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London Breweries – 30 Best Brewery Taprooms + Map (2023)

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With London having seen a craft beer renaissance over the last few years, there has been a bounty of London breweries to choose from, all with their own unique beer ranges and hoppy hangouts, in the form of brewery taprooms.

Craft beer competition is fierce right now, with new London breweries and taprooms opening up all the time. Whilst some are flash, spick and span outfits, others are simpler affairs operating out of smaller, ‘urban’ outposts on industrial estates.

The best brewery taprooms in London

Most of our weekends have been spent visiting a veritable variety of London brewery taprooms and of the fifty or so we’ve visited so far, these are our best brewery taprooms in London right now, taking into account the overall experience combined with the range and quality of craft beers.

Head down to our hoppy highlights below, which we think are our best London brewery experiences so far (and we appreciate there are heaps more we need to visit still…)

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The Best London Breweries Map 2023

The Best London Breweries

1. Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery

We start our run-down of London’s best brewery taprooms with a fairly new (ish) addition – Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery. 

Similar in design (minimalist) to their Bermondsey Beer Mile taprooms in an industrialist setting, BBNO’s SE London / Greenwich taproom not only has an incredible range on tap (try their traditional and rich BBNO Porter – 6.4% abv; oof!) but also has an incredible riverside setting, boasting views of the River Thames.

Seriously, this has to be one of the best brewery settings in London.

BBNO Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery

As well as a top taproom set-up, Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf taproom has ample outdoor space so is perfect for pets of families plus has a street food vendor outside (pizza was the main dish last time we visited) making it a prime spot for an all day session.

So to enjoy an alfresco APA or Thameside tipple, head to Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery.

ADDRESS: Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery, Southern Warehouse, Morden Wharf Road, London SE10 0NU

BBNO Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery
BBNO Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery

2. The Moor Taproom and Vaults, Bermondsey Beer Mile

‘Smoked lager’ you say? Yes, please take all our money now. And this is truly how our love affair with The Moor began.

Whilst not the most regal or grand of taprooms, this more than makes up for it with their incredible beer range, chirpy staff plus their bargain taproom tray taster – any 4 beers from their core line for only £5.

We *think* this is the cheapest craft beer tray taster we’ve seen anywhere in London breweries and definitely encourages you to ‘Drink Moor Beer’. Did we also mention their fine line in gourmet scotch eggs, old school crisp flavours and a cracking cheese-board?

The Moor Taproom and Vaults, Bermondsey Beer Mile

Originally from Bristol, this London outpost opened in 2018 and is always heaving when we’ve visited (it comfortably sits around 30 people with ample room outside for sunshine beers).

Like we say, this is all about their smoked lager for us (4.2% abv) – our first foray into smoked lager, with such a looming and lingering taste.

ADDRESS: The Moor Taproom and Vaults, 71 Enid Street, London SE16 3RA

The Moor Taproom and Vaults, Bermondsey Beer Mile
The Moor Taproom and Vaults, Bermondsey Beer Mile
The Moor Taproom and Vaults, Bermondsey Beer Mile

3. Hammerton Brewery, Islington / Barnsbury

Our very first visit back in the day to Hammerton Brewery was early one Saturday afternoon and arrived just after they opened for the day meaning we had the whole place to ourselves for a little while (our ‘own’ brewery for a bit – living the dream!). 

Since then, we’ve made regular visits to Hammerton Brewery and it has always been a busy taproom and bustling beer garden outside.

Hammerton Brewery, Islington / Barnsbury - London Brewery

The bar is really welcoming here, and one of Hammerton Brewery’s highlights is their brightly coloured can and beer tap clip designs. The taproom here is open every Friday and Saturday between 12pm and 10pm, with some Hoppy Hour offerings on the Friday as an added incentive.

We sank into one of the taproom’s sofas and tried lots of their own beers, all in all a very enjoyable afternoon – board games are available to borrow.

We’re also big fans of their Brewery pub The House of Hammerton very close to Highbury and Islington London Underground / Overground station. This can be easily be combined with the brewery taproom to make your very own Hammerton Brewery crawl.

