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Visit Busan Pass – Is it worth buying?

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Considering buying a Visit Busan Pass, but not sure if it is worth it? There are lots of things to do in Busan, including top tourist attractions from theme parks like Lotte World Busan and Ryan Holiday Busan to incredible immersive museums and beachside observation decks.

Plus there are fun ways to get around Busan like hop-on hop-off bus tours and boat cruises or the Haeundae Beach Train – better yet, did you know you could do all of these and more attractions for one fixed price as part of the Visit Busan Pass?

The cost of visiting many tourist attractions and doing day-trips in Busan can start to add up, especially if you are travelling in South Korea and Busan on a budget.

Thankfully there is a potential way to save money when visiting attractions in Busan – the Visit Busan Pass, available as a 24 hour and 48 hour unlimited attractions pass, or as a 3 or 5 attraction pass.

We recently purchased a Visit Busan pass online (a 48-hour Busan Pass) and used it on nine attractions and transport services over three days.

From the biggest Visit Busan discounts to the best way to use it ‘tactically’, here is our review and guide to using the 2023 Visit Busan pass:

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What is a ‘Visit Busan’ Pass?

New for 2023, the Visit Busan Pass is an attraction pass in Seoul, South Korea that can be used at over 30 different Busan venues for free admission, or at over 120 other attractions and restaurants for a discount.

Similar to the Discover Seoul Pass, there are several forms of Visit Busan Pass.

An unlimited Visit Busan Pass is available for 24 hours or 48 hours durations, or there is a ‘3 choice’ or ‘5 choice’ Visit Busan Pass (where you have 180 days to visit your 3 or 5 chosen attractions).

Spa Land

The ‘Visit Busan Pass’ starts as soon as you have your QR code scanned at your very first Busan attraction.

It is only available to non Koreans so is squarely aimed at the overseas tourism market.

This is one of the best selling tourist discount cards for international travellers whilst in Busan.

If you’ve ever used a Discover Seoul Pass or Seoul Go City Pass, the Visit Busan pass works in exactly the same way.

Lotte World

Planning on heading to Seoul soon? Read our review of the Discover Seoul Pass, where we saved over 75,000 Won each in a 24 hour period visiting multiple attractions.

How can you buy the Visit Busan pass?

You can purchase a Visit Busan Pass here >

The mobile pass can be downloaded instantly (via the app) once purchased via the website.

Alternatively you can buy a physical card but note these need to be collected at selected stores / Visit Busan tourist information offices or at Busan International airport arrivals.

Centum Spa Land Busan - Visit Busan Pass
Centum Spa Land

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What is the main difference between the paper pass and electronic pass?

The main difference is that whilst the mobile / online Visit Busan Pass can be purchased and used instantly, if you purchase a printed pass, you have to pick it up at selected tourism centres or stores (usually at the airport).

The physical Visit Busan Pass can also be used as transport pass in Busan but you need to top it up with your own money to do this – it isn’t free or part of the price you pay.

View from Busan X the Sky
View from Busan X the Sky

We found the Visit Busan pass online QR code system worked easily and effectively at every attraction we visited – so unless you REALLY want a paper card, just buy an online pass.

Picking up a physical Visit Busan pass can be tricky especially if you are arriving late at the airport or are based far away from the main pass pick-up locations.

In summary – we found buying the online Visit Busan Pass much more convenient and practical to use.

Looking for cheap Busan day-trips, attractions or group/private tours? We recommend visiting Viator, GetYourGuide, and Klook!

Where in Busan can I pick up a physical Visit Busan Pass?

As of October 2023, there are just over 10 locations in Busan to pick up your physical Visit Busan pass, if you do not opt for the Visit Busan mobile pass.

Lotte World

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How much is a Visit Busan Pass?

As of October 2023, the Visit Busan passes are priced as following:

24 Hour Visit Busan Pass (mobile or physical card)49,000 Korean Won (£30 / $36 USD / 34)
48 Hour Visit Busan Pass (mobile or physical card)69,000 Korean Won (£42 / $51 USD / 48)
Big 3 choice Visit Busan Pass (mobile or physical card)45,000 Korean Won (£27 / $33 USD / 31)
Big 5 choice Visit Busan Pass (mobile or physical card)65,000 Korean Won (£40 / $48 USD / 45)

The current Visit Busan passes are valid until May 2024.

