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26 Best Walthamstow Pubs, Bars and Breweries

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Walthamstow is our local drinking spot and has a plethora of pubs and beautiful bars (no wonder it is now famous for the  Walthamstow Beer Mile – a worthy contender to the Bermondsey beer mile).

There is a huge range of venues to drink in, from pop-up pubs to the leafy beer gardens in Walthamstow Village – not to mention the smell of hops emanating from the breweries on warm summer days.

We’ve drank in all the Walthamstow pubs and bars below which has definitely been some of the more pleasant research we’ve had to do.

From the elegance of the older, vintage Walthamstow pubs to the more lively establishments along Walthamstow High Street, here is our guide to the best bars, brewery taprooms and pubs in Walthamstow:

Walthamstow bars, pubs and brewery taprooms map

Walthamstow bars, pubs and breweries

1. Wildcard Brewery – The Barrel Store and Lockwood

Walthamstow is home to two Wild Card brewery taprooms – the first on the Lockwood industrial estate (next to Hackney Brewery’s High Hill Tap), and also their ‘Barrel Store’ bar near Walthamstow Village.

We prefer their Barrel store, especially on a summer’s afternoon as they have a huge seating area outdoors and it can be combined with a trip to the neon nirvana that is God’s Own Junkyard and other bars and taprooms such as Three Pillars and Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace.

Address: Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, E17 9HQ

Wildcard Brewery Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels
Wildcard Brewery – The Barrel Store
Wildcard BreweryLockwood

2. The Collab

Located just off the top of Walthamstow High Street on the corner of Hoe Street, The Collab is a hip and happening hang out, and a crafty collaboration between Signature Brew and burger maestros ‘We Serve Humans’.

We’ve been several times and whilst the food can be a bit hit and miss, the beer range is superb. They also offer weekly food specials like Wing Wednesdays and half price vegetarian and vegan dishes on Monday nights.

In keeping with Signature Brew’s live music ethos, The Collab often plays host to DJs and special events.

Address: 198 Hoe Street, London E17 4BF

3. The Brewer’s Bar at Signature Brew

After visiting the Collab Bar in Walthamstow, why not try the Signature Brew beer range at the source and visit their brewery taproom, located on an industrial estate near Blackhorse Road tube.

The Brewer’s Bar at Signature Brew Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

In the past couple of years, Signature Brew have invested heavily in their taproom set-up with numerous live gigs, festivals, street food stalls and stand up comedy shows.

As well as an indoor bar (where the beer pumps are microphones – nice!), you can sit amongst the brewing vats or sit in the outdoor area outside. Work is currently underway for a new ‘pub’ area in front of the brewery.

Address: Unit 15, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, E17 5QJ

The Brewer’s Bar at Signature Brew Brewery in Walthamstow London

4.Big Penny Social (formally Truman’s Social Club)

One of the newest bars and taprooms in Walthamstow,Big Penny Social is a colossal and cavernous venue, incredibly popular for sporting and special events such as Oktoberfest or live music.

A former Lucozade factory, Truman’s have done an incredible job of converting the industrial space to a huge and happening taproom, with a dedicated kitchen recently opening.

Truman Social Club Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Big Penny Social have a big outdoor beer garden (well, concrete area) and one of the largest ranges of beer on tap – bar service and app ordering is available. Truman’s Social Club is also located just a two minute walk from Signature Brew’s taproom.

Address: 1 Priestley Way, London E17 6AL

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5. The Real Al Company and Trap Taproom

Located on the Uplands Business Park, the Real Al Company and Taproom is a small, quirky industrial chic bar offering the best beers (often from local breweries) on tap. Their main business is beer and cider distribution so they definitely have a fine selection of drinks.

The Real Al Company and Trap Taproom Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

With a small seating area inside and a larger outdoor area looking out to the neighbouring taprooms of Uplands Business Park, the Real Al taproom can be combined with trips to next door neighbours Pillars brewery and Wildcard Brewery for a terrific taproom day out in North East London.

Address: Unit 4 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, Walthamstow E17 9HQ

6. Exale Brewing

Exale Brewery’s industrial setting is rather eclectic and all the better for that. A former furniture warehouse (that might explain all the random chairs), Exale is a fun and friendly taproom which brews all its own beer and ale on site and has an ever changing and increasing range.

With Japanese toilets (we kid you not), a giant fluffy ceiling and various nights and events, this is a nice spot to enjoy a night out. The front area also has outdoor seating and often has a street food truck.