ADDRESS: Hammerton Brewery, Unit 8 & 9, Roman Way Industrial Estate, 149 Roman Way, London N7 8XH

Hammerton Brewery, Islington / Barnsbury - London Brewery
Hammerton Brewery, Islington / Barnsbury - London Brewery

4. Signature Brew E17, Walthamstow

After visiting their Collaboration Bar in Walthamstow, we decided to taste the Signature Brew beer range at the source and visit their London brewery taproom, located on an industrial estate near Blackhorse Road tube and like Exale Brewery, part of the newly created Blackhorse Beer Mile.

Signature Brew E17, Walthamstow

The set-up here is excellent with picnic tables laid out in rows beneath the brightly lit beer vats, and a small tap-room bar to the side, bedecked with panels showing the company history.

Signature Brew are very much into their music and often collaborate with artists and musicians, both in terms of their product and live music sets at the taproom and Collaboration Bar. This also manifests itself with the cool microphone beer clips you can see on the taps.

Signature Brew E17, Walthamstow

Signature Brew has an extensive core-range but for us, it is all about their 5.7% ABV Nightliner coffee porter stout – sheer class in a glass and something we could drink all day – kinda like actual coffee, but better!

ADDRESS: Signature Brew, Unit 15, Blackhorse Lane, London E17 5QJ

Signature Brew E17, Walthamstow

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5. Pressure Drop Brewery and Taproom, Tottenham Hale

Pressure Drop brewery in Tottenham Hale holds a special place in our hoppy heart as it used to be our ‘local’ pub and we could walk there in five mins flat (lucky!).

The downside (for us) is that as it is a working brewery, the taproom is only open on Saturdays (2pm to 8pm) – although good things always come to those who wait. The summer months also see their carpark become an alfresco beer garden.

pressure drop brewery

We like Pressure Drop as it is a nice laid back set-up with an excellent array of ever changing beer lines, chilled beats, zero pretension and weekly rotating street food offerings.

Pressure Drop Brewery Tottenham London

Pressure Drop is also dog friendly, so much so that one of their recent events offering free beers to dog owners in return for letting them feature your dog on their promotional collateral – everyone’s a winner!

Pressure Drop have a small side shop selling merchandise and an ice cold beer fridge, chock full of cans.

ADDRESS: Pressure Drop Brewery, Unit 6, Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Road, London N17 9QP

Pressure Drop Brewery Tottenham London

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6. Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar, Hackney Wick

The devil is in the detail here at Howling Hops and as the first thing you see as you enter the well lit taproom is the vast brewery tanks situated behind the well appointed bar.

Visiting Howling Hops in Hackney Wick many times, it always seem a nice eclectic mix of groups, people reading books, family get togethers (and also often very cute dogs).

Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar, Hackney Wick London brewery

You can buy drinks by ⅓, ½ or ⅔ pints and the bar staff are always very helpful with their recommendations  – we opted for their House IPA (6.9% ABV) – one of the best (and strongest) IPAs we’ve had in a London brewery – and their Howling Pils.

We also like the fact that the food offering isn’t your usual pub fare with Sri Lankan cuisine by Kottu House.

ADDRESS: Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar, Unit 9A Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN

Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar, Hackney Wick London brewery

7. Fourpure Basecamp Brewery Taproom, Bermondsey / Rotherhithe

Over several weekends, we put the ‘effort’ in and finished all of the breweries on the (in)famous Bermondsey Beer Mile – 20 brewery taprooms and counting. Of these, there are two or three that really stood out (more on this later).

The best brewery taprooms in London | Bermondsey beer mile | Fourpure

Fourpure was probably our favourite London breweries on the Bermondsey Beer Mile in terms of the venue itself. Whilst less ‘personal’ than other taprooms (due to its sheer size and number of visiting customers), this is a brand spanking new taproom that you could easily spend all day at, with nice interior decors, good food offerings, massive TVs and also a gift-shop.

The choice of beer here is also unparalleled, with over 40 taps on at any one time, and regular events such as pub quizzes and weekly new beer launches. We particularly liked the stouts / dark beers available here especially the Last Train Oatmeal Stout (5.1% ABV).

