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19 Best Seoul Craft Beer Bars and Breweries

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The craft beer scene is on the rise in Seoul, South Korea. Do some Seoul searching (sorry not sorry) and you’ll be rewarded with some quirky brewery bars, craft beer pubs and top taprooms with all manner of beer styles and types. Korea’s beer scene isn’t just about the bland mass produced beers like Cass or Terra.

From the bright lights of Gangnam’s brewery bars to Itaewon’s ‘craft beer valley’ via hoppy hangouts in Ikseon-dong and Euljiro, there is much craft beer goodness to enjoy in Seoul.

Seoul Craft Beer Bars and Breweries
Euljiro Brewing

We should say this list of best craft beer bars and breweries in Seoul is not just about the quality and types of beers but also the taproom and bar set-ups.

And remember, always drink sensibly and within moderation, especially if you are planning to visit more than one of Seoul’s best breweries and taprooms in the same evening – cheers / ‘geonbae’!

This Seoul brewery craft beer list was updated as of January 2024:

Best craft beer bars and brewery bars in Seoul map

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Best craft beer bars and breweries in Seoul list

1. Euljiro Brewing

Literally a ‘sick’ logo – is this the best Seoul brewery logo EVER?

Hidden down a neon soaked alley in the Euljiro district of Seoul, this is a fun brewery taproom and craft beer taproom with some awesome interiors and neat design features.

Euljiro Brewing - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

These include a huge window sticker of their character in the window (this is literally the first thing you see of the bar if you are approaching from the Myeongdong neighbourhood) plus a well stocked merchandise area.

Euljiro Brewing has two tap-rooms and craft beer bars in the same alley practically across the road from each other so if one Euljiro Brewing taproom is full, you can always try the other. The alleyway also reminds us a little of the entrance to the Artmonster craft beer bar in Gangnam (more on this later).

Euljiro Brewing - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

We’ve visited Euljiro Brewery’s taproom to try their craft beer on a couple of occasions. You can easily spend a day around the Euljiro neighbourhood as there is a great food and drink scene among Euljiro’s alleyways including a dedicated ‘pub street’ (this former industrial neighbourhood is now quite hipster).

Euljiro Brewing - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

Drinkers at Euljiro Brewery were mainly quite a young crowd, a good mix of groups and pairs. We didn’t have any food at Euljiro Brewing but pizza seemed to be the most popular dish, but you don’t need to eat food to enjoy a beer here.

Service was brisk and prices were pretty good – a large beer cost around 7,500 Korean Won.

We tried Euljiro Brewing’s Session Seersucker IPA (5.5%) and Euljiro Brewing’s Pink Chambray Saison Farmhouse Ale (5.2%) – both really good and hoppy as – one of the best craft beers in Seoul we tried.

Euljiro Brewing - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

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2. Seoul Brewery, Seongsu

The newest Seoul brewery taproom and craft beer bar on this list, Seoul Brewery Seongsu opened in April 2023. We visited a month after opening in May 2023 on a busy Friday evening so the bar was brand spanking new and looking sleek and shiny.

The Seoul Brewery Seongsu taproom is modern and minimalist with lots of wood, glass and light fixtures – if MUJI were to build a craft beer brewery bar in Seoul, this would be it.

Seoul Brewery, Seongsu Craft Beer Bar Brewery

Hidden in the backstreets of Seongsu, this good looking brewery taproom also does some fine craft beers – we opted for their Salinger Rye IPA (5.3% IPA) and their decadent Choco Loco Porter (6.6% ABV), coming in at 18,500 Won for both beers.

On the night we visited, there were around 10 craft beer lines on tap including a ‘funky’ and ‘tart’ local grape wild farmhouse ale and a chunky hazel imperial stout (a hefty 11.5% ABV).

Seoul Brewery, Seongsu Craft Beer Bar

As well as several long benches and tall chairs in the main bar, there is also an ample outdoor area at the front of Seoul Brewery Seongsu.

Although we only visited the ground floor bar, this new brewery site in Seoul also sprawls over several floors with the upper levels due to include more brewing equipment, bars and restaurants.

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3. Artmonster, Gangnam

How best to describe Artmonster Gangnam? A neon nirvana of brightly lit signs, copious craft beer and self pour technology – perhaps the Bladerunner of breweries in Seoul?

