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14 Best Pubs and Bars in Notting Hill, London (2023)

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Looking for nice Notting Hill pubs? Normally known for its colourful markets and mews, the Notting Hill pubs scene is thriving, with classic boozers, music bars and historic, hoppy hangouts.

From classic British boozers and bars to fusion gastropubs, a Notting Hill pub pint along Portobello Road or a craft beer in a Victorian ‘boozer’ is a west London pub rite of passage.

Some of London’s best and most beautiful pubs such as The Elgin and Earl of Lonsdale can be found in the heart of Notting Hill  – so here is our guide to the best Notting Hill pubs and bars in west London.

Best pubs and bars in Notting Hill map

Best pubs and bars in Notting Hill

1. The Cock and Bottle

The Cock and Bottle is a cracker of a Notting Hill pub tucked away in the back streets just off Westbourne Grove.

We loved everything about our visit to the Cock and Bottle from the warm welcome from the bar staff to the old school interior, complete with bunting and the ‘grandad corner’ (their words) bedecked with old photos and vintage signs.

Cock & Bottle pub in Notting Hill London

The Cock and Bottle pub in Notting Hill feels so unashamedly old-fashioned and in our opinion all the better for it. We could imagine a Saturday night ‘knees-up’ (party) here and we also liked how the bar staff knew all the locals on first name terms (including the dogs!).

We stayed at the Cock and Bottle for a couple of drinks, a mixture of local breweries like Portobello Brewing as well as the usual mainstream beers like Amstel, and just enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere in the bar, red walls and all. One of the most characterful Notting Hill pubs we’ve enjoyed drinking in.

Address: The Cock and Bottle pub, 17 Needham Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2RP

Cock & Bottle pub in Notting Hill London

2. The Eagle, Notting Hill

An upmarket west London gastropub from the Hippo Inns team, the first thing you see as you enter the Eagle, a slick Notting Hill pub is the eponymous eagle located on the right hand side of the plush pub bar (a remnant of its days as a former Trumans Brewery pub).

The Eagle pub in Notting Hill London

With an emphasis on good quality food including steak nights, seasonal menus and sunday roasts, we like how the Eagle effortlessly combines culinary endeavours with a crowd pleasing beer roster and bar set-up.

We visited Notting Hill’s The Eagle one weekday lunch-time and it was glorious to hear the locals reminiscing with the bar staff or drinking old school ales around the cosy fireplace. A lovely pub, the Eagle soars high and is one of the best Notting Hill pubs by far.

Address: The Eagle pub, 250 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London W10 5LP

The Eagle pub in Notting Hill London

3. The Elgin, Notting Hill

As the guy sat next to us in the sidebar told us over his lunch, Notting Hill’s The Elgin is one is one of the two oldest Notting Hill pubs at over 150 years old (the other being the KPH just across the other side of Ladbroke Grove) – proving that not only is the Elgin an old school Victorian boozer but very friendly Notting Hill pub too.

The Elgin bar pub in Notting Hill London

The Elgin has sumptuous interiors inside and is a listed building; seriously, the Elgin is the best looking Notting Hill pub we’ve been to.

We particularly like the El Gin sidebar (see what they did there with the name) with its sparkling partitions, tiled walls and well stocked wooden bar.

The Elgin is a Young’s pub, however we didn’t actually try the food (we just had pints of Camden Hells and Beavertown) but it was a popular dining spot and most diners were eating.

Address: The Elgin pub, 96 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 1PY

The Elgin bar pub in Notting Hill London

4. The Duke Of Wellington, Notting Hill

A Notting Hill pub located in the heart of Portobello Road, we like The Duke of Wellington as a place to people-watch both inside and out.

With lush wood-panelled interiors and a gorgeous bar as a centrepiece that eager drinkers can pull up a stool at, the Duke of Wellington pub is a classic British bar popular with locals and tourists alike.

The Duke of Wellington pub in Notting Hill London

We were lucky enough to manage one of the two booths at the Duke of Wellington Notting Hill, in the window directly overlooking Portobello Road so with our pints of Two Tribes in hand (brewed in nearby Kings Cross), we enjoyed the atmosphere and supped our pints and enjoyed Notting Hill pub life.

Some of the conversations we overheard in here for just AMAZING (promise we weren’t eavesdropping – the set-up just lends itself to hearing all the bar stool conversations). One of the regulars said that the Duke of Wellington was her favourite Notting Hill pubs to ‘chill’ and that the sausages and mash here are amazing. Praise indeed!

Address: The Duke Of Wellington pub, 179 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2HX

The Duke of Wellington pub in Notting Hill London

5. The KPH

Across the road from the Elgin on Ladbroke Grove, the KPH (Kensington Park Hotel) is a traditional Notting Hill pub that has undergone a serious transformation in recent years, with boutique hotel rooms upstairs and a shabby chic art deco bar interior with huge bay windows overlooking the main road.

The KPH is the nearest Notting Hill pub to Ladbroke Grove Tube station – expect to see the likes of Beavertown, Sambrooks and nearby Portobello brewing on tap at The KPH and British pub classics and other hearty food fare.

Address: The KPH pub, 139 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London W10 6HJ

KPH pub in Notting Hill London

6. The Churchill Arms

…or as we like to call it, the most colourful pub in London!

OK, it is debatable whether the Churchill Arms is actually more Kensington based rather than a Notting Hill pub, but what we can tell you is The Churchill Arms is one of the most beautiful pubs in west London (and very close to Notting Hill Gate Tube station).

