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Guide to HBAF Almonds Flavors in South Korea 2023

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We’re ‘nuts’ about HBAF flavored almonds! Possibly South Korea’s most scrummy souvenir snack, HBAF almonds are a popular tourist treat that come in dozens of different flavours.

Mosey on by Myeongdong and you’ll find several huge HBAF stores stocked with all manner of almond flavours, nice nuts and perfect pretzels. Plus they can be found in convenience stores all over the country including 7-Eleven South Korea.

From the original honey butter almond flavour to more interesting flavours like injeolmi and wasabi, we’ve visited numerous HBAF stores in Seoul to give you the lowdown on all the HBAF flavors.

Plus did you know you can get HBAF merchandise and even HBAF Makgeolli rice wine?

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What is HBAF in Korea?

Primarily known for selling flavoured almonds, HBAF actually stands for Honey, Butter, Almonds, and Flavours. Although according to local advertising, the H in HBAF is silent so we should all be referring to it phonetically as ‘BAF almonds’.

We’ve also seen HBAF referred to as Healthy But Awesome Flavors – so we aren’t sure; but what we do know is that they are damn tasty almonds!

HBAF is a relatively new snack brand in South Korea, launched in 2015 as a sub brand by Gilim, a nut business.

HBAF almonds Seoul South Korea

HBAF is famous for its bright coloured packaging, its huge range of flavours plus its cartoon characters that feature on all the packets. The South Korean actress Jeon Ji Hun is also the HBAF ambassador and stars in many store posters and adverts.

HBAF is primarily known for its flavoured almonds but recently, other new HBAF products have launched like flavoured cheese balls and pretzels, plus other nuts and snacks.

There are over 20 different HBAF flavours – read on for the full list of flavors currently available in 2023!

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Where can I buy HBAF products?

There are several ways to get HBAF products in South Korea, including their own brand HBAF stores which can be found in Seoul.

The flagship store in South Korea is located in Myeongdong located very close to Myeongdong Underground Mall.

Such is the popularity of the main Myeongdong HBAF store that on our recent revisit in October 2023, we noticed the store had doubled in size and they’d also taken over the next unit as well – now that is a awful lot of flavored almonds.

As of October 2023, there are half a dozen HBAF dedicated stalls in Myeongdong (we’ve noticed a few of the smaller ones have closed down). Why not combine a trip to Myeongdong Night Market with some HBAF hedonism?

You can also buy HBAF products in some Olive Young beauty stores, 7-Eleven stores (usually just the malt balls), Lotte Duty Free shops, plus in various Korea Marts and souvenir shops.

HBAF flavored almonds are also available at Seoul Incheon International Airport but the prices are a lot more than at HBAF Myeongdong or in 7-Eleven.

If you are looking to buy HBAF from overseas, it is a little more difficult although there are some unofficial stockists on and other small sweet suppliers.

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HBAF flavours – a full list!

The big HBAF flavoured almond question – how many flavors are there? As of October 2023, there are 22 different flavours of HBAF almonds.

We know this because A) we counted them and B) HBAF now does a selection box of all 22 flavoured almond types; now that would be a cool Christmas gift or snack-tastic souvenir from South Korea.

The full list of 22 HBAF flavoured almonds (with pictures) is as follows:

1. Honey Butter Almonds – the original flavour and how HBAF got their name (Honey Butter Almond Flavor):

HBAF honey butter Almonds south korea

2. Wasabi Almonds – a little bit of heat to the mix, these almonds can bring tears to your eyes.

HBAF wasabi Almonds south korea

3. Injeolmi Almonds – one of the most popular flavors, Injeolmi is popular South Korean rice cake made from a mixture of sticky rice powder and powdered soybeans. Of all the flavours we tried, Injeolmi Almond was quite subtle in taste; not overpowering at all.

