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Weird Lay’s Potato Chip Flavours in Thailand 7-Elevens

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After several days of average hotel buffets or restaurant food, we often like to walk the aisles of our nearest 7-Eleven wherever we are in Thailand, working our way through various food and drink delights. As well as the epicurean odyssey that is 7-Eleven toastie flavours, our taste-buds have recently been captivated by all the interesting Thailand Lay’s potato chip flavours.

Although in the UK, Lay’s potato chips (owned by PepsiCo) are called Walker’s crisps (best not to get chips and crisps confused).

Anyways, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand are noted for their huge ranges of food and drink (plus their air conditioning is a welcome respite from the Thailand heat; fact!).

As soon as you hear the AI voice ‘Wel-come’ when the 7-Eleven automatic door opens with its gust of ice-cold air, you know you are in for a treat. And with over 13,000 7-Elevens in Thailand in 2023 (with more to come), now is the time to become familiar with their huge range of crisp flavours – some nice, some not so and some just ‘plain’ odd.

Generally every 7 Eleven store in Thailand has at least one aisle with a huge array of potato chip flavours and for this, we’ve decided to concentrate on Lay’s potato chips in particular. Generally these are the potato chips in Thailand that are most consistently available, have a huge range of flavours and are good quality.

Here is our guide to the good, the bad and the just plain ugly Lay’s potato chip flavours you can try in Thailand. To note some may be limited or special editions but all of these were commonly available as at December 2022:

Our Thailand Lay’s Potato Chip Flavours video!

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Thailand Lay’s Potato Chip Flavours

Heinz Mayonnaise Lay’s potato chips

Although we haven’t actually seen Heinz sauces readily available in Thailand (well, not in 7 Eleven), you can now get Heinz Mayonnaise Lay’s potato chips.

As mayo fans, we were really looking forward to these but the taste doesn’t really translate to a potato chip, so it just tasted vinegary – in fact just like a salt and vinegar crisp.

Heinz Mayonnaise Lay’s Potato Chips 7-Eleven Thailand

Truffle flavoured Lay’s potato chips

We first discovered truffle potatoes a while ago in Central America and even still in the UK, truffle crisps / potato chips are fairly rare.

So it was a fantastic find to see Lay’s Truffle Potato chips available in Thailand, at a sensible price too – all the ones in the UK are ‘artisan’ which means they can charge a fortune.

Thailand Lay’s truffle potato chips are just 20 THB a packet (less than 50p a pop) and taste spot on – moorish AF.

Lay’s Popcorn 3 in 1 mix flavoured potato crisps

Potato chips and popcorn are generally two quite different salty (or sweet) snacks but in Thailand, Lay’s crisps have combined the two to bring out popcorn flavoured potato chips.

But oooooh nooo, not just any popcorn crisps / potato chips – 3 in 1 popcorn potato chips comprising of buttered corn, cheddar cheese and caramel flavours. Not for us as we’d rather stick to actual popcorn.

Lay’s Popcorn 3 in1 mix flavoured potato crisps Chips 7-Eleven Thailand

Lay’s Chilli Crab flavoured potato chips

Limited Edition – Spotted November 2022

Another seafood entry on this 7-Eleven Thailand potato chip run-down, Lay’s Chilli Crab is actually a local potato chip collaboration between Lay’s (Pepsi-Co) and Thailand’s leading instant noodle brand, Mama.

The Chilli Crab flavour is inspired by Singapore’s famous dish Chilli Crab.

Lay’s chilli crab flavoured potato crisps Chips 7-Eleven Thailand

Heinz Ketchup Lay’s potato chips

Let’s ketch-up…sorry, catch up on Lay’s latest crisp flavour, Heinz Ketchup potato chips. This saucy little number is one of our favourites and something we used to recreate with actual ketch-up when growing up.

As delicious as it sounds, there are several brands of crisp in Thailand that are flavoured as ketchup, so quite a common one (although Heinz always does the best ketchup, period).

Lay’s ketchup flavoured potato crisps Chips 7-Eleven Thailand

Lay’s Classic Nori Seaweed flavour potato chips

One of our all time favourite potato chip flavours whilst in Thailand and browsing 7-Eleven stores, the Lay’s classic nori seaweed flavour potato chips has been around for years.