Artmonster Gangnam is an appealing and aesthetically interesting bar in Gangnam. Your experience begins as you first enter via the alley way out front chock full of Hong Kong style neon street signs to entice you in.

Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

In fact, Artmonster Gangnam, has featured in multiple music videos, dramas and TV chat shows (we know as they show a video of all its TV appearances on loop in the upstairs bar).

Thankfully it isn’t just style over substance as Artmonster’s beer range delivers, with a veritable treasure trove of beer styles, both their core range and seasonal offerings and collaborations.

Best of all, you can pour beers yourself using a smart bit of technology. As you are seated, you are given an electronic wristband which you can use to pour your own drinks.

Just tap your wristband against the beer of your choice – the electronic screen above each craft beer pump tells you how much you’ve poured and the cost. There were around 16 craft beers and ales to choose from (we loved the Earl Grey pale ale and the dark Czech style lager).

Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery
Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery
Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

We particularly liked this as we got to try several small amounts of beers before pouring a larger amount of our preferred ones. This is also ideal if you are in a large group (as no problems with splitting bills as you only have to pay for what you’ve drank).

Artmonster are famous for their fried chicken, pepperoni tteokbokki plus their signature Artmonster pizza. A ‘slice’ of heaven as you can easily order this from a special kiosk in the bar using your wristband.

At the end of your craft beer session at Artmonster Gangnam, give your wristband to the server downstairs and pay your bill. We were surprised how little we spent, around 14,000 Won on about 6 or 7 different beers (all around the 150 to 250 ml mark).

Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery
Artmonster, Gangnam Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

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4. The Ranch Brewing Euljiro

Possibly the most quirky brewery in Seoul, your visit to Ranch Brewing Company in the Euljiro district of Seoul starts through a hidden fridge doorway – so far, so very ‘‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (particularly as we first visited Ranch Brewing Company taproom on a snowy day in Seoul).

The Ranch Brewing Euljiro - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

Once you’ve opened the huge, metallic red fridge door, the warmth and chatter that emanates from the taproom is a welcome sight.

Upon being seated at the Ranch Brewery craft beer bar, you are kindly reminded that it is a one drink minimum per customer and you are free to order from the tablet on the table (the first section is in Korean and you can stroll down for the English menu).

The Ranch Brewing Euljiro - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

Ranch Brewing Company is a Daejeon based brewing company with a good draft craft beer range. Staff at the Euljiro based taproom were also super super friendly and helpful. When we first visited, the taproom quickly filled up (super popular with female groups) – it also had about 14 taps behind the bar; excellent!

Most Ranch Brewing Company beers were generally between 7,000 to 8,500 Korean Won for a large beer (slightly smaller than a pint) so this makes it one of the better value craft beer breweries in Seoul.

We tried several beers via the tablet ordering service and their dark stout was incredible. If you want good craft beer at reasonable prices with nice service, then Ranch Brewing Company is for you.

The Ranch Brewing Euljiro - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

This has to be the fastest beer delivery we’ve ever experienced at a Seoul brewery bar – we were sitting right next to the bar and as soon as we hit ‘order’ on the tablet, we’d hear a ding at the bar and our beers would be with us within 30 seconds.

We also revisited Ranch Brewery on a warm and busy summer night and timed again how long it took our beer to arrive upon hitting the order button on the table – 47 seconds! Cheers to that!

Ranch Brewery Company has bags of character and not just only the hidden fridge door entrance – there are huge murals and colourful illustrations on the walls.

The Ranch Brewing Euljiro - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

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5. Magpie Brewing Co, Itaewon

Once the craft beer scene pioneers in Seoul with an upstairs tap room and downstairs basement set-up in Itaewon, the Magpie Brewing Company has a great reputation and tradition for brewing. It is also quite a ‘no frills’ affair with a long bench outside and several tables and chairs inside, plus the coveted bar side seats.

Magpie Brewing Co, Itaewon Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

We last visited Magpie Brewing in Itawaon on a warm Sunday afternoon and the outdoor seating area was buzzing (generally with expats and tourists), enjoying good quality craft beers and the afternoon sun.

We snapped up the last couple of seats in the taproom and worked our way through Magpie’s extensive menu.

