games or on public holiday games.

We went to see the Doosan Bears take on the Samsung Lions at Jamsil Stadium and bought tickets on the gate for 13,000 Won sitting in the navy section – such incredible value.

Seoul baseball ticket prices Jamsil stadium

We couldn’t believe how cheap Seoul baseball tickets were. Even the most expensive centre VIP baseball tickets in Seoul were around the 70,000 Won mark – all baseball ticket types and seating areas can be purchased at the box office.

Baseball tickets at Jamsil stadium can be purchased using either card or debit card / contactless payment. We used a UK debit card (Starling) which worked fine.

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Buying KBO / Seoul Baseball Tickets online

You can also buy Seoul baseball tickets online via ticket sellers but we found it much easier to buy them on the day at Jamsil station box office.

We weren’t easily able to buy Seoul baseball tickets online but others recommend Ticketlink (the most popular South Korean site to buy baseball tickets), Interpark or Bunjang – although we haven’t tried them ourselves.

Ticketlink is also the Korean baseball ticket website that is promoted around Jamsil station.

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Buying KBO / Seoul Baseball Tickets  at Jamsil stadium

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How to read your Seoul baseball tickets

Once you’ve purchased your KBO tickets at the box office, you’ll see three numbers and some Korean. In order, these read as Block number, Level / row number and Seat Number – or BLS (and definitely not to be confused with K Pop favourites BTS!)

Buying KBO / Seoul Baseball Tickets  at Jamsil stadium - Doosan Bears

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Food and Drink at a South Korean baseball game

After we’d purchased our baseball tickets to see the Doosan Bears take on the Samsung Lions, we explored the outer area of Jamsil Stadium.

There were many food and drink places outside the baseball stadium (including Korean fried chicken chains like BBQ olive chicken, Mom’s Touch chicken and BHC Chicken (plus KFC).

BBQ Olive Chicken at Jamsil Stadium

Other food and drink restaurants outside Jamsil Stadium in Seoul included a Korean Milk cafe, Mr Pizza and Domino’s Pizza.  We spotted lots of pop up street food stalls too right next to the Jamsil Underground entrance / exit immediately in front of the stadium.

Dominos pizza at Jamsil Stadium

There were a couple of GS25 Convenience stores outside the stadium with small seating areas. as we got to the baseball game very early, we bought a couple of beers at GS25 and drank them outside.

There were also a couple of bars selling beer outside the stadium – the main beers available were Cass and Terra. Not a great choice for Seoul craft beer brewery fans.

Food and drink stall at Jamsil Stadium

Food and drink purchased outside is allowed to be taken into Jamsil Stadium.

Food at Seoul baseball games is cheap, comparably e.g. at Mom’s Touch, you could get two chicken burgers and two large Cokes for 13000 won (£8 / $10 USD).

The most popular food and drink combo in the baseball stadium itself seemed to be a pint of draft beer with a round serving dish attached on top, full of fried chicken and chips with lots of sauce. Now that is one cracking combo we can get down with!

Mom's Touch chicken fast food at Jamsil Stadium baseball game, Seoul

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Alcohol and Beer at South Korean Baseball Games

Beer and alcohol are allowed at KBO / baseball games – inside Jamsil station, you can either buy cans of beer from G25 convenience stores (around 2,500 Won for a can of beer like Cass) or you can buy draft beer from Terra beer stands.

Cass Beer at South Korean Baseball Games - Jamsil Stadium

Like Japanese baseball games, there are also a few beer servers who roam the stands with a big canister / vat of beer on their backs so you can buy draft beers, but they are few and far between.

Cass Beer at South Korean Baseball Games

All in all, beer is comparatively cheap at South Korean baseball games – although note they stop serving alcohol around the 6th innings (at Jamsil).

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Souvenirs and Merchandise

You can buy Korean baseball / KBO merchandise at the game – most of the merchandise will likely be branded whatever home team is playing at Jamsil stadium that night (in our case, Doosan Bears). We also saw one stall selling merchandise for the away baseball team (Samsung Lions that night).

The most popular baseball merchandise that we could see were the inflatable Pow Pow baseball branded with the Doosan Bears logo – these made a great sound when people banged them together in the stadium, any time the Bears did anything brill!

