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Guide to Lotte World Busan – an Adventure Theme Park

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Lotte World Busan is South Korea’s newest major theme park, opened in March 2022.

With over 20 attractions and major rides including the Giant Digger Rollercoaster plus lots of smaller amusements for younger kids, there is something for all ages at Lotte World Busan.

The beautifully landscaped park even has several zones, a massive magical castle (quite Disney) plus a ‘Talking Tree’, magical fountains and daily entertainment shows.

We visited in October 2023 and had a great time. From food and drink to admission prices and amusements, here is our guide to visiting Lotte World Adventure Park in Busan.

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How much is Lotte World in Busan?

A full day pass to Lotte World Busan for one adult costs:

Adults47,000 Korean Won (approx £29 / $35USD / €33)
Teenagers39,000 Korean Won (approx £24 / $29USD / €27)
Children33,000 Korean Won (approx £20 / $25USD / €23)
Babies12,000 Korean Won (approx £7 / $9USD / €8)

Alternatively, for discounted admission, you can buy an afternoon ticket that gets you entry from after 3pm:

Adults36,000 Korean Won (approx £22 / $27USD / €25)
Teenagers32,000 Korean Won (approx £20 / $24USD / €23)
Children30,000 Korean Won (approx £18 / $22USD / €21)
Babies12,000 Korean Won (approx £7 / $9USD / €8)

We visited Lotte World Busan as part of the Visit Busan Pass – the admission price is included as one of 30+ Busan attractions you can visit. Read our review and guide to using the Visit Busan Pass here >

Book your advance discounted Lotte World Busan tickets here with Klook >

Lotte World Adventure Busan also offers annual passes but these are only cost effective if you are looking to visit several times; they are more geared towards local residents.

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What are the Lotte World Busan opening hours?

Lotte World Busan is generally open 7 days a week from 10am to 8pm.

Hours can vary depending on the time of year and public holidays. Last ticketing and park entry is usually at 6pm.

Note that once you leave Lotte World, no re-entry is permitted.

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How to get to Lotte Adventure World in Busan

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Lotte World by public transport is to take the Donghae Line train to Osiria Station and then walk 5 minutes to the park.

Take exit 1 at Osiria train station and head on over the overpass bridge which takes you all the way to the theme park.

Alternatively you can take a taxi or there is ample paid parking directly outside the theme park (like, a HUGE car park / parking lot).

Osiria Station Busan
Osiria Station

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Getting from Busan Station to Lotte World Busan

The journey from Busan Station to Lotte World Busan takes approximately 55 minutes and includes a subway journey and a train ride.

To get to Lotte World from Busan Station, take the Line 1 Metro 11 stops (Nopo bound) to the Busan Nat’l Univ. of Edu stop – then change to the Donghae Line and ride 9 stops to Osiria Station.

Finally, walk from the station to Busan Lotte World in 5 to 10 minutes along a traffic free path.

You can use money to buy your Metro / train tickets to Lotte World but we’d recommend getting a T Money card from a station or convenience store and topping it up.

T Money cards initially cost 5,000 Korean Won but last indefinitely and are very convenient to hop on and off public transport in Busan and South Korea.

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Getting around / Lotte World Busan English map

When we first visited Lotte World Busan, we weren’t given a printed map at the entrance gate / ticket desk but we did manage to pick up a printed copy from an information center by the ‘Talking Tree’.

Information center Lotte World Adventure Busan
Information center
Information center Lotte World Adventure Busan

There were Lotte World Busan maps in various languages including English and Chinese.

In addition, there are large printed interpretation trails and Lotte World Busan map boards all over the park so it was really easy to get around.

guide and map at Information center Lotte World Adventure Busan
Lotte World Busan maps inside the Information Center
Information center Lotte World Adventure Busan ATM and phone chargers
Phone chargers and ATM machine inside the Information Center

If you are in any doubt, there are also several ‘Help desks’ manned by staff who have a good level of English. We used the help desks to find out more about the nightly show time at Lotte World.