ADDRESS: Fourpure Basecamp Brewery Taproom, 25, Bermondsey Trading Estate, Rotherhithe New Road, London SE16 3LL

The best brewery taprooms in London | Bermondsey beer mile | Fourpure

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8. Exale Brewing and Taproom, Walthamstow

Part of the burgeoning Blackhorse Beer Mile – Exale Brewery claims to be ‘never dull’ and who are we to disagree? We enjoyed our Exale experience as the taproom set-up is pretty eclectic, set up in a former old furniture warehouse (this might explain why all the chairs are so different).

Exale Brewing and Taproom, Walthamstow London brewery

Recently, Beerblefish Brewery has also opened up around the back of Exale Brewery so you can easily combine the two in an afternoon.

Close to Blackhorse Road Tube, you can also combine a trip to Exale with other Walthamstow London breweries or a walk around the nearby Walthamstow Wetlands (because beer always tastes better after a long walk, right?).

ADDRESS: Exale Brewing, Unit 2C Uplands Business Park, London E17 5QJ

Exale Brewing and Taproom, Walthamstow London brewery

9. Gravity Well Taproom, Leytonstone

Truly a hidden gem amongst some of the more well known and centrally located taproom, Gravity Well Taproom is a warm and welcome addition to our top London breweries taprooms guide and part of the new Leytonstone Beer Mile.

Handily located directly below Leyton Midland Road Overground station (literally 30 secs walk), our Gravity Well Taproom experience started well with a friendly welcome from the bar-staff.

As they could see we were a little overwhelmed by the choice, they offered us some samples and we opted for their Relativistic Beaming NEIPA (6.7%) and a pint of their new batch of topically titled Omicron Persei 9 Pale Ale; one of the best tasting and  looking (almost glowing) beers we’ve had in London.

Afterwards, we also tried their Chocolate Oatmeal stout (Brane Reimagined) and it was equally good.

Gravity Well Taproom, Leytonstone

The Gravity Well Room set-up is really well done with a beer garden out front, several inside tables scattered around the bar plus a mezzanine seating area up top and board games available from the bar.

Gravity Well also have a well-stocked (and colourful) beer-fridge which saw a steady takeaway trade – in fact, one guy came in and bought 18 cans in one go; now that is our kind of a Friday night.

Leystonstone is fast becoming one of the best beer taproom locations in London and Gravity Well’s railway arch taproom is at the forefront.

Nearby, other taprooms include Solvay Brewing and newly launched Deli Arch, a craft beer shop curated by one of Kernel Brewery’s employees. We love Leytonstone!

ADDRESS: Gravity Well Brewery Taproom, Arch 155 Midland Road, London E10 6JT

Gravity Well Taproom, Leytonstone

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10. The Barrel Project, Bermondsey Beer Mile

As soon as you enter the threshold, it is impossible not be taken in by the interior at The Barrel Project (and yep, the beer selection is pretty sweet too).

Adorned with several hundred oak barrels used for ageing their wares (so both practical and pretty), this is a nice set-up with a beautiful bar bedecked with turquoise tiles and a huge chalk board menu – quite classy as most taprooms go.

The best brewery taprooms in London | Bermondsey beer mile | The Barrel Project

In addition to the treasure trove of beer taps, we noticed the beer fridges also did a roaring trade, with locals popping in to stock up for the weekend.

As well as being open Wednesday through Sunday (check website for opening hours), the other bonus is this taproom also has a food hatch serving dipped’ pork loin steak BBQ dishes – talk about a perfect beer pairing! 

ADDRESS: The Barrel Project, 80 Druid Street, London SE1 2HQ

The best brewery taprooms in London | Bermondsey beer mile | The Barrel Project

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11. Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall, north London

One of the newest brewery taprooms in North London and the spiritual home of Hell’s Lager (which you now see on tap in most of London’s pubs), Camden Town Brewery offers brewery tours plus tasters in their taproom.

Their sleek beer hall (located in nearby Kentish Town) has over 20 different beers on tap plus a walk-in fridge and merchandise shop.

Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall London brewery

A big space with a huge bar (more corporate than quirky), Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall is a welcoming place and beer drinking space which caters for all group sizes and all tastes (given their sheer number of beers on tap) – it also has a small outdoor drinking area too, perfect for summer months.

Unlike a lot of breweries in this list, Camden Town Brewery also has a permanent kitchen set-up offering pizza, pasta, salads as well as sirloin steak and a beer hall platter. 

