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Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores – 50+ Things you can buy

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Malaysia 7-Eleven stores are big business. One of the most popular Malaysian convenience stores with branches on most street corners, there are now just under 2,500 Malaysia 7-Elevens since the first branch opened in Kuala Lumpur in 1984.

Yes, there are SO many fine food courts and top restaurants in Malaysia, but no trip there is complete without a quick trip or top-up shop at a 7-Eleven (especially if you are on a budget).

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores

Often open 24 hours a day, pretty much every traveller to Malaysia has at some stage ducked into a 7-Eleven for a sandwich, ice-cream or soft drink. Better yet, 7-Eleven Malaysia have lots of unique merchandising from 7-Eleven chiller bags to 7-Eleven coffee mugs.

From bird’s nest / collagen drinks to condoms, melon milk to rain macs, Malaysia 7-Eleven has got you covered!

Here is our guide to the things you can buy, eat and drink in 7 Eleven Malaysia:

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores

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Table of Contents

How many 7-Eleven stores are there in Malaysia?

As of 2023, there are around 2,500 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia; this makes it the most popular convenience store chain in Malaysia.

It has rapidly expanded since the first 7-Eleven store opened in Malaysia in 1984 in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

It is not uncommon to see several 7-Elevens along the same road or in close proximity, especially in busy city and tourist areas like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Melaka.

Malaysia has the eighth largest number of 7-Elevens in the world, after Japan which has over 70,000 7-Elevens! Thailand is second with around 12,000 Thailand 7-Elevens.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores

Other Popular Convenience Stores in Malaysia

Other than 7-Eleven, big convenience store chains in Malaysia include KK Super Mart with around 700 stores, My News with around 550 stores in Malaysia and Family Mart with around 250 shops.

KK Super Mart Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Family Mart Kuala Lumpur Malayais

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New 7-Elevens in Malaysia

In summer 2022, 7-Eleven Malaysia opened its largest 7-Eleven and 7 Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong across, around a 25 minute drive from downtown KL.

Most 7-Elevens in Malaysia are small and compact, but this new flagship 7-Eleven store in Malaysia is spread across two floors and even has a mini bookshop (“Book Xcess”) inside as well as huge beauty and cosmetic sections.

It also has a beautiful cafe specialising in matcha products in collaboration with the famous Niko Neko drinks brand.

One of the best 7-Elevens we discovered in Malaysia was in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown area; around a minute walk from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. The store was well merchandised with a huge fresh / hot food section and even had a small seating section – a perfect way to enjoy your melon soft-serve!

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown 7-Eleven
Kuala Lumpur Chinatown 7-Eleven

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7-Eleven Malaysia Differences

We’ve been to 7-Elevens all over the world, from Thailand to Taiwan, South Korea to China.

The biggest difference we noticed at 7-Eleven Malaysia compared to other 7-Eleven Asia stores is the sheer amount of their own brand products.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores

From 7-Eleven pasta sauce to 7-Eleven chocolate, there is so much of their own brand produce alongside famous big brand products.

Also, Malaysian 7-Elevens are generally quite small with hardly any room to manoeuvre between shelves.

Air conditioning generally doesn’t seem to be a thing in many 7-Eleven Malaysia stores; so much so that we’ve picked up bars of chocolate that were just a melty mess.

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Does 7-Eleven Malaysia Sell Alcohol / Beer?

Yes, 7-Eleven in Malaysia does sell alcohol and most stores have one or two chiller cabinets full of beer and alcoholic drinks.

Although Malaysia is mainly Muslim by religion, Malaysia permits the selling of alcohol to non-Muslims in convenience stores such as 7-Eleven between 7am and 9pm.

It is generally beer, cider and wine spritzer based drinks you see in 7-Eleven Malaysia.

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Are there cafes in 7-Eleven Malaysia branches?

Yes and no – some 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia have a ‘7 Cafe’ which is essentially a barista style coffee machine or hot food cabinets by the counter, with huge menu boards displaying what is available.