For the Big 3 / Big 5 Visit Busan passes, passes are valid up to 180 days after the first attraction use.

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What are the highlights / best attractions on the Busan Pass?

Obviously the ‘best’ attractions on the pass are down to personal taste.

However, if you want get the best value for money or biggest discounts, we would say the below Busan attractions are the highlights and best money savers on the pass:

Lotte World (a huge theme park and fun land in Busan)Worth 47,000 Korean Won
Diamond Bay Yacht Night CruiseWorth 40,000 Korean Won
Hotel Aqua Palace Spa & SaunaWorth 30,000 Korean Won
Skyline Luge Busan (2 rides)Worth 27,000 Korean Won
Busan X the Sky 100th floor observation deckWorth 27,000 Korean Won
Centum Spa LandWorth 20,000 Korean Won
Ryan Holiday in Busan (cute character world)Worth 20,000 Korean Won
Museum One (immersive exhibitions)Worth 17,000 Korean Won
Busan City Tour BusWorth 15,000 Korean Won
Songdo Cable CarWorth 15,000 Korean Won
Brick Campus BusanWorth 15,000 Korean Won
Haeundae Blue Line Beach TrainWorth 12,000 Korean Won
Busan Hanbok RentalWorth 12,000 Korean Won

All the above Busan attraction prices are based on one adult admission; children admission prices may be lower.

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Our Review / Experience with a Visit Busan Pass

Buying a Visit Busan pass is easy

We purchased a 48 hour Visit Busan Pass online with Klook a few days before arriving in Busan – we received the confirmation email straight away.

Once we’d bought the 48 hour Visit Busan Pass online, we then downloaded the Klook App and our Visit Busan Pass codes appeared almost immediately within the My Booking section.

These Visit Busan pass QR codes are then ready to be scanned by the various attraction ticket offices we were going to visit.

To note you can buy Visit Busan passes from the official Busan tourism site, but we found the site not the easiest to use (very slow to load). The pass prices on Klook are the same or even slightly discounted (when a promotion is on).

Songdo Cable Car

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24 hour vs 48 hour Busan Pass vs Big 3 / Big 5 Passes

Obviously the 48 hour Discover Pass is the ‘best value’ in terms of cost if you are staying in Busan for more than two or three days and want to do multiple Busan attractions.

After some research, we went for the 48 hour Visit Busan pass as there were many attractions we wanted to do, all of which couldn’t be achieved in a 24 hour period.

And remember, getting around Busan can be quite time consuming as it is so spread out with many areas (such as say Songdo) only accessible by bus or taxi – so planning in advance where and when you want to do is key.

Museum One Busan

With the best will in the world and incredible planning, likely the most attractions you can effectively do on a 24 hour pass is four or five that are quite close together. If you want to do more than that or not be rushing around Busan non-stop, therefore it is best to purchase a 48 hour Visit Busan pass.

The main benefit of the Big 3 / Big 5 Visit Busan Pass is that you can do the activities over a 180 day period once the pass is activated; however unless you are staying in Busan for a long period, you will get better value by using the unlimited 24 hour and 48 hour.

The one time the Big 3 and Big 5 passes might be cost effective in a short period is if you want to visit Lotte World Busan. Lotte World Busan costs 47,000 Won admission alone and the Visit Busan pass Big 3 activity pass is 45,000 Won meaning you are effectively saving money PLUS getting two more attractions for ‘FREE’!

Lotte World

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How to use the pass smartly

Although the Visit Busan unlimited attractions pass are available for 24 and 48 hour time periods, the passes don’t activate until you scan them at your first attraction.

So for instance if you buy a 48 hour Busan pass and don’t visit your first attraction on day 1 until mid morning, you still get a few extra hours on day 3 to use your pass – so you could head to Busan Lotte World or Centum Spa Land for the day and stay in the attraction for the remainder of the day after the pass has expired – smart!

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Booking attractions in advance

Based on our experiences of the Visit Busan Pass, of the nine activities we undertook, only one needed to be booked in advance – the Diamond Bay Yacht.

As we knew we wanted to sail on the Busan Diamond Bay Yacht in advance, we bought our Busan pass several days before arriving and then booked onto the yacht in advance, using the form on the Visit Busan website.