ADDRESS: Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall, 55-59 Wilkin St. Mews, London NW5 3ED

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12. Battersea Brewery, South London

Battersea’s beer bonanza is exemplified by the aptly named Battersea Brewery, located underneath the railway arches (like all good London taprooms).

And as we all know, cold beers straight from the taproom always taste Battersea…sorry… better, see. So Battersea Brewery is the perfect place to unwind after a walk along the River Thames path from neighbouring Chelsea or Pimlico. 

Battersea Brewery Taproom London brewery

With a nice outdoor beer garden terrace and indoor seating amongst the brewing vats, Battersea brewery is located in the Arches Lane area, nickel nestled between Tonkatsu ramen noodles and Cinnamon Kitchen. 

The sheer number of beers on tap at any one time at Battersea Brewery means you are always spoilt for choice in terms of what to slurp next – and the outdoor seating area is a delightful sun trap in the afternoons.

New for 2023, Battersea Brewery are also due to open a new London brewery taproom along the Bermondsey Beer Mile.

ADDRESS: Battersea Brewery, 12 – 14 Arches Lane, Nine Elms, London SW11 8AB

Battersea Brewery Taproom London brewery

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13. Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, South London

After a afternoon of exploring nearby Crystal Palace and Sydenham Hill one day, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Gypsy Hill Brewery taproom located at the bottom of Gypsy Hill, next to their production set-up (don’t be surprised if you see piles of kegs or a forklift whizz by). 

You’ll likely recognise Gypsy Hill Brewery for their distinctive can packaging (they really stand out in a crowded supermarket or row of pub taps). The awesome artwork tells the story of each beer and / or the brewers or collaborators that helped make them.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company Brwery taproom London. Copyright CK Travels

Like all good taprooms, this is based on an industrial estate (their neighbours include London Beer Factory who also have a bar set-up on the same estate), and Gypsy Hill brewery make full use of their outdoor space at the weekends, with the car park bedecked with picnic tables and street food van.

We visited this London brewery one Saturday afternoon and it was nice to see such a mix of people. From families with push-chairs, to groups of students or passing cyclists, it was a nice and convivial, atmosphere.

Indoors is an industrial but laid-back affair with an ever-busy bar – Gypsy Hill Brewery taproom is a solid set-up and with some damn fine beers to boot!

ADDRESS: Gypsy Hill Brewery, Unit 5, 160 Hamilton Road, Norwood, London SE27 9SF

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company Brwery taproom London. Copyright CK Travels

14. Neckstamper Brewery Taproom, Leyton

Now this is a fun London brewery taproom – Neckstamper Brewery in Leyton, east London almost felt like more of a party place rather than a subdued industrial estate taproom. 

Neckstamper Brewery Taproom, Leyton Taproom London brewery

We knew we were in for good things when we saw the small disco ball behind the bar and heard the retro 80s and 90s playlist (like their beer, excellent).

There is a Vietnamese street food restaurant called Hanoi Ca Phe a few minutes walk away so you can grab some pho or bun cha and bring it on over to eat at the taproom (menus are available around inside the Neckstamper taproom).

Neckstamper Brewery Taproom, Leyton Taproom London brewery

The prices and choice on tap at Neckstamper Brewery were really good and we were particularly liked their IPA collaboration with Friendly Adventure Brewery).

Given their industrial setting and car park garden, their road traffic sign that says ‘Slow Down, Beer Drinkers’ feels entirely appropriate!

ADDRESS: Neckstamper Brewery, Unit 3, Cromwell Industrial Estate, Staffa Road, London E10 7QZ

Neckstamper Brewery Taproom, Leyton Taproom London brewery

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15. Canopy Beer Co, Herne Hill (closed)

2023 update: Canopy Beer Co is permanently closed

Just a short walk from Herne Hill station and the Herne Hill Sunday market, Canopy brewery taproom is located in a corner of a small but incredibly busy industrial estate (Bath Factory Estate).

This concrete playground may not look much from the outside but the range of core and guest beers at Canopy along with pretty good prices make this a rather pleasant pub like atmosphere, with a nice railway arch set-up (think Five Points in Hackney or Boxcar brewery in Bethnal Green).