That said, most 7-Eleven stores we saw in Malaysia were quite small and didn’t have sit in areas so the cafe concept is mainly about ‘grab and go’ / takeaway drinks and food.

As of early 2023, there are just over 50 7-Cafe 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia.

Are All Malaysia 7 Elevens open 24 hours?

Some but not all Malaysia 7-Elevens are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the smaller 7-Elevens in quieter areas open at 6am or 6.30am and close between 10pm and midnight.

All of the 7 Elevens in Kuala Lumpur’s busy downtown areas are open 24 /7.

Food/drink/products you can buy in a Malaysia 7-Eleven store

1. 7-Eleven Branded Chiller Bags

7-Eleven heaven; unlike most 7-Elevens around the world, 7-Eleven Malaysia sells branded 7-Eleven merchandise (in the larger 7-Eleven branches).

The first 7-Eleven branded merchandise we spotted was a 7-Eleven chiller bag, a perfect way to keep your ice-creams and cold soft drinks cold on the way back to your home or hotel in the baking Malaysian heat.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - Branded Chiller Bags

We spotted these in the KLCC basement level 7-Eleven, plus the Chinatown 7-Eleven in Kuala Lumpur near Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. You can also get 7-Eleven branded mugs and water bottles in other stores.

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2. Bird’s Nest Collagen Drinks

Bird’s nest brands in Malaysia are BIG business, especially in terms of bird’s nest collagen drinks; 7-Eleven even launched their own brand bird’s nest drink in 2023 sweetened with rock sugar that is much cheaper than the established brands.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores -  birds nest drink

We haven’t tried the 7-Eleven Malaysia Bird’s Nest Collagen drinks yet but they do appear very popular and are often sold out. A bottle of 7-Eleven Bird’s Nest Collagen beauty drink costs around 8 MYR (around £1.40 / $1.70 USD / 1.60 Euros).

The other popular Mixed Bird’s Nest with Collagen drink brand in 7-Eleven is Vinut, although this is usually about 25% more expensive than their own brand.

3. Melon Soft Serve Ice-cream

Unique to 7-Eleven Malaysia (we think), this is one of the n-ice-est things to try in 7-Eleven on a hot day.

The soft serve machines are located behind the counter – grab a card with a bar-code at the counter, pay for your melon soft serve and this icy goodness will be given to you by a staff member.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - honey melon soft serve ice cream

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4. Crisps / Potato chips

Generally every 7-Eleven store in Malaysia has at least one huge aisle of brightly packaged potato chips and corn based snacks, often with really interesting local flavours like nasi lemak crisps or hot chilli squid potato chips.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - nasi lemak potato chips

Interestingly, as well as big brands like Lays crisps (typical flavours in Malaysia include USA Ketchup flavour or ‘spicy Korean’), 7-Eleven Malaysia also do their own brand of crisps with interesting flavours like wasabi flavoured potato chips. 

We also liked the sound of Cottage fries Carolina Reaper spicy crisps plus Pringles and Mister Potato chips are common.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - wasabi potato chips
Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - lays potato chips

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5 100 Plus Isotonic Drink

The is the number one isotonic drink brand in Malaysia (and is popular in Singapore too) and comes in several flavours in 7-Eleven including original, Tangy Tangerine, Lemon Lime and Berries.

Found in the 7-Eleven chiller section, this is a popular Malaysian brewed isotonic drink and a great way to replenish yourself after a day of sweating in the hot sun.

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6. 7-Eleven own brand / private label pasta sauce

A little bit of Italy in Malaysia. Not something we’ve seen in any other 7-Eleven Asia stores, here you’ll find own brand 7-Eleven pasta sauce in two flavours – 7-Eleven Mushroom Pasta Sauce and 7-Eleven Tomato Sauce.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - mushroom pasta sauce

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7. Ice-Creams / Cornettos

Everyone knows 7-Elevens are always a good place to go for ice-creams and their frozen fancy section – but the range of ice-creams in Malaysia seems huge compared to other 7-Elevens we’ve been in.