Even though the theme park is largely aimed at South Korean families, most of the Lotte World signs and maps did include English – staff were very friendly and able to deal with any questions we had.

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What ages is Busan Lotte World aimed at?

Lotte World Busan and Seoul are suitable for all ages – the types of rides are very different so there are more scary / big theme park rides for adults and big kids, plus smaller tranquil rides for tots and small children.

For instance, there is a dedicated section called Joyful Meadows that has low level, slower moving amusements like the ‘Mysterious Cookie Train’ or the ‘Fox in Henhouse’, where little un’s can ‘fly’ on chickens.

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Lotte World Busan Rides

There are around 20 to 25 rides and attractions at Lotte World Busan over several themed zones. Some of the most inventive and best rides include:

Giant Digger Rollercoaster

The biggest, baddest and best ride at Busan Lotte World (if you are a thrill seeker), the Giant Digger is a steel roller coaster recreating an underground mine train.

Reaching speeds of 105 KPH and 3.8 G-Force, Lotte Busan’s Giant Roller Coaster has multiple loops and turns – only for the brave!

Giant Digger Rollercoaster - Lotte World Busan theme park South Korea

Ogre’s Flume

Take a super soaked ride on the ogre’s log flume with 20 metre drops, riding on a boat of elves.

Ogre’s Flume - Lotte World Busan theme park South Korea

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Giant Splash

The ultimate water ride and not for the faint hearted – this is a colossal water slide with a huge splash that goes both backwards and forwards culminating in a 40 metre drop.

Tip – as a spectator, do not stand too close to the edge as you will get soaked!

Giant Swing

This looked scary. The Giant Swing is a gigantic swinging pendulum, that does 360 rotations at high speeds, swinging back and forth.

Giant Swing - Lotte World Busan theme park South Korea

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Candy Train

Aimed at the smaller kids, there is a sweet themed train that goes chew, chew – sorry choo choo and trundles around the parade course – a nice way to see all that the park offers.

CANDY TRAIN - Lotte World Busan theme park South Korea

Fantastic Fountains

A traditional style carousel with a modern spin, the Fantastic Fountains merry go round seemed to be particularly popular with school kids and teenagers.

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The Talking Tree

A tree-mendous talking point (literally), the magical tree springs into life every few moments with infinite words of wisdom (well, we think they are as they were in Korean).

The Talking Tree - Lotte World Busan theme park South Korea

Ram Page

Dodgem cars that are shaped like angry lambs (quite slow to be honest but fun).

In total, there are around 20 rides at Busan Lotte World to enjoy also including Galloping Goats, Dancing Ponies and Swan Lake (swan carriages that fly over water).

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Food and Drink

You won’t go hungry or thirsty at Lotte World – there are almost 30 different food and drink outlets ranging in size from huge food courts through to single concession desks.

Burger Laboratory at Lotte World Busan

Food and drink prices were pretty reasonable compared to most theme parks. You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink but they request that all packed lunches / own foods are consumed at the ‘Picnic Garden’ between Giant Splash and Lorry’s Castle.

However, there is no alcohol to be brought into Lotte World (although it can be bought in selected restaurants).

Ogre's cafe at Lotte World Busan

The best food and drink venues at Lotte World Busan include the Dragon Nest Pub (a food court where you can various types of snacks), Sharon Terrace (the best looking food court that serves hot dishes like pizza) and Food Drop Restaurant (where snacks are delivered at speed by mini roller coasters).

The busiest food and drink place appeared to be Jamboree Food Plaza, a huge food court with a long line out the front.

Jamboree food plaza at Lotte World Busan
Jamboree food plaza at Lotte World Busan

You can eat many different foods here, from coffee and churros to waffles ‘…with Norwegian brown cheese’ (no we aren’t sure either).

Finally, there are several famous food chain restaurants at Lotte World Busan including a burger fast food store, Egg Drop and Gemstone Dining (a popular Korean hamburger restaurant).