There were around 10 draft craft beers on tap including eight of their own brews plus other guest beers from Mikkeller. We’d visited just after Magpie’s 11th birthday party so their super strong 8% birthday beer fruit IPA was on draft too.

Magpie Brewery craft beers started from 4,000 Won for a half glass and from 7,000 Won for a bigger glass.

Magpie Brewing Co, Itaewon Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

You can also visit the Magpie Brewery taproom itself on Jeju Island itself – because craft beer always tastes better at the source!

All of Magpie Brewing Company’s beer is made on Jeju island and its craft core range is quite diverse and delicious. It includes Magpie Porter (5.6% ABV), Magpie Pale Ale (4.8% ABV), Magpie Kolsch (4.8% ABV) and Magpie Pale Ale (a whopping 6.5% ABV).

Magpie Brewing Co, Itaewon Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

As well as the core range, Magpie Brewing Company also take pride in their seasonal range which often have very cool can and bottle designs – the 9% The Sinner Belgian pale ale style limited launch recently caught our eye!

Magpie Brewing’s Itaewon taproom is a cosy affair and offers tastings most Thursday nights to help you get acquainted with Magpie’s craft beer range. Magpie Brewing sometimes offer one day and three week home brewing courses.

When we visit Jeju Island, we want to do the Magpie Brewing Co guided tour of their brewery – their 30 min tour runs most Saturdays and Sundays costing 20,000 Won (including beer tasting and one free beer at the taproom). Sign us up!

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6. Amazing Brewing Company, Seongsu

With a name like ‘Amazing Brewing Company’, you have to admire this Seoul brewery’s confidence – lucky their Seongdong gu taproom and beer garden delivers.

As the brewery sign says when you first enter, “Blood, Sweat and Beer’ went into creating this classy craft beer experience.

Amazing Brewing Company, Seongsu Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

Definitely one of the slickest and best looking tap-rooms we encountered in Seoul. Amazing Brewery Company’s bustling taproom is split into three main areas – a big lounge bar complete with beer barrel tables, a large outside beer garden terrace plus a reception area where you pour your own beers if you so wish (plus craft beer cans to take away if you so wish).

Amazing Brewing Company, Seongsu Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

We opted to sit in the main bar and have our beers poured for us by the bar man (‘lazy’ we know) – the first thing you notice as you are given a table is the size of the beer menu.

It is literally a bible of beer, a kind of leather bound book packed full of different beer types on tap and excellent brewing notes and beer related information.

If you want to spend an afternoon working your way through lots of craft beers, then Amazing Brewing Company is the Seoul brewery bar for you! We think we counted 36 craft beers on tap at Amazing Brewery taproom – so plenty of choice.

Amazing Brewing Company, Seongsu

Unlike other brewery bars in Seoul, the draft beer is generally only served in smaller measures (250ml) with prices starting from around the 5,900 Won mark.

The bar at Amazing Brewery is…erm…amazing as it has a wall of beautifully illustrated beer labels and chalkboards, plus to see around 40 taps on the wall is a thing of magic!

At the end of your session at Amazing Brewery, take away a four pack of their core craft beers from the beer chiller for just 10,000 Won for four cans.

All in all, we think this is the biggest craft beer selection on tap in Seoul and would highly recommend a beer drinking ‘research’ trip to the Amazing Brewing Company.

Amazing Brewing Company, Seongsu Seoul Craft Beer Bar and Brewery

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7. Artmonster, Myeongdong

Artmonster in Myeongdong is a craft beer bar, situated above a jewellery shop. Artmonster is a Seoul based brewery known for its retro as, vintage styled craft beer bars and their Myeongdong outpost is no different with neon signs, vintage cupboards and subtle lighting.

Art Monster, Myeongdong - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

Although the Artmonster bar in Myeongdong may look retro, their ordering system is bang up-to-date with ordering tablets located on each table – ordering craft beer in Seoul has never been so simple.

There are three rooms at Artmonster Myeongdong – try sitting in the small snug by the beer taps as it cosy with a good view of the beers being poured. It is also closest to the bar meaning service is snappy as.

Art Monster, Myeongdong - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

We liked our two trips to Artmonster Myeongdong – we had a tasting flight of 5 x 220ml beers from their core craft beer selection (around 19,000 Korean Won) so we could get a taste for Art Monsters craft beers – very good especially the IPAs. We also popped by a second time to try one of their pizzas with more beer (beer good, pizza was OK).