From Hersheys and Carte Dor ice-cream tubs to Unicorn cornettos, the range is massive; plus you’ll find other nice flavours like Kit Kat ice-creams, Oreo wafers and many more.

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8. 7-Eleven Nuts and Rice Crackers

As if you might have guessed from this ‘Malaysia 7-Eleven foods’ article, we’re totally nuts about 7-Eleven.

So appropriately it is pleasing to find they do their own brand of nutty snacks like roasted peanuts or even flavoured rice crackers like 7-Eleven Senbei Rice Cracker Sriracha or Cuttlefish crackers.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - nuts

Their crunchy bites mixed nuts range (kacang campuran) is a nice nutty winner too.

Anyone who has been to Seoul in South Korea, particularly Myeongdong will know about the famous coated almond brand HBAF. Well, there seems to be a rip-off / copycat brand doing the sounds in 7-Eleven Malaysia – check out these honey covered almonds.

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9. Chupa Chups Lollipop Drinks

Originating in Malaysia, you can now buy in 7-Eleven sparking soft drink versions of this childhood favourite sweet.

Chupa Chups drinks in Malaysia can be found in the chiller section  and come in three flavours; melon and cream, strawberry and grape. There is apparently a fourth Chupa Chups drink flavour too in some countries – sparkling orange.

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10. Umbrellas and Rain Macs

The weather in Malaysia is often fantastic but the occasional unexpected downpour or flash-storm can leave you under the weather.

If you are unprepared for such rain (like us), you’ll be glad to hear 7-Eleven Malaysia has a rain mac and umbrella section in most stores (usually handily located by the front entrance). Umbrellas in 7-Eleven usually cost from 25 RM.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - umbrellas and raincoats

11. Boots Skincare products

Boot’s is a UK based global skincare and pharmaceuticals brand who have stores overseas in countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

Whilst Boots do not have dedicated stores in Malaysia, they have an exclusive agreement to stock Boots skincare products in Malaysia 7-Eleven stores.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - Boots products

Based on what we saw, you can buy multiple versions of the Boots Vitamin C brightening skin care range in 7-Eleven Malaysia as well as their cucumber skincare range, Boots suntan lotions and Korean skin care masks and moisturiser.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - Boots products

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12. 7-Eleven Onigiri

Located in the chiller section, these are one of the most popular cold snacks at 7-Eleven across Asia.

Although we never figured out properly how to open a Onigiri from 7-Eleven (we always make a total mess and rip the nori), these healthy (ish) snacks are available in a range of flavours like tuna, salmon and spicy beef teriyaki.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - onigiri

12. Chocolate Bars

Not only do 7-Eleven Malaysia have countless chocolate flavours and brands from Hersheys to Cadburys (note they have the biggest range of Cadbury’s chocolate flavours we’ve ever seen, including Cadbury’s Chips Ahoy), 7-Eleven also have their own brand chocolate here.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - chocolate

We particularly like the local Nips brand (snigger) of chocolate, not only because of the name but it is like a Malaysian brand of M&Ms that actually tastes better than the original. Nips flavours in Malaysia include cookies and cream, chocolate covered peanuts (our favourite) plus raisin.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - nips

13. Beer and Alcohol

Alcohol (mainly beer) is only available to buy in 7-Eleven Malaysia stores between 7am and 9pm based on 2021 Malaysian licencing laws. Popular beer brands in Malaysia include Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger, Guinness and Kronenbourg.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - beer and cider

There are lots of different beers to try in 7-Eleven Malaysia including Rose Kronenbourg – ‘white beer’ is also popular particularly Tiger Beer White and Kronenbourg white.

We spotted a supposedly British porter brand called Connor’s Stout Porter too which we’d never heard of before; this is actually a British style porter created by Carlsberg Asia.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - can beer

14. Thailand 7-Eleven Cigarettes and Vapes

Cigarettes, lighters, rolling paper and tobacco are all available behind the counter at 7-Eleven Malaysia although the most popular product in this range seems to be vapes, e-cigarettes and various vape flavours.