We also like their weekly ‘Kill the keg’ happy hour sessions on Thursday nights where selected pints are £4. They are also famed for their rather unusual Krankie Iron Brew Sour.

Address: Unit 2C Uplands business park, E17 5QJ

7. Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace

The Upland Business Park (industrial estate) is home to several brewery taprooms like Pillars, Wildcard and the Real Al company but if beer isn’t your beverage of choice, a cheeky cocktail or gin delight can be found in the Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace.

Mother's Ruin Gin Palace Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Hand-crafted in small batches in Walthamstow, Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace opens their inner workings at the weekend with an extensive cocktail menu so you can sample their award winning gin – bonus points too for their beautifully painted exterior, a very warm welcome.

Address: Unit 18, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, London E17 9HQ

Mother's Ruin Gin Palace Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

8. Hackney High Hill tap room

A new addition to the Blackhorse Beer Mile in the summer of 2021, Hackney Brewery’s latest outpost opened after a successful round of crowdfunding.

Boasting over 20 draft beers and ales on tap, High Hill Tap has a fine line of drinks to choose from, and you can opt to sit in the indoor bar, or amongst the tanks on the brewing floor.

Hackney High Hill Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Hackney Brewery High Hill Tap also has an outdoor seating area in the carpark and food is available from nearby Yard Sale Pizza who deliver to the taproom (there is also sometimes a rotating street food stall nearby, shared with Wildcard Brewery just across the road).

Dog friendly and damn fine beers, High Hill Tap is a nice place to visit – who said Hackney Wick has all the best breweries?

Address: Unit 10, Lockwood Way, London E17 5RB

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9. The Nags Head

Pizza and pints you say? Yes please! Unlike a lot of Walthamstow pubs, the Nag’s Head is an adult’s only pub so if you want to escape noisy children, this is the spot for you.

The Nags Head Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

The exterior decoration is also fun, with various paintings and illustrations, including several cats depicted in the windows – you might get to meet the Nag’s Head resident cats when you visit, especially if you sit in the beer garden (on our last visit, we made a ‘feline’ friend who was very curious of the pizza).

Jazz fans will also be enthused by their regular live music performances.

Address: 9 Orford Road, London E17 9LP

The Nags Head Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

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10. The Village Pub Walthamstow

Situated in the heart of historic Walthamstow Village, the Village pub is a local mainstay that has been around for years, recently reinventing itself from an old man boozer to a connoisseur of craft beer and delicious pub grub.

It is also home to a massive beer garden out the back with a huge marquee roof making it suitable for all weathers.

Address: 31 Orford Road, London E17 9NL

The Village pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

11. True Craft Walthamstow, St James Street

A true story, this new craft beer bar in Walthamstow is all about fine craft beer and delicious sourdough pizza!

Just a short hop from Crate St James, True Craft Walthamstow is located in a former cafe that has now been transformed into a good looking bar and taproom. It is also a very popular place for families and dog friendly too.

We’ve been to the True Craft beer bar in Tottenham many times and it has always been one of our favourite Tottenham pubs.

We are pleased to report that True Craft Walthamstow retains all the character of the original – if anything, the Walthamstow True Craft is slightly better than the original as it is a bigger space and feels a little more light and airy. All in all, True Craft is a great new neighbourhood pub/bar in Walthamstow.

Address: 18-20 St James Street, Walthamstow London E17 7PF

12. Rolling Scones Cafe at God’s Own Junkyard

This neon nirvana is also home to its Rolling Scones Bar and Cafe. Given the neon soaked setting this is likely Walthamstow’s most unique bar – you can sit amongst the lights sipping your lager (a can of Red Stripe seems the most popular choice)

Rolling Scones Cafe at God's Own Junkyard Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

This is also a great way to support the venue as God’s Own Junkyard is free admission (but donations are always welcome) – definitely one of our Walthamstow drinking high-’lights’.

Read our God’s Own Junkyard blog post >

Address: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, London E17 9HQ

Rolling Scones Cafe at God's Own Junkyard Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

13. Pillars Brewery

Like Wildcard Brewery, Pillars have two venues across Walthamstow – their taproom on Uplands Business Park (in the vicinity of Walthamstow Village) and also their Untraditional Pub at Walthamstow Crate (more on this venue later).

Pillars Brewery Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Over on Uplands Business Park, you can drink amongst Pillars brewing vats and they also have an alfresco drinking area. Pillars Brewery core taps range is generally their Pillars Pilsner (4.0% abv), their Rebel Helles Lager (4.8% abv) and our current favourite, the Untraditional Session IPL (4.5%).

