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Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide 2023

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South Korea’s most gorgeous island getaway, Jeju Island is a popular holiday spot served by Jeju International Airport and the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600.

As soon as you arrive at Jeju, you’ll no doubt want to start exploring this vast, volcanic island famous for its beautiful beaches and lush tropical landscapes.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

However, as there is no train network or Subway / metro system on Jeju, it can be a little tricky to get around Jeju Island, including leaving Jeju International Airport (CJU).

The Jeju Airport Limousine 600 bus is the best and most affordable way to travel between the North and South sides of Jeju island.

Here is our guide to taking the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 with updated prices and routes for 2023:

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Arriving at Jeju Island Airport CJU

Fun fact – the route between Jeju Island and Seoul is said to be the busiest air route in the world.

There are dozens of flights between Seoul Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island daily and over 420 flights per week. This means the fare between Seoul and Jeju is pretty inexpensive.

You can also fly directly to Jeju from Busan, Gwangju, Cheongju, Daegu and many other South Korean cities.

Direct international flights to Jeju Island can be taken from Taiwan, China and Japan. Most international flights to Jeju will be via Seoul.

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Transport options at Jeju Island Airport CJU

There are three main ways to get to your Jeju accommodation (link) from Jeju airport – note there are no trains or subway system on Jeju.

1. Private transfer

Many of the luxury hotel resorts on Jeju offer private transfers. Alternatively you can book your own private Jeju Island Airport transfer here with Klook or with Viator.

2. Taxi

Taxis for small distances on Jeju Island are relatively inexpensive (expect to pay 10,000 Won for a 15 minute journey) but larger distances between coasts can be costly and the taxi fare from Jeju International airport is at a premium.

3 Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600

The cheapest public transport from Jeju Island Airport is to take the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus.

It has over 30 stops and drop off points that run all the way from Jeju Airport all the the way to Seogwipo KAL Hotel on the south coast.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

Here is our guide on how to get the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600

Where do I get the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 from?

Once you have arrived in the Jeju Airport arrivals area, head to the ground floor gate 5 to pick to find the 600 Jeju Airport Limousine Bus Stop.

There are several directional signs that say ‘600 Limousine Bus – Seogwipo / Jumgmum’ with directional arrows.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

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How much does the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 cost?

The Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 ticket fare varies depending on the distance, costing a minimum of 1,100 Korean Won per person for the first few stops.

For instance, the cost of the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 cost from the airport to Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino (the very first stop) is 1,100 Korean Won.

The cost of the Jeju airport bus for the furthest stops (Seogwipo) is between 5,500 and 6,000 Korean Won.

Jungmun to Seogwipo on the bus costs around 2,000 won.

These Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 prices and fares are correct as of September 2023.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

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How do I pay for the Jeju Airport Bus?

Only cash or T Money cards are accepted on the Jeju Airport 600 Limousine bus – this is also true of all public transport on Jeju Island.

Tickets for the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 can be purchased directly from the driver.

Note that no change is given by the bus driver so if you are paying in cash, try to have the correct fare available.

If you have only large notes, we suggest buying a drink or snack from Jeju International Airport – there is a food court on the ground floor plus an Egg Drop cafe and a GS25 convenience store.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

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What time does the Jeju Airport Bus start and finish?

The first Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 leaves the airport at 6am in the morning – the last airport limousine bus departs Jeju airport at 21:50 / 9:50pm.

The last limousine bus 600 to arrive at Jeju International Airport departs from Seogwipo KAL hotel at 9.40pm / 21:40 and arrives at Jeju International Airport at 11.26pm / 23:26.

The first 600 airport bus to depart Seogwipo is at 6am arriving at Jeju Airport at 7:52am.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

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How often is the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600?

The limousine bus number 600 from to and from Jeju International Airport departs approximately every 20 minutes although the frequency can vary depending on the time of day e.g. the very first buses of the day between 6am and 8am run every 30 minutes.

In total, there are 48 departures a day of the airport limousine bus from Jeju Airport to Seogwipo via Jeju City.

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How long does the Jeju Airport Bus take?

It depends on the time of day and where you are getting dropped off.

From Jeju International Airport to the first stop in Jeju City (Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino), the airport bus takes around 10 minutes.