Cigarettes are available behind the counter as are Vuse Vape products including flavoured tobacco. Interestingly unlike 7-Elevens in other countries like Thailand, the cigarette packets are clearly on display and not in concealed packaged (although the on pack imagery on Malaysian cigarettes is pretty grim / vivid)!

Note that the Malaysian Government currently has proposed legislation to ban the sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to people born in and after 2007.

15. Pasta – Mac & Cheese / Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio

If you are craving the home comforts of pasta or fancy a change from the usual Malaysian fare, we’re pleased to report that there are a few chilled pasta dishes available in Malaysia 7-Eleven stores including mac and cheese, plus seafood spaghetti with shrimp, olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes. These can be heated using the in-store microwaves.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - seafood spaghetti ready meal

16. Chilled Coffee Cans

Malaysia is famous for its coffee (‘Kopi tiam’) and there are multiple chilled coffee can brands available in the refrigerated 7-Eleven section including Nescafe (who have several unique Malaysian coffee varieties), Wonda, Oldtown and Starbucks Coffee.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - nescafe cold coffee

17. Chrysanthemum Tea

Available in huge cartons or smaller chilled cans, Chrysanthemum Tea is a popular and refreshing Chinese tea drink widely available in most Malaysian convenience stores. Seasons seems to be the biggest selling Chrysanthemum Tea flavour based on shelf space in 7-Eleven.

18. Condoms & Lube

All bases are covered at 7-Eleven Malaysia– a wide variety of condoms and lube can be found in store, usually right next to the payment counter. Stay safe in Malaysia, folks!

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - durex

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19. 7-Eleven Malaysia Hot Counter

Hot stuff – most of the larger 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia have a well stocked hot counter at the front.

To purchase hot counter items in 7-Eleven Malaysia, you’ll see a huge array of barcodes at the cashier – pick up what you want, get the barcode scanned and pay your money.

Small bites at the 7-Eleven hot counter in Malaysia include curry puffs, loaded nachos with cheese sauce, popcorn chicken with spicy mango sauce, hotdogs with charcoal bun and nacho sauce, hashbrowns and much more! Hot Dog heaven eh.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - breads and pastries
Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - hot food

20. 7-Eleven Dried Range

Part of their own brand Malaysian products, the dried section at 7-Eleven here is a cut above. Look out for brightly coloured vacuum sealed packs of dried okra, dried carrot, dried green radish, dried mushrooms as well as the usual nuts and snacks mixes.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - dried vegetables

21. Malaysia 7-Eleven Ready Meals / Microwave Meals

Bing! There are loads of microwave meals to choose from in Malaysia 7-Thailand, and all so much tastier than the UK ones. The 7-Eleven staff will cook these for you in the microwaves behind the counter.

The kueh teow rice noodles is a particular favourite plus other widely available microwave dishes include curries and spaghetti.

22. Fresh Fruit and Dried Fruit

7-Eleven Malaysia doesn’t seem to stock a huge range of fresh fruit (possibly because there are so many dedicated fruit stalls that sell whole swatches of fresh fruit at low prices).

One of the few fresh fruits at 7-11 is individually wrapped bananas, which hang up in the fresh section.

More common in 7-Eleven Malaysia is dried / preserved fruits like preserved mangoes with their skin intact.

23. Malaysian Instant Noodles

Instant noodles and ramen noodles have dedicated sections in Malaysia 7-Elevens. You can usually find an entire aisle chock full of instant noodle flavours like Tom Yam, Sup Ayam, Kari and local favourite Asam Laksa

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores -
Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - ramen cups and hot water

With oodles of noodles in every 7-Eleven, the best selling Malaysian noodle brand is Maggi. We weren’t so sure about the Buldak Cream carbonara noodles from Korea we spotted in one KL branch of 7-11.