Canopy Beer Co brewery taproom, Herne Hill, south London

We particularly liked Canopy’s taproom as the interior is cosy, as you sit amongst the brewing vats but the choice of beers is great. We also noticed it is a popular spot for all the weekend football teams who play football in nearby Brockwell Park.

We only planned to stay for one but the choice was so immense, we stayed for several rounds. Highlights included the Forge Oatmeal stout (4.8% packed with craft, chocolate goodness), their classic Brockwell IPA (£5 a pint and 5.6% abv) and their take on Belgian beer, Picnic Wit (definitely one to take out in one of Canopy’s 1 litre takeaway bottle and enjoy in the park in true picnic style).

Canopy Beer Co craft beer brewery taproom, Herne Hill, south London

16. Brick Brewery Taproom, Peckham

One of South London’s most well-known and popular pit-stops for craft beer, Brick Brewery (near Peckham Rye station) has a huge range of craft beers with an outdoor seating area out front and a smaller indoor area. 

Founded in 2013 and often with over 20 of their own (and guest) lines on tap, this taproom used to be their brewing operation but has since moved down the road.

Brick Brewery, Peckham London. Copyright CK Travels

We’ve had several summer sessions at Brick Brewery and it has always been heaving, particularly in warm weather when the beer garden at the front has been full of friends and families (plus cute doggies) so booking in advance is recommended. 

Street food at Brick Brewery Peckham comes in the form of Mikos Gyros, a Greek food stall that has an outdoor kitchen in the beer garden.

ADDRESS: Brick Brewery Taproom, 209 Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4RX

Brick Brewery, Peckham London. Copyright CK Travels

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17. Sambrook’s Brewery Tap, Wandsworth

A wonderful, Wandsworth taproom, Sambrook’s Brewery tap in the Ram Quarter is a nice mix of new taproom fixtures surrounded by history and heritage of Sambrook’s brewing site, the oldest continually brewing site in the country (since 1533!) and London’s oldest independent brewery.

Indeed, the area all around the brewery has changed considerably over the years, with the Ram Quarter now home to many new flats, restaurants and yoga retreats (seriously) – eclectic is good!

Sambrook's Brewery Tap, Wandsworth

The set-up at Sambrook’s Brewery tap is really well done and the Sambrook’s taproom is popular with all ages, especially given that the pizzas look epic (we just stayed for drinks but loads of tables had food including lots of family groups and all looked happy). 

What we loved about our Sambrook’s Brewery experience was the particularly chirpy barman (knowledgeable and so friendly), tasting trays and lush industrial interior setting, with an ample beer garden out front overlooking the estate.

ADDRESS: Sambrook’s Brewery, 1 Bellwether Lane, London SW18 1UD

Sambrook's Brewery Tap, Wandsworth

18. Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom, Walthamstow

A new addition to the Blackhorse Beer Mile in the summer of 2021, Hackney Brewery’s latest outpost opened after a successful round of crowdfunding.

Boasting over 20 draft beers and ales on tap, High Hill Tap has a fine line of drinks to choose from, and you can opt to sit in the indoor bar, or amongst the tanks on the brewing floor.

Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom, Walthamstow

Hackney Brewery High Hill Tap also has an outdoor seating area in the carpark and food is available from nearby Yard Sale Pizza who deliver to the taproom (there is also sometimes a rotating street food stall nearby, shared with Wildcard Brewery just across the road).

Dog friendly and damn fine beers, High Hill Tap is a nice place to visit – who said Hackney Wick has all the best breweries?

ADDRESS: Hackney Brewery High Hill Tap, Unit 10, Lockwood Way, London E17 5RB

19. Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom

Billed as ‘Beer + Music + Art’, Two Tribes Brewery and Taproom is open Tuesday to Saturday and is about a ten minute walk from Lewis Cubbit Square. 

Situated in Tileyard Studios (a rather random industrial estate), this is a low-key taproom with a lively roster of events – as well as their core range of several beers and lagers, they also have an extensive collection of collaborations and guest beers on tap.

Two Tribes Brewery London

Situated in Tileyard Studios (a rather random industrial estate), this is a lively taproom and outdoor space with a lively roster of events and some banging BBQ grub.