HBAF injeolmi Almonds south korea

4. Baked Corn Almonds

HBAF baked corn Almonds south korea

5. Garlic Bread Almonds (with pretzels)

HBAF garlic bread Almonds south korea

6. Salted Caramel Almonds

HBAF caramel salted almond and pretzels south korea

7. Roasted Onion Almonds

HBAF roasted onion Almonds south korea

8. Cheddar Cheese Almonds (with pretzels)

HBAF cheddar cheese Almonds and pretzels south korea

9. Cheongyang Mayo Almonds

HBAF cheongyang mayo Almonds south korea

10. Hot & Spicy Chicken Almonds

HBAF hot and spicy chicken Almonds south korea

11. Tteokbokki Almonds – a Korean classic, Tteokbokki is a nice spicy rice cake big on flavours.

HBAF Tteokbokki Almonds south korea

12. Jeju Matcha Almonds – the green tea flavours from South Korea’s most popular Jeju island retreat.

HBAF jeju matcha Almonds south korea

13. Black Sugar Milk Tea Almonds – sweet as!

HBAF blacksugar milktea Almonds south korea

14. Cookie and Cream Almonds – our favourite sweet almond flavour.

HBAF cookie and cream Almonds south korea

15. Tiramisu Almonds – one of favourites!

HBAF Tiramisu Almonds south korea

16. Laver Almonds – Laver is a South Korean dried seaweed, often classed as a superfood.

HBAF laver Almonds south korea

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17. Carrot Cake Almonds – nice but the carrot taste was a little chemically for our liking.

HBAF carrot cake Almonds south korea

18. Black Sesame Almonds

HBAF Black Sesame Almonds south korea

19. Starlight PangPang Almonds – this is basically a popping candy almond that explodes in your mouth; probably the most unusual flavour (which is saying a lot when there are 23 flavours to try!).

HBAF Starlight PangPang Almonds south korea

20. Cherries Jubilee Almonds

HBAF Cherries Jubilee Almonds south korea

21. Mint Chocolate Almonds – another of our favourites!

HBAF Mint Chocolate Almonds south korea

22. Toffeenut Latte Almonds

HBAF Toffeenut Latte Almonds south korea

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Other HBAF Products / Non Almond Products

Whilst the company is primarily known for its flavoured almonds in South Korea, in recent years, there have been lots of other equally tasty HBAF nuts and products to hit the shelves including:

HBAF Malt Balls

These Malteser style chocolate balls are widely available in South Korea 7-Elevens and CU convenience stores and come in several flavours:

  • Cookies and cream malt balls
  • Cherry Jubilee malt balls
  • Starlight Pangpang popping candy malt balls
  • Milk coconut malt balls
  • Injeolmi malt balls
  • Banana malt balls
  • Melon malt balls
HBAF melon and banana malt balls
HBAF banana malt balls

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Crunchy Pretzels

It isn’t just nuts or chocolates that HBAF produce – they also have flavoured pretzels that can be bought alone or mixed up with nuts e.g. Caramel Salted Peanuts & Pretzels.

HBAF caramel salted peanuts and pretzel south korea

Baked Corn  / Peanuts

Flavoured peanuts in unusually spicy / hot flavours like Sichuan peanuts or Wasabi peanuts.

HBAF butter coconut peanuts south korea
HBAF sichuan peanuts and corn fries south korea

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Roasted Anchovy Almonds

Available in several flavours including roasted onion anchovy almonds and spicy pepper paste anchovy almonds.

HBAF Roasted Anchovy Almonds

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Available in Bong Bong flavour – we aren’t too sure what this is – something to do with chocolate!

HBAF Hazelnut Bong Bong Almonds south korea

Seaweed Chips

This seems to be a rapid expanding product line from HBAF and one that features prominently in all their Myeongdong stores.

Seaweed chip flavors include Wasabi Seaweed, Honey Butter Seaweed and Garlic Seaweed Chips; prices start from 3,800 Won (approx £2.30 / $2.90 USD for a small bag).

HBAF salted seaweed chips Korea
HBAF Garlic seaweed chips Korea

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Fried Squid / Beer Tempura Snacks

Fried squid is the perfect accompaniment to beer and are available in several flavors including Jjamppong and Hot Butter – very pungent so best not to open them in store!

HBAF Fried Squid / Beer Tempura Snacks
HBAF Fried Squid / Beer Tempura Snacks

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Alaska Fish Snack

Continuing the fishy theme, HBAF also has a brand of Alaska Fish Snacks (although they aren’t suitable for your pet fish as the name suggests).

Alaska Fish snacks are available in several flavors including Wasabi Mayo, Deep Cheese (!) and Roasted Almond.

HBAF Alaska Fish Snack wasabi mayo
HBAF Alaska Fish Snack deep cheese

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Cornball soup snack / nacho cheese ball snack

If you aren’t a fan of flavored nuts, pretzels of fish snacks, try the ball snacks which come in Corn Soup and Nacho Cheese flavors.