Even better, most 7-Elevens in Malaysia include either a hot water dispenser vat / urn or where you pour boiling hot water on your noodles and then slurp away on the go.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - ramen cups
Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - carbonara korean ramen

24. SIM Cards from Malaysia 7-Eleven

7-Eleven have a range of SIM cards with generous data allowances. These cards are usually kept on or behind the counter and you’ll need to show your passport to purchase one of these.

7-11 Malaysia Bakery Section

For us, this is our favourite 7-Eleven section to spend some ‘dough’:

25. Flavoured Buns

Sweet buns in various flavours including a pizza bun and coconut jam ‘kaya’ bun available from the Mighty White Bakery chain.

In addition, it may sound fishy but yes, you can get anchovy flavoured bread in 7-Eleven too.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - kaya bun coconut

26. Egg Sandwiches And Other Chilled Sandwiches

7-Eleven in Japan is particularly known for its incredible egg sandwiches and 7-Eleven in Malaysia is no different.

Cold sandwiches are a popular snack in most Malaysian convenience stores but egg sandwiches seem to be the most popular.

Other 7-Eleven sandwiches in Malaysia include sliced turkey with salad and cheese and tuna mayo.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Desserts

As well as the bakery section, you’ll find a whole range of sweet treats to enjoy including:

27. Red Velvet Stick Cake

OMG – this is an incredibly decadent dessert to try in 7-Eleven and tastes exactly as it sounds.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - red velvet cake

28. Swiss Rolls

Pumpkin swiss roll anyone? We haven’t seen this before so think it may be unique to Malaysia.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - pumpkin swiss roll

29. Trifles

This is no trifling matter – who knew 7-Eleven in Malaysia had such a tasty range of sponge cakes in a range of flavours including mango pineapple trifles – for us, Tiramisu trifle takes it!

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - tiramisu trifle

30. Dairy Milk, Soy Milk and Nut Milk

7 Eleven sell every type of milk imaginable. Whilst traditional dairy milk is still very popular in Malaysia (think banana milk, chocolate milk etc), flavoured soy milk and nut milk is available as well.

Honey melon milk is also a milk in Malaysia that you can buy in 7-Eleven.

31. Flavoured Popcorn

Pop to it;  7-Eleven Malaysia have their own brand of pop corn including caramel popcorn and chocolate popcorn.

32. Sweets

7-Eleven have their own line of sweet treats which are really cheap and great to chomp on – these include cola bottles, mango gummies, orange pastilles and best of all, bubble milk tea choco balls.

More famous brands of sweets available in Malaysia 7-Eleven include Haribo, Skittles, Chupa Chups plus something new for us, Ribena blackcurrant pastilles.

33. Mochi

Like mochi very much? Then you are in luck – mochi balls are available in the frozen section with flavours such as durian mochi and strawberry mochi.

Mochi frozen durian Malaysia 7-Eleven

34. Sausages

As may already be aware, Malaysia is generally a Muslim country so not a lot of pork products are sold (but pork is available in some restaurants and shops, particularly those serving tourists and non muslims).

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - sausages

7-Eleven have a range of flavoured ready to eat chicken sausages available in the fridge, including Sarawek black pepper, garlic and wood smoked – now that is a long of ‘bangers’.

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35. Red Bull / Energy Drinks

Malaysia is a big energy drink consumer with Red Bull the dominant force with over 50% of the energy drinks market here – expect to pay around 6 RM for a standard can of RedBull.

Monster energy drinks and Livita (“Gets You Going”!) are also widely available in Malaysia 7-Eleven.

36. Slurpees / Slushies

Unique to 7-Elevens in Malaysia and popular with the youth market, the Slurpee frozen drink range at 7-Eleven comes in various self-serve flavours and starts from only 2.80 RM (50p / $0.60 USD).