We found the advance booking easy but please note you don’t get a confirmation email from Busan Diamond Bay Yacht  – they just ticked us off when we arrived at the harbour. Easy!

Diamond Bay Yacht

Separate activities

One thing we really liked about the Visit Busan app and QR code system was that as a couple, we could do tours and attractions together but there was also the ability to do separate things.

Whilst we didn’t do separate activities this time in Busan (although it was a close call with the super cute Ryan Holiday in Busan!), it is a nice option to have.

Ryan Holiday

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The Busan attractions we visited on a 48 hour Visit Busan Pass

We managed nine attractions with our 48 hour Visit Busan pass, spread over 3 days.

We activated our pass mid morning on day 1 meaning we got to use it again early morning on day 3.

We reckon we could have done another couple of attractions if we really tried, but Busan is spread out, so a lot of the time was spent on public transport getting between attractions.

Day 1:
10:15am – Busan X The Sky (activity no. 1)

Worth 27,000 Korean Won

Our first port of call using the Visit Busan Pass was Busan X The Sky which opened in 2020.

We handed over our QR codes on our phone and our 48 hour pass was activated.

For the best panoramic views of Haeundae Beach and the Busan coastline, head up to the 100th floor of Busan X the Sky – it is the tallest building in Busan and the second largest tower in South Korea (after the Lotte World Tower in Seoul).

As well as the incredible views of Haeundae Beach and the whole of Busan, there is an indoor glass walkway called the Shocking Bridge, where you can see Haeundae Beach directly below your feet (if you dare look down!).

The Sky Cruize lift to the top floor is also quite the spectacle with OTT graphics.

As well as the observation deck, you’ll find art installations and restaurants at the top of BUSAN X the Sky (plus the world’s tallest Starbucks!)

​Book a discounted BUSAN X the Sky ticket here >

BUSAN X the Sky Starbucks

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Day 1:
12pm – Haeundae Blueline Beach Train (activity no.2)

Worth 12,000 Korean Won

Just a short 5 to 10 minute walk from Busan X The Sky brought us to Haeundae Blueline Beach Train.

The Haeundae Blue Line Park is one of Busan’s newest tourist attractions, opening in late 2020 and consisting of the iconic Sky Capsules and a separate Beach Train that follows the Busan Green Railway coastal walking trail (note the trail partially collapsed in 2022 but the railway remains unaffected).

Haeundae Blueline Beach Train - Visit Busan Pass

Alas the Sky Capsules are not part of the Busan Pass activities but the Beach Train is still a fun way to see the sea.

Note the queuing time here in peak periods can be quite long; we queued up around 20 minutes to exchange our QR codes for return train tickets.

Following the old Donghae Nambu Line, the 5km coastal Beach Train journey starts from Haeundae Beach’s Mipo Station to Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapom Daritdol Skywalk (very cool and free), Gudeokpo and Songjeong, taking about 30 minutes, and gives stunning unspoilt views of East Busan’s coastline.

Haeundae Blueline Beach Train - Visit Busan Pass

Day 1:
3pm – Ryan Holiday in Busan (activity no. 3)

Worth 20,000 Korean Won

Located just next to Haeundae Beach, Kakao Friend’s ‘roarsome’ Ryan the Lion now has his own holiday home set-up in Busan!

Ryan Holiday in Busan - Visit Busan Pass

From Ryan the Lion to Choonsik the Cat, Con the Crocodile to Frodo the Dog, you’ll find all the Kakao Friends here.

You can enjoy 4DX indoor rides and trick arts in this immersive fun space, plus there is a super cute cafe and Kakao Friends gift-shop.

One of the nice things about the Visit Busan pass is you can try attractions that you wouldn’t normally pay to go into.

Ryan Holiday in Busan - Visit Busan Pass

Whilst we like Kakao Friends, we aren’t massive fans but Ryan Holiday in Busan underground theme park actually proved to be good fun – particularly the bit where your own faces are merged onto dancing Kakao Friends characters on the big screen.

Also, complete the Kakao Friends trail whilst walking round to get a free gift (a sticker).