From Jeju International Airport to the final stop (Seogwipo KAL Hotel), the bus journey takes just under 2 hours (although this may take longer during peak periods and heavy traffic).

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

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Where does the Jeju Airport Bus 600 stop?

There are 32 stops in total on the Jeju Airport Bus limousine route 600.

The full list of stops for the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 is as follows

  • Jeju International Airport
  • Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino
  • Lotte City Hotel
  • Halla Hospital
  • Jeongjon Village
  • Donggwang Transit Centre
  • Changcheon-ri
  • Yerae Entrance
  • JungMun Tourist Resort
  • Yeomiji Botanical Gardens
  • Grand Josun Jeju Hotel
  • The Shilla Jeju
  • The Suite Hotel
  • Hana Hotel
  • Lotte Hotel Jeju
  • Korea Condo
  • Play K Pop Museum (this stop is currently closed as of October 2023)
  • Sears Hotel & Resort
  • Jeju International Convention Centre
  • Daepo Harbour
  • Battengae Entrance
  • Yakchunsa Temple
  • Wolpyong Village
  • Kangjeong
  • WangDawat
  • Kensington Resort
  • Seogeondo
  • Jeju World Cup Stadium
  • Saetgijeong Park
  • Seogwipo Harbor / Fine Hotel
  • Seobok Exhibition Hall
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Seogwipo KAL Hotel

The returning Jeju Airport Bus from Seogwipo KAL Hotel to Jeju International Airport runs in the reverse order.

We also used the Jeju Airport Bus to travel between Jeju City and Seogwipo Harbour so that we could visit attractions like Seogwipo Olle Market and Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

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Carrying luggage on the Jeju Airport Bus

There is no underneath storage for your bags or suitcases on the Jeju Island Airport Limousine Bus 600 – you must carry your own bags on board and either leave them in a luggage rack at the front of the bus or take them with you to your seat.

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600 Guide

Are seats reservable on the Jeju Airport Limousine Bus 600?

No, there are no reserved seat numbers – you buy a ticket from the bus driver and then sit when you want.

We found that at peak periods, it can sometimes be difficult to get a seat on the airport bus, especially when there are lots of big luggage onboard.

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Stopping the bus

To get the bus to stop at your desired destination, make sure you press the buzzers on the bus roof / side panel before you go past (as drivers do not always stop at each point).

Airport bus drivers

If you aren’t able to communicate clearly with the bus driver or pronounce the name of the stop, there is a handy route map with numbered stops as you get on – just point at where you want to go and the driver will then tell you the fare.

Getting around Jeju Island on public transport

The best way to get around Jeju Island by public transport is to download the Naver app and use that to work out bus time-tables. Buses on Jeju Island accept cash or T Money cards – they do not accept debit or credit cards.

Other Tourist Shuttles on Jeju Island include:

Jeju Tourist Bus Shuttles – Routes 810 and 820

Fares for these shuttles cost 3,000 Won per day and cover many inland tourist attractions.

Jeju Tourist shuttle bus 810 departs from Daecheon Transit Centre and tourist shuttle 820 departs from Donggwang Transit Centre. Both Jeju tourist shuttle buses do a loop.

If you want to cover off all the coast and waterside attractions on Jeju Island, we strongly recommend taking a Jeju Island day tour, given the size of the island.

All information and prices in this Jeju Island airport bus article are correct as of October 2023.

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Jeju Island recommended hotels

Given that most tours and day trips generally depart from either Jeju City or Jeju International Airport, we’d suggest the best place to stay on Jeju Island is in Jeju City or the new town area – that is if you don’t have access to a car.

Recommended Jeju City Hotels include:

Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino

We stayed for a week at the 5* Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino and would highly recommend it – we had a recently refurbished room on the 8th floor that was big by South Korean hotel standards.

The room had a partial ocean view and best of all, it was the very first stop on the main Jeju Island 600 Airport Bus (so around a 10 minute bus ride from the airport).

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Jeju Grand Hyatt / Jeju Dream Tower

An opulent 5* star Jeju Island hotel with an outdoor (and indoor) pool, 16 restaurants and 2 spas, the Jeju Grand Hyatt Dream Tower also has 38th floor roof top bar with coastal views.

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