The staff at Pillars are always very helpful and knowledgeable and you can try before you buy too. In terms of sampling beers – guided tours and beer tasting sessions are available to book in advance.

Address: Unit 2 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, Walthamstow E17 9HQ

14. Renegade Urban Winery – E17

Cool name, chilled wine and unique bottle labels – what more can you want in a local winery? After opening a similar venue in Bethnal Green, Renegade Urban Winery’s latest vintage is this sleek looking winery set-up on Lockwood Way, in the shadow of several Blackhorse Beer Mile brewery neighbours.

In fact, Renegade Urban Winery is literally less than 30 seconds walk from both Wildcard Brewery and Hackney Brewery High Hill tap (but remember, beer THEN wine is fine).

Open Thursday to Sunday most weeks, during the summer months, there is a huge outdoor area with plenty of picnic tables to sup your sauv and mull your merlot. Wine is available by the glass or by bottle.

Each year, the winery makes around 10 to 12 different wines with a unique face on each – what is super cool is that anyone can apply to be the face of the wine and they represent a huge cross section of the UK (and not just Londoners).

Renegade Urban Winery host regular events like live jazz or tours of Renegade Urban winery that include tastings.

Address: 7 Lockwood Way, London E17 5RB

15. Pretty Decent Brewing Co

As of September 2023, Pretty Decent Brewing Co is the newest brewery to join the Blackhorse Beer Mile, just down the road from Signature Brew.

On our last visit, there were 13 beers on tap (many of which are freshly brewed right here at Blackhorse Road) plus a cheeky crafty cider apple cider thrown into the mix.

Pretty Decent Brewing Co, Blackhorse Road

As well as an incredibly diverse craft beer range, some of Pretty Decent’s beer names are pretty unique including ‘I Could Get Better at Tesco’, ‘Seriously WTF is this’ and Toilet Block Location Shoot.

The warehouse taproom interior is light and bright at Pretty Decent with whitewashed walls and a bright pink bar – the illustrations on the brick walls are also a nice touch. The outdoor beer terrace is a buzzing and popular place plus very dog friendly.

Address: Unit 10, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, London E17 5QJ

16. The Black Horse bar

Housed in the base of one of the new Blackhorse (Road) Mills buildings (lucky residents!), the Black Horse bar fittingly has a big and beautiful hand painted mural of an actual black horse- welcome to the nayyyyy-bourhood!

With an industrial interior and cracking centrepiece bar, the Black Horse Bar serves craft beer on draft from nearby Blackhorse Beer Mile neighbouring breweries, Exale Brewing and Signature Brew (although at over £6 a pint, it is cheaper at the source). 

Outside, there is a little seating area overlooking the estate and inside, there is ample seating space, well lit by the huge bay windows.

Since opening in the summer of 2022, The Black Horse Bar has also added a pizza oven to its operation so definitely a good spot for some beer and pizza action along Blackhorse Road / Walthamstow.

Address: 1 Wickford Way, London E17 6ZH

17. The Untraditional Pub at CRATE St James

Did you know Walthamstow has its very own mini Boxpark called CRATE? Comprising of two floors of shipping container, CRATE is home to various creative enterprises and small businesses, plus several food and drink venues centred around a deck with lots of picnic tables (covered so suitable for hot and cold weather).

CRATE St James’ sole bar is the Untraditional Pub from Pillars Brewery, a smaller version of their taproom in nearby Walthamstow Village.

The Pillars Brewery Crate container bar itself is brightly coloured (you can’t miss the vivid orange – imagine if Easyjet opened a bar) and it has a sleek and snug serving area.

We’d recommend getting food from the street food venues and accompanying it with a pint of Pillar’s Helles.

Address: CRATE Building, 35 St James Street, London E17 7FY

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18. The Queen Arms E17

We first visited the Queen’s Arms about fifteen years ago and our memory from back then was sticky floors and one of the worst disco / karaoke nights ever.

However, as Walthamstow Village has gentrified, so too has the Queen’s Arms and it is now one of the best pubs in the area, serving delicious Mediterranean food (good options for vegans and vegetarians) and other fine gastropub fare.

Queens Arms pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Although the interior is nice, the Queen’s Arms E17 is also a prime spot to watch the comings and goings on Orford Road so best to bag a table outside the pub on a warm afternoon and watch the world go by.