Book Ryan Holiday in Busan here >

Ryan Holiday in Busan - Visit Busan Pass

Day 1:
6:30pm – Diamond Bay Yacht (activity no.4)

Worth 40,000 Korean Won

As there are many beautiful Busan beaches, we knew we wanted to get out on the water so the best cruise option offered by the Visit Busan Pass was the Diamond Bay Yacht, which runs seven days a week at various times.

Diamond Bay Yacht offers two different sailings – the Oryukdo and Haeundae courses with sailings starting from 4.30pm on weekdays and from 1:30pm on weekends.

We did the Haeundae sailing trip one weekday at 6:30pm just after the sun had set. We got up close with Gwangandaegyo Bridge / Diamond Bridge, Gwangalli Beach and Haeundae Beach.

Wrap up warm as the sea breeze can get quite chilly – also try and be one of the first aboard as there aren’t enough seats for everyone to sit.

** Make sure you book the Busan Diamond Bay Yacht in advance when using the Visit Busan pass – there is a link to an online booking form here >

Day 2:
10am – Songdo Cable Car / Busan Air Cruise (activity no.5)

Worth 15,000 Korean Won

A very cool way to see some very prime panoramic views of  Busan; the Busan Air Cruise is a brilliant cable car that journeys over the sea – stunning seaside views come as standard!

Songdo Cable Car / Busan Air Cruise  - Visit Busan Pass

Around 40 cabins run back and forth over the ocean on a 2 km line, from Songdo Beach (Songrim Park) to Amnam Park with lots of themed attractions to enjoy.

Around a dozen of the cabins have transparent floors but alas those ones are not included on the Visit Busan Pass.

Best of all, the Songdo Cable Car / Busan Air Cruise is open until 9pm daily so you can easily time your trip to coincide with sunset, or even a journey into darkness if you want to see Busan at night.

Songdo Cable Car / Busan Air Cruise  - Visit Busan Pass

Day 2:
11am – Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge (activity no.6)

Worth 1,000 Korean Won

After jumping off the Songdo Marine Cable Car / Busan Air Cruise at Amnam Park, we made the short walk down the hill to Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge.

This is a 120 metre metal suspension bridge (don’t worry – it doesn’t sway) that bridges the sky and the ocean, allowing you to walk around the uninhabited “Dongseom Island”.

Afterwards, check out the observation deck on the roof of the Busan Air Cruise cable car station for some amazing views over the ocean or the nearby dinosaurs in Amnam Park (large dino models that roar – kinda like a cheap Jurassic Park).

We then jumped back on the Songdo Cable Car to go back into the city for Visit Busan Pass activity number 6.

Day 2:
2.30pm – Museum One (activity no.7)

Worth 17,000 Korean Won

Located near to Centum Spa and the BEXCO exhibition centre, Museum One is a newly established mixed media arts space in Busan that is well known for its immersive exhibitions.

Museum One - Visit Busan Pass

We’ve been to a few ‘immersive spaces’ in our time (many of which are not so good) but Museum One has an incredible centerpiece – a huge exhibition hall with wall-to-wall LED screens, mirrors and lights that creates incredible sight and soundscapes.

A combination of permanent artworks and pop-up exhibits, Museum One is an epic experience and popular with younger groups in Busan. Note that big bags have to be left at reception.

Museum One - Visit Busan Pass

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Day 2:
5pm – Busan Lotte World (activity no.8)

Worth 47,000 Korean Won

Busan’s biggest and newest theme park and following in the footsteps of Lotte Adventure World in Seoul, Lotte World Busan opened last year (in 2022). It is actually about a fifth bigger than the Seoul Lotte theme Park so a boon for Busan!

We highly recommend using your Visit Busan Pass to go to Busan Lotte World as the admission is worth 47,000 Won – so the highest value attraction to visit!

It is also right next door to the Busan Luge (also on the pass), if you want to combine the two.

Busan Lotte World

Lotte World Busan features several special themed zones including Joyful Meadows and Rainbow Springs, plus 17 rides and attractions such as the Giant Digger rollercoaster with three 360 degree loops (maybe have lunch after you ride!).

Busan Lotte World tree
Busan Lotte World

As well as rides for all ages, there are daily parades and shows at Lotte World Busan including the Lotus Magic Forest Parade and the Magic Fairy Band.

We visited in October 2023 so were treated to a super spooky Halloween night show full of zombies and monsters (most of the young kids were petrified so it was an interesting choice of show!)