The Two Tribes Brewery has changed in the last couple of years and is now one of the best beer gardens in Kings Cross. As well as their core range of several beers and lagers, Two Tribes also have an extensive collection of collaborations and guest beers on tap.

If you’re into your beers, we’d recommend combining a trip to Two Tribes taproom with Babel Beerhouse, and another nearby brewery called Hammerton (in Islington); hopefully they all get on so that Two Tribes (don’t) go to war…

ADDRESS: Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom, Tileyard Road, London N7 9AH

Two Tribes Brewery London

20. The Five Points Brewery & Taproom, Hackney

Five Points Brewery and taproom is a couple of minutes away from London Fields and Broadway Market on Mare Street).

We’ve been to Five Points Brewery Taproom quite a few times as their huge outdoor drinking area is a blessing in the summer.

A great set-up on the site where they brew all their beers, the Five Points Brewery beer garden (well, craft beer in a car park!) has a pop-up bar with a combination of their own Five Points range and guest beers on tap.

The Five Points Brewing Co bar Bethnal Green Hackney London. Copyright CK Travels
The Five Points Brewing Co bar Bethnal Green Hackney London. Copyright CK Travels

Five Points core range includes an extra pale ale (XPA), Pils and our favourite, a chocolatey coffee Railway Porter. Like lots of breweries in Bethnal Green, Five Points are also located along the railway arches and beer tasting tours of the brewery are available too.

ADDRESS: The Five Points Brewery & Taproom, 61 Mare Street, London E8 4RG

The Five Points Brewing Co bar Bethnal Green Hackney London. Copyright CK Travels

21. Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom, Walworth

Fittingly, Orbit Beers is an out-of-this world experience with one of the busiest taprooms and beer gardens we have ever experienced whilst in search of London’s best breweries and taprooms.

We’d always wanted to visit Orbit Beer’s brewery site after experiencing the unique taste of their Tzatsiki sour whilst exploring Hackney Wick.

Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom, Walworth London

Orbit Beers began life in 2014 and have been located at this Walworth railway arch ever since with their range deeply routed in European tradition (their core range boasts several striking sups including Nico Koln and Belgian Peel Pale Ale).

We last visited Orbit Beers’ taproom one sunny Saturday afternoon in the summer of 2022 and it was great to see such a popular and bustling beer garden outside.

Lightnin’ Hot Things were cooking up a storm inside with their BBQ inspired dishes – seriously, the combination of their food and the hoppy goodness from the next door vats make this the best smelling taproom in London! 

ADDRESS: Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom, 225 & 228 Fielding Street, London SE17 3HD

Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom, Walworth London

22. BOXCAR Brewery & Taproom, Bethnal Green (closed)

2023 update: Permanently closed

We really like visiting BOXCAR Brewery. A no-nonsense, unpretentious Bethnal Green brewery and taproom, BOXCAR is one of the best brewery taprooms in London located snugly beneath the railway arches in Birkbeck Street.

The taproom itself is warm and welcoming and you always get an eclectic crowd in here, from seasoned beer enthusiasts to students or wage slaves supping after work.

BOXCAR Brewery and Taproom Bethnal Green London. Copyright CK Travels

As well as the comfy sofas and chairs inside, there is a small yard area out front (usually quite popular). The bar staff are always friendly here and offer samples if you aren’t sure what to have. 

BOXCAR class themselves as an experimental brewery so you never know what to expect each time you visit. BOXCAR Brewery is open Wednesday to Sunday for ice-cold canned beers and kegs (usually from 5pm on weeknights and midday at the weekend).

ADDRESS: BOXCAR Brewery, Unit 1 Birkbeck Street, London E2 6JY

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23. Friendship Adventure Brewery & Taproom, Brixton

We hadn’t heard of Friendship Adventure Brewery before until we recently visited Neckstamper Brewery taproom (as featured in our Leytonstone best bars and pubs guide). However, we are so glad we swung by as Friendship Adventure Brewery is definitely one of Brixton’s best brewery taprooms.

Friendship Adventure Brewery & Taproom, Brixton

The set-up at Friendship Adventure Brewery is really good, as you sit amongst the brewing vats (with colour changing lights and different illustrations on each), munching on free popcorn and working your way through their tap selection.