Art Monster, Myeongdong - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea
Art Monster, Myeongdong - Craft beer bar and brewery in Seoul, South Korea

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8. Mikkeller Bar Seoul, Gangnam

Mikkeller is a popular Danish brewery that has taprooms located all over the world, including a South Korean outpost in Seoul.

Hidden away in a side-street of the Garuso Street neighbourhood in Gangnam, Mikkeller Bar Seoul is bare bones taproom with a large bar up front, bay windows looking out onto the street and several character illustrations dotted around the wall.

Mikkeller Bar Seoul, Gangnam - Craft beer bar
Mikkeller Bar Seoul, Gangnam - Craft beer bar

Boasting up to 30 craft beer tap lines at any one time, half of the fun with drinking Mikkeller Beer is the cartoon style can and bottle designs – this quirky look is also carried through onto their pint glasses.

Whilst not the cheapest craft beer place in Seoul, this is a good looking quality taproom – skal, Mikkeler! Which is Danish for cheers (probably).

Mikkeller Bar Seoul, Gangnam - Craft beer bar
Mikkeller Bar Seoul, Gangnam - Craft beer bar

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9. Chillhops Itaewon Brewery

Originally hailing from Seosan and now relocating their main-taproom to Seoul, Chillhops recently joined the rostrum of incredible Itaewon craft beer bars and taprooms.

Chillhops Itaewon Brewery Bar Seoul

A short walk up the hill (which makes the craft beer at the end all the more rewarding), the Chillhops Brewery Itaewon taproom is a neon nirvana with cool lighting and dark interiors.

Better yet, this New Zealand and Australia brewery in Seoul has a large range of craft beers on tap which an extensive menu, plus a hot pie cabinet on the bar made fresh onsite (something we’ve never seen in Seoul before).

Chillhops Itaewon Brewery Bar Seoul

Like the Bladerunner set has become a brewery, the beer lives up to the cool interior and we opted for a dark stout number and high strength IPA – both very good.

Chillhops Itaewon craft beer bar is highly recommended and it seems very popular with expats and families – dog friendly too with a small terrace outfront.

Chillhops Itaewon Brewery Bar Seoul
Chillhops Itaewon Brewery Bar Seoul

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10. Ggeek Beer Company, Daelim Plaza / Euljiro

This beauty of a craft beer bar and Seoul brewery taproom in Euljiro is actually quite hard to find. It is located on the third floor of the outer precinct of Euljiro’s Daelim Plaza (don’t do as we do and head inside the plaza at night – security weren’t too impressed!)

Ggeek Beer Company, Daelim Plaza / Euljiro seoul

Geek Beer Company is a cute and charming taproom and craft beer that is equally renowned for both its craft beer and hot food – seriously, the smells coming out of the kitchen were amazing when we visited Ggeek; fresh truffle pasta anyone?

We visited in autumn time so the bar’s interior had autumn leaves and twigs. There are around 6 to 7 tables inside at Ggeek Beer taproom in Euljiro so it can get very full very fast – there is also a small seating area outside.

We opted for the Ggeek craft lager and stout, plus Ggeek have a seasonal craft beer range such as their ‘Fall in Autumn 8.2% Scottish Wee Heavy with maple syrup’ – it sounds very drinkable so we definitely intend to return one day.

Ggeek Beer Company, Daelim Plaza / Euljiro seoul
Ggeek Beer Company, Daelim Plaza / Euljiro seoul

11. Brew 3.14 (and 3.15), Insadong / Ikseon dong

Local craft Korean beers ahoy! Popular for its pizza (and craft beer, naturally), Brew 3.14 is a small but perfectly formed Seoul brewery bar located in the Insadong neighbourhood (one of our favourite Seoul districts to visit – read more things to do in Insadong here).

Brew 3.14 (and 3.15), Insadong / Ikseon dong seoul

We recently visited Brew 3.15 in Insadong (3.14 was closed at the time so we headed up the street – they are literally a few meters apart).

Brew 3.15 serves a good variety of local craft beers and has an international feel and following, courtesy of the huge number of foreign banknotes pinned to the wall behind the bar (we wonder how much dosh is pinned to the walls – might be enough to buy a pint or ten)!