Book your discounted Lotte World Busan tickets via Klook >

Read more about our visit to Lotte World Busan >

Busan Lotte World Halloween show

Day 3:
9:30am – Centum City Spa Land (activity no 9)

Worth 20,000 Korean Won

Our final activity on the Visit Busan Pass – we managed to sneak this into a third day as we activated the pass on day one at 10:15am so we knew we could do this as long as we got to the spa early.

Relax and unwind in Busan’s biggest public bathhouse and spa, Spa Land Centum in Haeundae Beach (known as a “jimjil-bang” in Korea).

Centum City Spa Land - Visit Busan Pass

Located in the Shinsegae Department Store Centum City, this is an authentic South Korean spa and sauna experience which stays open in the evening. Spa Land Centum uses hot spring water full of sodium bicarbonate, which is pulled up from underground wells.

There are almost 20 different hot springs and 13 theme spas to choose from including the Ice Room and Pyramid Steam Room.

Centum City Spa Land - Visit Busan Pass

We found it quite quiet at first thing but then it got very busy towards lunchtime.

Other highlights at Centum City Spa Land included a self-serve instant ramen bar, and a large restaurant with city views – all purchases can be made using your electronic wristband which you then pay for at the end.

Note whilst the saunas and spas are communal, the hot pools are separated into male only and female only, and are naked pools.

Spa Land Centum is open daily from 9am to 10pm – last entry is usually an hour before closing.

Book your discounted Busan Spa Land Centum City tickets here >

Centum City Spa Land - Visit Busan Pass

Visit Busan Pass Savings and Discounts

Based on our itinerary that included 9 Visit Busan attractions, the value of our attractions was 204,000 Korean Won.

The cost of our 48 Hour Visit Busan Pass was 69,000 Won each.

Meaning a saving of 135,000 Korean Won each (or a massive 270,000 Korean Won between us).

This means we each saved £83 / $100 USD/ 94 Euros, so around £166 / $200 / 188 Euros as a couple.

Note that savings will vary depending on the pass you buy – generally, you will save more money on the all inclusive Visit Busan passes.

Spa Land

Is the Visit Busan Pass good value?

Yes, as we have just demonstrated, based on our own experience we saved $200 between us in two days – although your own savings obviously depend on how many attractions you visit and the cost of these.

If you use this pass for the higher cost attractions like Lotte World Busan and the Diamond Bay Yacht Cruise at night (usually 87,000 Korean Won for these two alone), you’ll be saving money straight away, anything else you visit will be a bonus!

A summary of our Visit Busan Pass savings, based on an All Inclusive 48 hour pass:

Total retail price of Busan attractions visited (1 person) = 204,000 Korean Won

1 x 48 hour Visit Busan Pass = 69,000 Korean Won

We each saved 66 % = 135,000 Korean Won

As such, you can definitely save money with the Visit Busan pass especially if you are in Busan for several days.

Lotte World

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Can you get a refund on the pass if you don’t use it?

Yes, you can get a Visit Busan Pass refund if you do not use it (including when booked with Klook).

However, if you use the pass, it is activated and you cannot get a refund.

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How long is the pass valid?

A Visit Busan Pass is currently valid until at least May 2024 – the Big 3 and Big 5 passes are valid for 180 days from when the first attraction is visited and your QR code scanned.

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Visit Busan Pass Summary

We purchased a 48 hour Visit Busan Pass online via Klook and found it very easy to purchase, set-up and use.

We used our Visit Busan pass at 9 different attractions over a 48 hour period over 3 days and made a saving of 135,000 Won each (or a 66 % saving/discount).

Passes activate as soon as you visit for first attraction – as such, the best way tactically to use an all inclusive Visit Busan Pass is start your first attraction mid morning or in the afternoon on day one, meaning you get an extra day out of it.

So for example if you start at 11am on day 1 with a 48 hour pass, you can still use it until 10.59am on day 3, enough to get into a spa or Lotte World for the whole day!

If you are planning on going to Lotte World Busan anyway (47,000 Korean) and one other major attraction (e.g. Diamond Bay Bay night cruise at 40,000 Korean Won), you will easily get your money back straight away in savings.

When we return to Busan, we would definitely consider purchasing a Visit Busan Pass.

You can purchase a Visit Busan Pass here >

Museum One

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