BHC Chicken at Lotte World Busan
Pretzels at Lotte World Busan
food at Lotte World Busan

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Character parades and entertainment at Lotte World Busan

Included as part of the admission /ticket price at Busan Lotte World, there are several daily shows and parades included, where you can meet the Lotte World cartoon characters plus entertainers and dancers dressed up in elaborate costumes.

These daily parades and shows at Lotte World Busan include the Lotus Magic Forest Parade and the Magic Fairy Band (although shows often change depending on the time of the year).

Typically, the first show of the day at Lotte World Busan is at 11am – the Magic Fairy Band. They play several times a day (11am, 12pm, 3pm and 4pm when we visited but times are subject to change).

Other shows include the ‘Merry Garden Party’ and ‘Troll Fantasy’ – alas we didn’t see these so can’t provide any more info on them.

We visited Lotte World Adventure Busan in October 2023 so were treated to a super spooky Halloween night show full of zombies and monsters (most of the young kids were petrified so it was an interesting choice of show!)

Every Christmas, Lotte World transforms into magical wonderland called ‘Miracle Winter’ with live music and festive performers (and yes, they do sing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ without fail).

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Gifts and shopping at Lotte World Busan

As you’d expect from one of South Korea’s largest theme parks, there is no shortage of gifts and souvenir shops.

As well as the main gift shop by the front entrance gate (Lorry’s Emporium), there are around another ten gift shops and stalls dotted around the park.

Gift shop at Lotte World Busan
Gift shop at Lotte World Busan
Gift shop at Lotte World Busan

Gift shops include the Ogre’s Gift Shop, the Galleon Gift Shop and the Gemstone Store.

We’d definitely recommend allocating some time to the Lorry’s Emporium store at the end of your visit, so you don’t have to carry around souvenirs all day.

Here you’ll find all manner of cute cartoon character plushies plus a treehouse filled with terrific gifts.

Gift shop at Lotte World Busan
Gift shop at Lotte World Busan
Gift shop at Lotte World Busan

Otherwise, one of the most unique gifts and souvenirs is a caricature stand located close to the Talking Tree – the artists can sketch you and your partner / family in as little as 10 minutes.

face painting caricature at Lotte World Busan

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School uniform and hanbok rental at Lotte World

One of the most popular things to do at Lotte World Busan (and most other Korean theme parks) is to hire school uniform and wear it around the park – many of the South Korean younger generation do this.

Located inside the huge castle centrepiece, you’ll find Lorry’s Dress Room, where you can hire and wear Korean school uniforms and other trendy ‘K-Pop’ costumes.

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Are there baby changing facilities at Busan Lotte World?

Yes, there is a nursing room at Busan Lotte World next to the ‘Party Animals’ ride and Farmer’s Table ice cream parlour.

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Stroller, Pushchair and Wheelchair Hire

Upon entry to Busan Lotte World, if you need to hire any form of strollers or wheelchairs, there is a hire centre on the right on the main gate, just after you enter.

In addition, we also noticed there was a place (inside Sharon Terrace) where you could rent children’s push scooters which looked like classic cars.

So the child sits inside the small car (complete with roof) whilst mom or dad controls it from a platform on the back and rides on top – so cool!

Other facilities at Busan Lotte World / smoking

As well as all the rides and attractions plus food courts, there are several other services including locker rental, mobile phone charging booths (fees apply), ATMs and a smoking room.

Note that smoking is only allowed in the one smoking area behind the Giant Swing – everywhere else is strictly non smoking.

Lotte World Busan vs Lotte World Seoul

There are two Lotte World adventure theme parks in South Korea but which is better? 

In general, Seoul has more rides and a better entertainment package, but Busan has bigger rides and has much more outdoor space to explore (it is about a fifth bigger than Seoul Lotte World – both are really good).

Lotte World Seoul

We’ve been to both Lotte World Busan vs. Lotte World Seoul and enjoyed both. Seoul Lotte World definitely felt busier especially after school hours as many local children seem to have annual passes.