Brew 3.14 (and 3.15), Insadong / Ikseon dong seoul

On our visit to Brew 3.15, there were 10 different craft beers on tap including Magpie Brewery Pale Ale, Jirisan Moon Bear IPA and a Budnami Double IPA – so plenty to keep you there for a good few hours.

We opted to try a tasting paddle of 4 different craft beers at Brew 3.15 – as well as getting to try a wide selection of beer types, it also looks kinda neat as you get to drink out of Pyrex measuring jugs. The tasting flight consisted of 4 x 100ml servings (and the over pours were much appreciated).

We found Brew 3.15 a very (VERY) cosy taproom with a good selection of craft beer on tap. This could easily be combined with other craft beer bars in the area such as Artmonster and Roo Craft, both around a 5 minute walk away in the ikseon dong area;  a very craft Seoul beer pub crawl.

Brew 3.14 (and 3.15), Insadong / Ikseon dong seoul

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12. Garosu Brewing Company, Gangnam

Gangnam style! Hidden away in the back streets of Sinsa-dong, Garosu is a BIG brewery taproom and outdoor terrace (‘decorated’ with defunct brewing vats) where the brewing action takes place onsite.

As you enter the dimly lit Garosu Brewing taproom, you’re given a table and use an electronic tablet to order your craft beers or food (the kitchen is at the far end of the brewery so you can smell it cooking!).

We found it very easy to order beers at Garosu Brewing Company (perhaps too easy as we stayed here way longer than planned). As soon as you place an order, you hear a satisfying beep by the beer taps prompting a member of staff to pour your drink – talk about super fast service!

Garosu Brewing Company, Gangnam

Based on our experience, Garosu Brewing Company seems to be the cheapest craft beer brewery in Seoul with a 14oz  Garosu G Porter costing just 5,000 Won.

Most other Garosu beers were around 6,000 to 7,000 Won – one of our favourites was a 14oz 6.99% IPA for 6,000 Won. Pizzas also cost between 18,000 to 20,000 Won (with half and half options available).

Given its warehouse / industrial setting amongst the vats, the experience at Garosu Brewing reminded us of the UK Bermondsey Beer Mile – whilst not the best craft beer we’ve had in Seoul (more a case of quantity over quality), this place is quick on service and light on the wallet. Enjoy!

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13. White Rabbit Tap House, Itaewon

Follow the White Rabbit – if that advice is good enough for Alice in Wonderland, it’ll do for us!

Legendary Itaewon watering hole the White Rabbit is one of the neighbourhood’s leading and most popular craft beer spots (although you can drink pretty much anything there such is the choice).

A cosy and compact taproom inside with a nice outdoor terrace for alfresco summer sessions, the White Rabbit Tap House is a mainstay for young and old drinkers alike in Itaewon (popular with tourists too).

With a friendly owner and host, one of the nice features of the White Rabbit is that you may well up being asked to pose for a photo to go on their Instagram feed (always happy to accommodate especially after a few beers or whiskeys).

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14. Artmonster, Ikseon dong

Artmonster features for a third and final time in our ‘best breweries and craft beer bars in Seoul’ list – we discovered this Artmonster craft beer bar purely by chance when exploring the historic Ikseon dong area one day.

Located in an old Hanok / house, Artmonster Ikseon Dong feels quite a different set-up compared to its Artmonster counterparts in Gangnam and Myeongdong. 

Artmonster, Ikseon dong Seoul Craft beer bar and brewery

There are no self pour craft beer taps here or automated tablets or wristbands – this is a back-to-basics Artmonster where you order at the bar, then sit back and relax with your craft beer of choice. 

Given its location, this is a peaceful pub with window views of the people walking through the quiet Ikseon Dong neighbourhood streets. There are a few nods to the normal Artmonster motifs like a scattering of neon signs and cool posters but this feels quite different from their other bars.

The verdant plants in the middle of the bar also give this a tropical feel – 415ml craft beers at Artmonster start from 6,000 Won so it is also one of the more moderately priced craft beer bars in Seoul.

Tasting paddles were popular when we visited and there were around 10 Artmonster craft beers on tap here – so more to taste and enjoy after an afternoon of exploring this charming and historic neighbourhood.