In fact, we think it might be our first ever 7-Eleven crisp flavour we tried when we first started visiting Thailand many (full) moons ago.

Tasting exactly as you’d expect with visible green flakes, this is a top 5 Lay’s crisp flavour – sublime!

Betel Leaf / Miang Kum flavoured Lay’s potato chips

Possibly an unknown flavour to those outside of Asia, Miang kum (meang khum) is a classic street food snack in Thailand consisting of shallots, ginger, chilli, coconut, lime and peanut all shredded and wrapped up in green betel leaves to be eaten on a stick as a cold and refreshing street-food snack.

Alas as a crisp, these incredible tastes are lost and it all just tastes a bit nori like – so it is good but nothing like the original dish.

Betel Leaf / Miang Kum flavoured Lay’s potato chips Chips 7-Eleven Thailand

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Lay’s Crab Fried Rice limited edition potato chips

Limited Edition – Spotted November 2022

Another ‘limited edition’ only sold in Thailand 7-Elevens, the Crab Fried Rice potato chips will run off the shelves as fast as a crab on a hot sunny beach! Spicy, seafood savoury flavours work well as a potato crisp snack.

Lay’s Crab Fried Rice limited edition potato chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

Lay’s Hot Chilli Squid flavour potato chips

We’ve noticed hot chilli squid is a popular flavour with Lays and 7-Eleven as not only can you get the standard potato chips, but there are also variations of it as Stax potato chips plus ridged – another adequate seafood potato chip flavour.

Lay’s Hot Chilli Squid Flavour Potato Chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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Lay’s Sour Twist flavoured potato chips

Like savoury potato chips, but with a TWIST! Lemon flavours with a hint of chilli – quite unusual as crisp flavours go. We found the Sour Twist flavoured potato chips a good accompaniment to drinking ice cold beer – the zinginess of the citrus flavours go well with a Singha or Chang.

Lay’s sour twist Flavour Potato Chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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Lay’s Chuka Wakame Salad flavoured potato chips

Limited Edition – Spotted November 2022

Chuka Wakame Salad is a popular Japanese seafood salad – you can buy the actual wakame salad in Thailand 7-Elevens from the chiller section so no small wonder it became a Lay’s crisp flavour (although obviously less healthy than the real thing).

Lay’s Chuka Wakame Salad flavoured potato chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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Lay’s Miso Butter flavoured potato chips

Limited Edition – Spotted November 2022

Miso liked these potato chips! Sorry not sorry. This is Lay’s second collaboration on this 7-Eleven Thailand potato chip flavours list (Mama is a very famous instant noodle brand in Thailand).

This one is inspired by the famous Japan Miso butter dish. We weren’t a fan of miso butter flavoured crisps – the smell was also ‘interesting’.

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Seafood Twist flavoured Lay’s potato chips

The fact that you can get seafood flavoured potato chips is a twist in itself but Thailand 7-Eleven now offers Lay’s Seafood Twist flavoured potato chips – ridged chips with a strong (slightly overwhelming maybe) seafood smell. Not for everyone.

Lay’s seafood twist flavoured potato chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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Sweet Basil flavoured Lay’s potato chips

The taste of sweet basil is synonymous with so many delicious dishes in south east Asia – seriously, you could cover anything in sweet basil and we’d nom it down in one.

It has a distinctive taste and we are glad to say works well as a salty crisp flavour (albeit slightly similar to the nori seaweed chips).

Lay’s sweet basil flavoured potato chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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Bonus Thailand Potato Chip flavour – Dunkin Doughnuts

Ok, although not Lay’s potato crisps, can we just mention you can also get Dunkin Donut flavoured chipsticks! This ‘sweet as’ combo is only available in Thailand and is just odd AF – note that unlike Lay’s crisps, these Calbee chips aren’t already flavoured as Dunkin Donuts.

The packet contains plain potato chip sticks which you then cover with chocolate and banana sauces (in sachets in the packet) – as weird as it sounds!

Dunkin Doughnuts chips crisps Thailand 7-eleven

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