They also have a strong boardgame collection too (check out the suitcase by the bar).

We spent a couple of hours in Friendship Adventure Brewery drinking their juicy Headliner IPA – part of the Brixton Brewery Trail, this is definitely one friendship you’ll want to keep.

ADDRESS: Friendship Adventure Brewery & Taproom, Unit G1, Coldharbour Works, 245a Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8RR

Friendship Adventure Brewery & Taproom, Brixton London

24. Werewolf Beer, Camden

Definitely one of the more unique (and slightly spooky) Camden breweries we’ve been to – Werewolf Beer strives to brew American style beer in the railway arches near Camden Town overground station.

Billed as ‘An American Brewery in London’ (nice), Werewolf Beer opened its taproom doors in April 2022.

Werewolf Beer, Camden

You know you are for quite the experience as you first approach Werewolf’s Camden taproom – a ghostly ghoul mannequin points you into Werewolf’s Beer freaky but fun brewery beer garden chock full of scary spooky ghost-train style props (apparently from a genuine 1950s ghost-train; cool!).

Werewolf Beer, Camden

As well as brewing their own beer on site (think quirky drops like their pumpkin ‘hell-o-ween’ pale or Psychobilly APA, there are other scary and werewolf related props and paraphernalia inside as well as a retro jukebox – bet it plays the ‘Killing Moon’ by Echo and the Bunnymen!

As at 2023, the Werewolf Beer taproom in Camden is open Friday through Sundays on Randolph Street, Camden – just look for the demonic ghoul outside!

ADDRESS: Werewolf Beer, Arch 87 Randolph Street, London NW1 0SR

Werewolf Beer, Camden London

25. Forest Road Brewery Taproom, London Fields

Located to the left of Netil Market, Forest Road Brewery is a London Fields brewery taproom with several of their own core range on tap, and an outdoor patio.

Forest Road Brewery Taproom, London Fields

Forest Road Brewery are also known for their inventive distribution techniques – from delivering pints to your doorstep through to hiring out what can only be described as beer buddy type trailers (which come complete with kegs and beer glasses to use in the park itself).

The craft beer range at Forest Road Brew in London Fields is also really good – coupled with the beer terrace, this is a ‘craftily’ good thing to do in London Fields.

ADDRESS: Forest Road Brewery Taproom, 8 Netil Lane, Hackney, London E8 3R

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26. 3 Locks Brewing, Camden

New for summer 2023 and easily one of the best London brewery taproom views, 3 Locks Brewing Company recently opened in Camden overlooking Camden Locks – so if you fancy watching narrow boats with your beer, ‘navigate’ to Camden’s 3 Locks Brewing Company.

3 Locks Brewing, Camden

Located next to the new Camden canalside complex Hawley Wharf (one of the best new food courts in London), 3 Locks Brewing Company is open daily from noon until 10.30pm.

As well as the taproom, has a huge beerhall underneath the railway arches plus a small terrace outside – if you arrive early, you can also bag yourself a deck chair overlooking the canal.

3 Locks Brewing, Camden - London craft beer brewery

We opted to sit in the upstairs seating area for prime views of Camden Lock supping West Coast IPA (6% ABV) and the 3 Locks Camden Brewing Co 5% Pale Ale.

Prices are a little more expensive than most London breweries equating to around £7.50 to 9 per pint (beers are served in 1/3s and 2/3s only).

ADDRESS: 3 Locks Brewing Company, Arch S14/15 Hawley Wharf, London NW1 8NX

27. Pretty Decent Brewing Co, Blackhorse Road

As of summer 2023, Pretty Decent Brewing Co is the newest brewery to join the Blackhorse Beer Mile (brewery number seven).

On our most recent visit to Pretty Decent, there were 14 beers on tap (many of which are freshly brewed right here at Blackhorse Road).

Pretty Decent Brewing Co Blackhorse Road London brewery

As well as an incredibly diverse craft beer range, some of Pretty Decent’s beer names are pretty unique including ‘I Could Get Better at Tesco’, ‘Toilet Block Location Shoot’ & ‘Seriously WTF is this’. Our favourite Pretty Decent craft concoction has to be the 6% ABV Safe Space, an IPA we come back to time and time again.

