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7-Eleven Thailand Beer & Alcohol Guide (with prices) 2024

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Buying a cold Chang or Thai beer from a 7-Eleven in Thailand is a traveller rite of passage – whether it is a lunchtime Leo beer (best accompanied with a 7-Eleven toasted sandwich) or a sunset Singha, 7-Eleven in Thailand is a convenient and cheap way to enjoy some alcohol or beer in Thailand.

With over 13,000 7-Eleven stores opened in Thailand since the late 1980s, that is a cornucopia of Change beers and a whole heap of Hong Thong spirits!

7-Eleven Thailand Beer & Alcohol Guide

After Japan, Thailand has the most 7-Elevens anywhere in the world, plus Pattaya even has the largest 7-Eleven in the world (themed like a cruise ship!)

From 7-Eleven alcohol laws and trading times to beer and spirits prices, here is our ultimate guide to buying beer, booze and alcohol in 7-Eleven Thailand 2024:

7-Eleven Thailand Beer & Alcohol Guide

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7-Eleven Alcohol Hours in Thailand / Licensing Laws

There are strict licensing laws / alcohol trading laws in Thailand which all convenience stores and supermarkets must adhere to including 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven in Thailand cannot sell beer, wine and spirits between 2pm and 5pm in the daytime – this is the same across all stores in Thailand.

You can only buy alcohol in Thailand from 11am– 2pm, and 5pm – midnight.

During hours alcohol is not allowed to be sold 7-Eleven stores pull silver curtains / shutters that cover up the beers and other alcoholic drinks.

Also unlike other countries that have 7-Elevens (e.g. Canada), you don’t need to pay a bottle deposit at Thailand 7-Elevens.

Locked alcohol refrigerator

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Common beers in 7-Eleven Thailand

Mainstream beers like Chang and Singha dominate the beer sections at 7-Eleven in Thailand but some also include craft beer and small batch brewery cans.

Chang, Leo and Singha beers in 7-Eleven come in various sizes including 330ml cans and bottles, 490ml cans and 640 ml beer bottles – try not to drink too many or you’ll wake up in the morning with a Chang-over!

7-Eleven Thailand Beer singha and chang

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7-Eleven Thailand opening hours

In the bigger cities like Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai, Thailand 7-Elevens are 24 hours a day.

Most 7-Elevens are open all day every day but there may the odd rural one that closes late and night and reopens early in the morning.

7-Eleven Thailand Beer singha and leo

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7-Eleven Alcohol Range in Thailand

Most 7-Eleven stores in Thailand sell the following alcohol range (although this may vary on store size – but ALL 7-Elevens sell some form of beer, spirits and wine).

Note all the All 7-Eleven Thailand alcohol, spirit and beer prices mentioned below are correct as of February 2024.

Beers in 7-Eleven Thailand

Thai beer

  • Leo
  • Chang
  • Singha
  • Cheers Beer
  • MY Beer (low calorie Singha).

Around 40 THB for small cans up to around 65 THB per large 640ml bottle.

7-Eleven Thailand Beer singha
MY Beer Thailand

Thai craft beer 

  • Maha Nakhon Thai craft beer
  • Full Moon Wheat Beer
  • Full Moon Strawberry Malt Beer
  • Snowy Weizen Singah beer

Between 60 THB to 100 THB per 490ml can.

7-Eleven Thailand craft Beer

European beers

  • Hoegaarden including flavours like Hoegaarden yuzu or Hoegaarden rosée
  • San Miguel
  • Heineken

From 50 THB upwards.

7-Eleven Thailand Beer Hoegaarden

Japanese beers (available in larger 7-Eleven stores)

  • Sapporo Beer – 85 THB for a 490ml can
  • Super Dry Asahi – 122 THB for 2 x 490ml cans.

American beers

Budweiser – 65 THB per 500ml can.

Budweiser Japan 7 Eleven

Mexican beers (available in larger 7-Eleven stores)

Corona beer – 69 THB per 330 ml bottle.

Other Asian beers including Tiger Beer (41 THB per small bottle).

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7-Eleven Beer Prices in Thailand

As of early 2024, most common Thai beers in 7-Eleven Thailand cost around 40 THB for an individual 330ml can or bottle, around 50 to 55 THB for 500ml beer cans or around 60 THB for 630ml beer bottles.