Lotte Busan has the more spectacular rides like the Giant Digger rollercoaster and Giant Splash and has much more room to explore – plus at Busan, you can combine a trip with the Skyline luge next door.

Lotte World Seoul

If you are heading to Seoul soon and considering Lotte World Adventure Seoul and other attractions, we’d highly recommend getting a Discover Seoul Pass or Go City Seoul Pass as both include Lotte World Seoul admission.

If you do this and just one other attraction (there is scope to do many), you have already got your money back.

Read our honest reviews of the Go City Seoul Pass and Discover Seoul Pass.

Go City Seoul Pass

Other things to do near to Lotte World Busan

Whilst visiting Lotte World Busan, there are a couple of other attractions and landmarks nearby, most within walking distance of the theme park (and all accessible via Osiria train station or public bus).

Skyline Luge in Busan

One of the newest things to do in Busan, Busan Luge opened in summer 2021 and can be found at the OSIRIA tourist complex in Gijang-gun, right next door to Lotte Adventure World

The full Skyline luge in Busan experience includes taking a hillside skyride to the starting point of the luge track then enjoy the ride down on a luge cart that consists of four tracks that are around 2.4km long.

Skyline Luge in Busan prices start from 28,500 Korean Won for three luge sessions when booked online via Klook.

CK Travels tip

If you want to visit both Busan Lotte World Adventure and the Skyline Luge next door, it is much cheaper to buy a Visit Busan Pass.

Basic admission for an adult to both Lotte World and the Luge would cost over 70,000 Won combined but a one day Visit Busan Pass is only 49,000 Korean Won and includes both these and almost 30 other attractions!

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

A short walk or bus ride from Lotte World, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is described as the ‘most beautiful temple in Korea’ with stunning panoramic views of the sea and surrounding coastline.

The original Haedong Yonggungsa temple was built in the 14th century but later destroyed by bombing and rebuilt in the 1930s.

During celebrations and religious festivals like Buddha’s birthday, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is adorned with lots of bright lanterns across all its paths and roofs making it even more beautiful.

Dongbusan Lotte Premium Outlets

The lighthouse next door to Busan Lotte World is actually part of the Dongbusan Lotte Premium Outlets, one of Busan’s largest shopping malls and themed like a Greek village (very Santorini inspired!) .

There are over 400 shops and concessions to browse plus a small children’s amusement park (although nothing on the scale of Lotte World across the road!).

Brands at Dongbusan Lotte Premium Outlets including Toys R Us, ABC, Uniqlo and a large Lotte Cinema.

What is South Korea’s largest theme park?

The largest three theme parks in South Korea are the two Lotte Worlds (Busan and Seoul) as well as Everland.

Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea with five themed zones including Magic Land, American Adventure and European Adventure. Note that Everland is located in Yongin, around 40 kilometers from the capital Seoul.

The largest indoor theme park in South Korea is Lotte World Seoul which opened in 1989. The largest major new theme park is Lotte World Busan, having opened most recently in early 2022.

In summary

We really enjoyed our visit to Lotte World Busan – a mainly outdoor theme park, it is based on the outskirts of Busan so has lots of space to enjoy and gorgeous green gardens (not forgetting the Disney-esque castle).

In terms of Lotte Busan vs Lotte World Seoul, whilst there are less rides at Busan than at Seoul Lotte World, Busan has more epic rides (given all the space) and the theming is superb.

The rides also vary greatly meaning there is something for little kids through to teenagers.

Everything feels very modern and fresh and the entertainment and the character parades at Lotte World Busan are an added bonus. There are lots of food choices too so something for all tastes (literally).

Whilst squarely aimed at kids and families (we rate it as one of the best things to do in Busan), it is a fun visit for all ages; we had a ‘Lotte’ fun (sorry not sorry) at this big Busan theme park.

If you have time, we’d recommend visiting Lotte World Busan with the Visit Busan Pass as the Lotte World Busan admission price alone pretty much pays for the pass itself (or combine with the luge next door as it’ll cover your pass cost straight away and more).

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