Artmonster, Ikseon dong Seoul Craft beer bar and brewery

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15. The Booth Gyeonglidan, Itaewon

A huge Seoul craft beer selection and sllces of freshly cooked pizza you say? Welcome to The Booth Gyeonglidan, a hip hoppy joint in Itaewon pretty much next door to Magpie Brewing (do both and make a night of it!).

The Booth Gyeonglidan beer bar, Itaewon

The first thing you notice at Itaewon’s Booth Brewery taproom is the quirky interior with colourful illustrations and murals galore plus adornments like peeking cat curtains or a cuddly llama bear.

Thankfully their craft beer range is great too, with a massive menu consisting of several pages of beers, tasting notes and a pizza menu.

The Booth Gyeonglidan beer bar, Itaewon

Example craft beers when we visited included Choco Loco Porter from Seoul Brewery, First Love Hazy IPA from Amazing Brewing and Gureum Wheat Ale from the Hand & Malt Brewery. So this is a great place to get accustomed to various Seoul and South Korea craft beer breweries (possibly accompanied by pizza!).

The staff at The Booth in Itaewon were very warm and welcoming too and when we visited, there was a good mix of locals and travellers / expats.

The Booth Gyeonglidan beer bar, Itaewon

16. Craftbros Tap House & Bottle Shop, Banpo

Banpo beer time! Boasting beers galore brewed locally and from around the world (see their wall of beer cans for proof!), Craftbros Tap House & Bottle Shop is one beautiful Seoul bar and bottle shop.

Craftbros are one of the most inventive and innovative beer purveyors in Seoul – for instance, they operate a canning line whereby you can get any of the draft beers canned before your very eyes to take home with you, for when you’ve finished in the bar – take our money now!

Craftbros tap list changes regularly and they have an extensive food menu with diner style classics like mac and cheese or their own take on burritos.

Try Craftbros New England craft IPA range or their renowned Gangnam Pale – moorish as!

17. Daily Beer, Myeongdong

‘Life is short – drink more beer!’ is the motto of Daily Beer in Seoul and who are we to disagree.

Daily Beer is a chain of brewery pubs with several locations all around Seoul including Myeongdong and Namyeong Station.

Daily Beer, Myeongdong Seoul

They feature an extensive craft beer selection from breweries all across South Korea and the wider world. Daily Beer is also a popular craft beer chain in Seoul to try the legendary fried chicken and beer combo that is synonymous with South Korea.

Daily Beer brew many of their own beers and often do collaboration craft beers plus seasonal beers like hefeweizen, dry hopped pale ale and Belgian whit. Daily Beers on tap selection rotates regularly so every time you go, you’ll likely find something new to try.

18. Craft Roo(t)

How about hanging out in a historic Hanok craft beer pub? Located in the heart of historical and hipster Ikseon dong, Craft Roo(t) is one of the most interesting bars in Seoul.

With around 10 beers on tap at any one time, Craft Root’s core line includes Sokcho IPA, a Daepo Port Stout, Abai Weizen and Gaetbae Pilsner.

Small and elegant, Craft Roo in Ikseon dong has a couple of tables inside right next to the bar plus a covered outdoor terrace. Also given its location in the centre of the 100 year old village, only pedestrians can walk by so your beer bounty here can be a blissful experienced (both you the craft beer will be chilled!).

Craft Roo(t) Seoul

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The final best craft beer bar in Seoul….

19. Mysterlee Brewing Co

Inspired by a previous visit to US breweries, Mysterlee Brewing Company is a popular Seoul brewery and taproom run by two Korean pals, based near Gongdeok station in Seoul.

The beers made by Mysterlee  Brewing Company are divided into four styles according to their personalities, Mr Green (hoppy), Mr Black (stout / dark beer) , Mr Yellow (standard lager) and Mr Purple(yeasty and unfiltered) – it all sounds a bit Reservoir Dogs eh.

Mysterlee’s Brewery taproom is open daily from 1pm until midnight – note that it can be a little harder to locate than some Seoul brewery taprooms as it located on the first floor of an office block complex. They also often do special promotions or pairings; beer tasting flights are also available at Mysterlee. It is no mystery why Mysterlee Brewing is so popular!

We will be back in Seoul again soon to do more of the best breweries in Seoul and top craft beer taprooms – what did we miss? Which Seoul breweries and brewing companies should we hit next time?

Hit us up in the comments section so we can visit them and update our list next time we visit Seoul. 감사해요!

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