HBAF Cornball soup snack / nacho cheese ball snack

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Monday to Sunday Nuts

Unlike the cartoon character branding of most almond packs, the Monday to Sunday range is a multipack of smaller snack packs featuring actress Jeon Ji Hun on the packaging.

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Cashew Nuts

Flavoured cashews that have similar flavours to the almonds such as honey butter.

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Show me the macadamias at HBAF! More delicious flavoured nuts.

There is also an HBAF and 7-Eleven collaboration macadamia chocolate bar available from Korean 7-Eleven stores.

HBAF and 7-Eleven collaboration macadamia bongbong chocolate bar

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Limited Edition Selection Packs

Whilst exploring the Myeongdong flagship store, we also founds lot of random multipacks like the cupid pack consisting of cookie and cream, plus the injeolmi flavoured maltballs.

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Honey Butter Almond Makgeolli

Did you know that HBAF now also have alcohol in addition to their flavoured almonds?

Available in a chilled section in most of the Myeongdong stores, you can buy Honey Butter Almond Makgeolli (5% ABV) for 3,800 Won a bottle. If you didn’t know, makgeolli is a milky, lightly sparkling rice wine!

HBAF Honey Butter Almond Makgeolli

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Dried Persimmon

This is one of the more unusual HBAF products, a mango like dried fruit with a jelly like inside.

HBAF Dried Persimmon

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Dried Sweet Potato

Healthy-ish chewy snack using 100% home grown sweet potatoes!

HBAF Dried Sweet Potato

Honey Butter Donut

Widely found in South Korean convenience stores.

HBAF Honey Butter Donut

Roasted Seasoned Seaweed

Available as a multipack of 16 small bags for 7,900 Won.

HBAF Merchandise

It isn’t just nuts anymore!

HBAF is now so popular as a brand, you can even buy branded merchandise from their Seoul stores.

If you are visiting Seoul with kids, this might be a cute gift to buy given they feature cartoon characters.

We’ve spotted several items of branded merchandise including:

Mini travel bag – 4,000 Won

HBAF Mini travel bag yellow

Drawstring back – 4,900 Won

HBAF yellow drawstring bag

Shopping bags – 5,900 Won

HBAF shopping tote bag

Mug available in four colours – 12,000 Won

HBAF mugs

How much do HBAF products cost?

The price of the products varies – the flavoured almonds tend to be the most expensive items costing around 7,900 Won per bag (or 30,000 Won if you buy five different bags).

Other HBAF products cost much less like 2,500 Won per packet of HBAF malt malls (often on a buy 1 get 1 free promotion in 7-Eleven and CU stores) or 3,800 Won for a chilled bottle of Honey butter Almond makgeolli rice wine.

HBAF Popularity

HBAF is now one of the most popular souvenirs to take back home from South Korea (especially Seoul).

As HBAF is a little expensive compared to other South Korean snacks, HBAF is generally bought by tourists, not normally by locals.

We’ve genuinely seen tourists and travellers with big bags full of HBAF so if you are really keen, make sure you buy or bring an empty suitcase to take all your flavoured almonds home!

Other facts and things to know

If you want to try HBAF before you buy, some (but not all) of the HBAF stores in Myeongdong have tasters so you can sample before deciding which of the 23 flavoured almond types to buy.

To note that on our last Seoul visit to Myeongdong in October 2023, the flagship Myeongdong HBAF store had stopped doing tasters but the smaller stores did still have tasters – so choose your shops carefully!

The cheapest place to buy HBAF in South Korea is generally the dedicated HBAF stores, as they offer a deal where you can buy large multipacks or five different flavours for a much lower price than when buying one pack.

The most expensive place to buy them appears to be at the airports, particularly Seoul Incheon international airport.

In the HBAF Myeongdong stores in Seoul, you can pose with huge models of HBAF’s cute cartoon characters!

The HBAF cartoon characters were created by South Korean designer Yang Jung-eun, whose colourful creations are credited with helping turn around HBAF’s sales after a period of decline.

And Finally – Beware of HBAF Imitations

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but beware of HBAF rip-offs!

There are so many other copy-cat, flavored almond products now available with similar cartoon packaging so it is easy to get caught out! Keep an eye out for the HBAF logo if you want the real deal!

And anyway, why would you want to buy any other flavoured almond? We’re H-Baffled!

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