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South Korean baseball game atmosphere / cheering culture

We’d been to baseball games before in Asia where the fans are quite reserved (especially in Japan) but South Korean baseball is quite different.

The home baseball crowd at Seoul were very loud and proud (possibly fuelled by all that cheap beer and fried chicken), especially in the Entertainment Zone. This is where cheerleaders, an MC, dance stage and drummers have all set up to keep the crowd amused all night – talk about whipping up the crowd!

South Korean baseball game

So many songs were sung and the cheerleaders / dance troupe really got the crowd into a good mood. In fact, South Korea is well known for its ‘baseball cheering culture’.

Better yet, each KBO team has its own signature song (fight song) plus all of the big hitters have their own individual fight songs which the crowd belt out when they are batting.

One big difference we noticed between South Korean baseball and Japanese baseball is that the music, dancing and cheering continues even mid game in South Korea – the players don’t seem to be easily distracted so it must all be part of the cheering culture – we loved it!

South Korean baseball game
South Korean baseball game

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Is it worth going to a KBO game if you aren’t a baseball fan?

A big, fat YES! South Korea and Seoul baseball tickets are really cheap and the atmosphere inside is electric – we were so distracted by all the singing and dancing in the ‘entertainment zones’ that we kinda forgot there was also a baseball game being played out on the field!

Food and drink prices inside and outside Jamsil stadium are very reasonable especially if you just buy your drinks from the G25 convenience stores inside – all that cheap beer and loud music made for a very enjoyable baseball game!

How to get Seoul Baseball Tickets

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How to get to Jamsil Stadium

If you are going to a baseball game in Seoul at Jamsil Stadium, getting to the baseball game is easy – your best form of public transport to Jamsil Stadium is to use the Seoul subway / underground line 2 (the Green line).

Seoul Baseball stadium - how to get Seoul Baseball Tickets

Jamsil Stadium has its own exit (exit 5) entitled ‘Sports Complex Station’. Trains to and from Jamsil baseball stadium / Sports Complex Station run approximately every four to five minutes – expect long queues and large crowds at the end of every baseball game.

To get around Seoul, it is most convenient to use a T-Money card – check out our guide on how to buy and use a T Money Card in South Korea here >

Seoul Baseball Tickets

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    Great article! I was tossing up between baseball and football in Seoul but it’s now definitely baseball. Can’t wait to go

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      Thanks Nick, have a fantastic time at the baseball – it was SO much fun!

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    Thanks for the article; I used it tonight to navigate my way to a game at Jamsil! Great evening out; amazing atmosphere.

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      Thats great to hear Mikey – so glad you had a fab night out! Korean baseball games are so much fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

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      February 27, 2024 at 2:27 am

      Hey! So the ‘cheering zone’ seating area is the section where fans go wild with loads of singing and a mini stage with cheerleaders – it is coloured orange on the seating chart. If you don’t want to be in an area as full on as that, then the blocks of seats around them are recommended. We sat in block 309 and had a great time!

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      oh no! I’m sorry you couldn’t get any. Was it a weekend game you tried for?

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    If you buy a jersey at the stadium store, are you given the option to customize it with your own name and number?

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      CK Travels
      April 12, 2024 at 3:49 am

      Hi Sam, unfortunately we cannot recall from our last visit if there was an option to do this. Sorry we cannot help!

      • Reply
        Kevin c
        May 20, 2024 at 9:47 pm

        Thank you Caroline and Neil, Love this blog. Can you tell me which website you went to buy tickets? I went to Stubhub for June 2024 and everything is sold out for Doosan Bears (Jamsil) and KT Wiz (Suwon) stadium. I tried to go directly the website for both teams and everything is in Korean and don’t see on the website to switch to English. Any help would be greatly appreciated it.

        • Reply
          CK Travels
          May 21, 2024 at 4:30 pm

          Hi Kevin, we bought our tickets directly from the ticket office a few hours before the game started. When we attended the game in June 2023 there were many seats available (it was a weekday) – so if you aren’t having any luck purchasing online, you could try heading to the box office?

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