Address: 42 Orford Road, London E17 9NJ

19. The Bell

UPDATE: The Bell has now permanently closed

A popular pub with real character (check out the artwork in the beer garden at the rear), we’ve often visited The Bell on a Saturday afternoon, usually after visiting the street food and farmers market at nearby Lloyd Park (the pub is just a short walk up the hill from the William Morris gallery).

The Bell pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

We haven’t eaten at The Bell yet ourselves but based on the sheer numbers of people dining here, it must be good and their beer range is top notch. With a focus on food and family friendly fare, this is a pleasant pub to spend a few hours in, relaxing in the comfy chairs and watching the world go by on the busy street outside.

Address: 617 Forest Road, London E17 4NE

The Bell pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

20. Ye Olde Rose and Crown

A beautiful old pub with a theatre upstairs (reminiscent of the Tabard pub and theatre in Chiswick), Ye Olde Rose and Crown is one of the oldest and most well known pubs in Walthamstow, located on Hoe Street.

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

A top spot to grab a pint before heading upstairs to see a play or live act, the Rose and Crown has played host to some top acts in recent years, especially for established comedians trialling their new material like Greg Davis or Hal Cruttenden.

Address: 53 Hoe Street, London E17 4SA

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

21. Tavern on the Hill

Dating back to the 1800s, this old Walthamstow pub is the new venture from the brains behind Wildcard Brewery. A Higham Hill hangout that has transformed an old man pub into a bright and breezy brewery bar with Caribbean food from Jam Shack.

Tavern on the Hill Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

We’d recommend combining a trip to the Tavern on the Hill with a walk over to the nearby Lockwood Estate to try Hackney Brewery and Wildcard’s respective taprooms there.

Address: 318 Higham Hill Road, London E17 5RG

22. Clapton Craft E17 (Wood Street)

Not strictly speaking a pub, but we had to include this amazing craft beer shop on our list as the huge range of bottles/cans in the fridge are absolutely incredible, plus you can also drink onsite.

There are tables both inside and outside (including comfy booths), and there are also around 10 lines on draught.

Address: 147-151 Wood Street, London E17 3LX

Clapton Craft E17 (Wood Street) Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels
Clapton Craft E17 (Wood Street) Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

23.Beerblefish Brewhouse

As at the end of 2021, the Walthamstow / Blackhorse Beer Mile’s latest addition is Beerblefish Brewery, located behind Exale Brewery on Uplands Business Park.

The Beerblefish brewery moved from Edmonton in North London to their brand spanking new Walthamstow site which is almost four times bigger with plans to expand their range, all brewed on site.

Kudos to the street art interior and purple pool table, plus the rotating range of their own and other breweries’ beers and ales, all of which are updated daily on their craft chalkboard.

Address: Unit 2A-4 Uplands Business Park, London E17 5QJ

24. The Duke E17

We first visited the Duke E17 after the recent covid pandemic and lockdown and it was so nice to walk into a busy and bustling pub with quirky interiors and clearly enjoyed by the locals.

The Duke E17 pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

Almost reminiscent of a ranch bar complete with neon signs and pinball machines, this wonderful Wood Street pub has two huge beer gardens (one out front and one at the side of the building) plus a large lounge area by the bar (if you are looking for booths or lazy leather sofas, this is for you). 

Food options are extensive (traditional pub grub and diner fare) although based on what we saw (and smelt) last time, the chicken is a winner here along with the pie dishes.

Address: 112 Wood Street, London E17 3HX

The Duke E17 pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

25. The Chequers Pub

Located along Walthamstow’s bustling High Street, the Chequers is an unpretentious pub where locals and hipsters unite  – the best thing about this pub is that you never know you are going to meet in here.

With a focus on beer and sporting events (on TVs), the Chequers also offers several mid week offers like pint and a pizza for £10 on Wednesdays.

Address: 145 High Street, London E17 7BX

The Chequers pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

26. The Castle

Tucked away in the backstreets of Walthamstow Village, The Castle is a family-friendly pub that is proud of its food, and incredibly popular at the weekends, particularly for Sunday roasts (book ahead).

We haven’t yet tried the food at The Castle but based on the number of reserved tables for large groups last time we visited, it must be good.

The Castle pub Walthamstow London. Copyright CK Travels

We also liked the vintage interior with nods to the local area including old Walthamstow street signs and pictures – there is also seating out of the front plus a beer ‘garden’ (quite dark and dingy) at the rear.

Address: 15 Grosvenor Rise East, London E17 9LB

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