The Churchill Arms pub exterior is decorated with thousands of flowers or hundreds of Christmas trees depending on the time of the year – and as for the tasty Thai food…

Thai restaurant at The Churchill Arms pub Notting Hill London

One of the best pubs in the Notting Hill neighbourhood, the Churchill Arms is a fine Fuller’s Brewery pub dating back to the 1750s deriving its name from the fact Sir Winston’s grandparents used to drink here.

History aside, what also attracts drinkers in droves here is the cosy interior with old trinkets and wartime artefacts and memorabilia.

Read our dedicated guide to the Churchill Arms, its secret garden and Thai food restaurant in our dedicated blog guide here >

Address: The Churchill Arms pub, 119 Kensington Church Street, Notting Hill, London W8 7LN

Churchill and wartime memorabilia at The Churchill Arms pub in Kensington / Notting Hill

7. The Windsor Castle, Notting Hill

The Windsor Castle is a ‘Royally’ good Notting Hill pub!

Hidden away from the usually tourist parts of Notting Hill, we used to often visit The Windsor Castle Notting Hill when we worked in Kensington High Street, as it is a cute and charming Campden Hill Road pub.

The Windsor Castle has historic panels you have to duck under to get to certain parts of the pub, similar to Earl of Lonsdale (Sam Smiths) pub down the road.

With its black and white exterior and residential setting, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking this Windsor Castle was more of a cottage than a Notting Hill pub when you first approach.

The Windsor Castle is a nice Notting Hill neighbourhood pub with a massive beer garden out back too.

Address: The Windsor Castle pub, 114 Campden Hill Road, Notting Hill, London W8 7AR

8. The Castle Notting Hill, Portobello Road

We’ve included The Castle Notting Hill pub on Portobello Road as whilst we didn’t have the best experience, it has potential to be a great pub given its prime location on Portobello Road and in previous times when we’ve walked past, it has been really busy (although that may just be one-off tourists).

We visited The Castle in Notting Hill on a cold, wintery weekday afternoon and this might be why we were initially the old people inside except for one lone member of staff and also why it was so damn cold in the pub (we had to keep our coats on).

The Castle Portobello Road pub in Notting Hill London

We liked the tap range at the Portobello as it has some of the more eclectic beers on tap (e.g. Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft and Sierra Nevada) alongside traditional favourites like London Pride (and on the day we visited The Castle, a man from Fullers was testing the London Pride and said it was spot on so at least the beer is good).

The Castle is all about location, location location and we will do a revisit on our next trip to Notting Hill to see if things have improved.

Address: The Castle pub, 225 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1LU

The Castle Portobello Road pub in Notting Hill London

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9. The Sun in Splendour

Or as most people call it, that bright yellow Notting Hill pub! Whilst the jury is still out on the exterior (wear sunglasses), The Sun in Splendour is a veritable Victorian pub popular with tourists due to its close proximity to Portobello Road.

Reputedly the oldest pub in this part of Notting Hill, the Sun in Splendour boasts a beer garden out back and classic British pub grub like fish and chips, sausage and mash plus more healthy foods like nourish bowls.

Address: The Sun in Splendour pub, 7 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 3DA

10. The Earl of Lonsdale

This laid back and cosy Notting Hill pub is run by Samuel Smiths – a Yorkshire based brewer that has a reputation for running some of the most historic yet inexpensive pubs in London (although mobile phones are banned so swings and roundabouts…).

One of the most quirky heritage features of the Earls of Lonsdale are the partitions between each bar ‘snug’ sections which you need to duck under to walk through (not easy after several pints of Samuel Smith’s Taddy lager)!

The Earl of Lonsdale has a large beer garden (quite the feat in Notting Hill), and they also serve great British classic dishes such as fish and chips and Sunday roasts.

Address: The Earl of Lonsdale pub, 277-281 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2QA

11. The Ginstitute

A celebration of all things juniper and gin, the Ginstitute (we see what you did there!) is in the heart of Notting Hill on a Portobello Road crossroads, with tables and large windows directly overlooking the market – just the ‘tonic’ when in west London!

Easy to spot due to its beautifully painted exterior, the Ginstitute also run regular gin tasting classes and even gin making courses where you can blend your batch – gin-incredible; get into the ‘spirits’ of it at this nice Notting Hill pub and cocktail bar.

Address: The Ginstitute bar, 86 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1LA

The Distillery bar in Notting Hill London

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12. Ukai

Ukai is more of a Japanese gastropub sushi restaurant with an Asian twist than an old school Notting Hill pub but you can still enjoy drinks here overlooking Portobello Road.

Cosmopolitan, convivial and a welcome addition to the Notting Hill neighbourhood, we sadly haven’t eaten here (yet) but if the sushi and service is as good as their exterior decor, you’ll likely be in for a tasty treat.

Address: Ukai pub, 240 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1LL

Ukai Notting Hill

13. The Walmer Castle

After a period of refurbishment , it is great to welcome back the Walmer Castle pub to Notting Hill, now refashioned as a whisky bar, cocktail lounge and restaurant.

Boasting a Scottish inspired menu included Speyside beef burgers and the finest Scottish whiskeys – or sink a pint of IPA from Ediunburgh based brewery Innis & Gunn

Address: The Walmer Castle pub, 58 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2AJ

14. The Prince Albert

Another recently restored Notting Hill pub and restaurant, The Prince Albert pub is a regal affair which also used to have a 75 seat theatre upstairs (the Gate Theatre has since moved to Camden).

With a nice beer garden (heated in Winter), live sports and other weekly events, The Prince Albert also has one of the best value lunch deals in Notting Hill – a pint and lunch for £11.50 during the week (prices correct as at 2023).

Address: The Prince Albert pub, 11 Pembridge Road, Notting Hill, London W11 3HQ

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