As such, Pretty Decent is a pretty good…sorry..very good addition to the Blackhorse Beer Mile and definitely one of London’s top breweries (in our beery opinion).

Pretty Decent Brewing Co Blackhorse Road London brewery

We really like the set-up at Pretty Decent Brewing Blackhorse Road – we’d already been to Pretty Decent Brewing Co’s Leytonstone taproom on several occasions before (read about the Leytonstone Beer Mile here), so we were surprised to see how much bigger their Blackhorse Beer Mile taproom is.

The warehouse taproom interior is light and bright at Pretty Decent with whitewashed walls and a bright pink bar – the illustrations on the brick walls are also a nice touch. The outdoor beer terrace is a buzzing and popular place plus very dog friendly.

ADDRESS: Unit 10, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, London E17 5QJ

Pretty Decent Brewing Co Blackhorse Road London brewery

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28. Big Penny Social, Blackhorse Road

Big Penny Social is the biggest brewery along the Blackhorse Beer Mile (although unlike all the other Blackhorse Road Beer Mile taprooms, we don’t think Big Penny actually brews on site).

Big Penny Social (formally Truman’s Social Club) London Brewery Craft beer

Based in a former Irn Bru distribution warehouse with an outdoor garden, Big Penny Social’s USP is the premises themselves – industrial interiors, bare brick walls and an awesome alfresco beer terrace make this a cavernous craft beer social club. So whilst the beer itself is usually so-so, it is all about the location!

Big Penny Social (formally Truman’s Social Club) London Brewery Craft beer

Big Penny Social (BSP to their friends) also have their own kitchen serving all manner of comfort food and delicious bites to accompany your beer – this is a great London brewery taproom to tackle as part of the Blackhorse Road Beer Mile.

ADDRESS: 1 Priestley Way, London E17 6AL

Big Penny Social (formally Truman’s Social Club) London Brewery Craft beer

29. Lowline Taproom Brewery, Elephant and Castle (closed)

2023 update: Permanently closed

Time for the lowdown on ‘The Lowline’, a nice, new taproom nestled between Elephant and Castle and Walworth, brought to you by the Better World Brewing Co. 

As soon as you walk in, you know you are in for a treat with the sleek, black lines of the interior (kind of has a modernist air hanger feel), beautifully illustrated chalk board menu plus several well stocked fridges (not forgetting the all-important dartboard!).

Lowline Taproom from Better World Brewing, Elephant and Castle London brewery

Opened in March 2022, Lowline Taproom were one of the first businesses to open in a refurbished goods yard just a minutes walk from the main Walworth High Street and East Street Market.

We visited early one Saturday afternoon and were the first of a steady stream of eager drinkers and casual beer connoisseurs (a nice mix of young couples, dog owners and other locals).

For the first couple of hours of opening, all pints are £4 so The Lowline is incredibly good value.

We tried the cherry sour, Bison chocolate hazelnut stout and Hog IPA (the 6% IPA was particularly good)  – also keep an eye out for the incredible illustrated cans featuring various animals and creatures.

Lowline Taproom from Better World Brewing, Elephant and Castle London brewery

We chatted with one of the Better World Brewing owners for a while about their future plans and how much effort they’d made to make this such a different taproom and not your usual ‘chipboard’ railway arch set-up. It was good to see such a cool, craft place opening up in this neck of the woods (quite close to Orbit Brewery too if you fancy combining the two).

ADDRESS: Lowline Taproom and Deli from Better World Brewing, Arch 18 Angel Lane, London SE17 3FR

Lowline Taproom from Better World Brewing, Elephant and Castle London brewery

Our Final London Brewery…

30. London Calling Sweden Brewery, Bermondsey Beer Mile (closed)

2023 update: Permanently closed

Just up the road from the aforementioned Moor taproom, we love London Calling Sweden, not only for the fun name but the quirky interiors and unique cider range.

As the name suggests, the difference here is that their core range is Swedish craft beer Poppels, the number 1 ‘ecological brewery’ (? – no us neither) in Sweden.

If you get there early, bag the sofa on the stage, surely the comfiest spot of all the London breweries on the whole of the Bermondsey Beer Mile? Despite being located underneath the railway arches, there is ample room in London Calling Sweden.

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