Generally, the cheapest Thai beer to buy is Leo or Chang, whilst Singha beer is usually a little more expensive (but just a few Baht difference).

7-Eleven Thailand Beer chang

In the larger 7-Elevens, you can even buy huge multipacks of Thai beer like:

  • 12 cans of Thai Singha 490ml for 660 THB
  • 12 bottles x 620ml Leo for 676 THB.

Thai craft beer in 7-Eleven has a price of around 80 THB to 100 THB per 490ml can. For instance a can of Maha Nakhon White IPA costs 99 THB per 490ml can.

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Alcopops in 7-Eleven Thailand (RTDs)

There are a lot of ready to drink alcopop drinks in the chiller sections at 7-Eleven Thailand including:

  • Smirnoff Ice
  • Smirnoff Ice Apple
  • Smirnoff Midnight Max
  • Zeltzer

Most local Thai RTDs and alcopops cost around 40 to 50 THB whilst international brands like Smirnoff Ice cost 57 THB.

Smirnoff Alcopops in 7-Eleven Thailand (RTDs)
Smirnoff Alcopops in 7-Eleven Thailand

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Wine in 7-Eleven Thailand

There are various wine types available – given how hot Thailand is, their 7-Elevens stock a popular wine cooler drink in their fridges called Spy.

SPY Wine in 7-Eleven Thailand

Spy Wine coolers are lower alcohol than normal wine (around 4% ABV) with various flavours and are said to be the biggest selling ready to drink (RTD) alcohol beverage in Thailand.

Other wine cooler brands include Full Moon wine coolers and bottles of red and white wine (including brands like 19 Crimes wine) are also available, generally behind the counter at 7-Eleven Thailand.

In terms of prices, wine in Thailand is generally much more expensive than it is overseas so expect to pay a premium.

Full moon Wine in 7-Eleven Thailand

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South Korean Soju in 7-Eleven Thailand

0.36 litre bottles of Japanese soju are available in 7-Eleven Thailand – the most common brand is Seonmul soju available in flavours like grape and grapefruit, peach or ‘yoghurt and blueberry’ (quite an interesting soju).

South Korean Soju in 7-Eleven Thailand
South Korean Soju in 7-Eleven Thailand

These cost around 85 THB per 0.36ml soju bottle. Jinro Chamisul plain soju is also available to purchase.

You can also find bottles of Korean Makgeolli (milky and slightly sparkling rice wine) in larger 7-Eleven stores.

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Korean Makgeolli Thailand 7-Eleven

Thai Whiskey and international Whiskey in Thailand 7-Eleven

Behind the counter in 7-Eleven Thailand, you’ll find a wide range of whiskeys, both locally produced plus imported from overseas. Popular whiskeys in Thailand include:

  • Johnny Walker Black Label (579 THB) and Red Label (339 THB)
  • Blend Whiskey (local Thai whiskey) – 150 to 170 THB per bottle
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Hong Thong Whiskey (which is actually rum)
  • Ballantines Whiskey
  • Chivas Regal 12 year old blended Whisky

To note much of the local Thai whiskey is actually more akin to rum as it is mainly made from distilled sugar molasses – along with Hong Thong, the other widely available Thai rum / whiskey at 7-Eleven is SongSam.

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Rum, Vodka and other Spirits

You can also buy other spirits in 7-Eleven Thailand including Phraya Rum, St Henri VSOP brandy and popular Thai liquor special Hom Khao (a Thai rice vodka).

Gordons Gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Absolut Vodka are available too but the best selling spirit (as it is cheap) is Hong Thong or SangSom.

Sangsom is a rum from Thailand, distilled from sugarcane – due to its low price, it is one of the most popular rums in Thailand (and very potent!).

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General beer prices in Thailand in pubs and bars

Beer prices in Thailand vary from region and city – prices say in Bangkok bars are generally more expensive than say Chiang Mai (but not always).

Expect to pay 60 to 100 THB  for a small bottle of Chang beer in bars compared to around 40 THB in a 7-Eleven Thailand store.

Expect to pay 70 to 100 THB for a large bottle of Chang beer (120 THB upwards in premium bars/ rooftop bars and nightclubs) compared to around 55 THB in a 7-Eleven Thailand store.

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