Slushie cups come in various sizes all the way up to XXL and the slushie makers can usually be found at the back of the 7-Eleven stores.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - slurpee

37. Hot Skewers

Meat and fish tastes better on sticks – fact! So this is an excellent opportunity to try 7-Elevens hot skewer range which includes chicken, salmon and beef options.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - meat skewers

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38 Dim Sum / Pau

Larger 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia (particularly KL / Kuala Lumpur) have dim sum hot cabinets in the front of the store.

Also known as ‘pau’, these Chinese style dim sum come in various colours (bright green?!) and flavours including Thai basil dim sum and BBQ Chicken pau.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - pau and dim sum

39. Coffee and Tea Cups

A slightly cheaper alternative to the 7 Cafes, in store you can pick up plastic cups with Kopiko coffee or tea sachets already inside which you then add hot boiling water too and then takeaway. Cheers!

PS. As an aside, there are also 7-Eleven branded permanent coffee cups and water bottles to buy in some of the larger stores.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - coffee

40. Pocky and Pepero

Japanese style chocolate biscuit sticks can be found in 7-Elevens; flavours include cookies and cream, strawberry and double chocolate.

Popular biscuit stick brands in Malaysia include Glico Pocky, Meiji Hello Panda and Pepero.

41. Lemon Black Tea Kombucha Powder

Kombucha is so in right now – you can buy kombucha tea powder multipacks which are boosted with vitamins, yeast and good bacteria.

Kombucha Malaysia 7-Eleven

41. Probiotic Drinks / Yakult

On a similar note, probiotic drinks with good bacteria are also available from 7-Eleven in the chiller cabinets including such well known brands as Vitagen and Yakult – some also seem to be very brightly coloured like purple!

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42. Cereals and Milo

A bit like the potato chip section, 7-Eleven in Malaysia has a huge array of cracking cereals and breakfast bits. From Ko-Krunch to Banana Cornflakes, Kelloggs Frosties to Fruit Loops, you won’t go hungry in the mornings.

Milo is also a popular chocolate based cereal which also has chocolate bar versions, plus Milo milk and Milo ice-cream in the cold section.

Gold Corn Flakes Malaysia 7-Eleven

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43. Gift cards and Top-up vouchers

7-Eleven (and other convenience stores) are your go to places in Malaysia to get pre-paid gift cards like Netflix or Spotify.

Just take the plastic gift cards from the shelves and exchange it for the real thing behind the counter.

44. Fresh Croffles

Part of 7 Cafe’s range in Malaysia 7-Eleven is a freshly baked croffle section – for those of you that haven’t tried a croffle yet, it is a cross between a croissant and a waffle.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - croffles

The 7-Eleven croffle range is pretty sweet (literally) including a berry unicorn croffle, cookies and cream croffle (both 6.90 RM) or a straightforward plain croffle for 3.90 RM.

For savoury croffle connoisseurs, try the hot chicken croffle or honey mustard sausage croffle – finish it off with a Kit Kat croffle for dessert!

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - croffles

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45. Flavoured Mashed Potato

Yep, Malaysians seem to like mashed potatoes (we’ve been served it several times as part of hotel buffet breakfasts). 7-Eleven has packet mashed potato from Knorr which you add boiling water too.

Mashed potato in 7-Eleven comes in two flavours – mushroom mashed potato and clucking good chicken mashed potato.

Knorr Mashed Potato Malaysia 7-Eleven

46. Malaysia 7-Eleven Toiletries

Daily necessities like toothpaste, mouthwash, hand wipes and hand-wash are widely available.

We reckon the bigger 7-Elevens in Malaysia are sometimes better stocked than local pharmacies and chemists; they also seem to be a little cheaper too for the travel miniatures.

47. Chewing gum, fresh breath mints and throat sweets

For longer lasting fresh breath or minty oral hygiene, visit 7-Eleven Malaysia – there are dozens of chewing gum and throat lozenges to choose from.

48. COVID Masks & Hand Sanitizer

In 2023, the COVID mask section has diminished in 7-Eleven but mask use is still quite high in Malaysia compared to other Asian countries so you can get both basic and high quality face masks in store.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - COVID face Masks

49. Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Grab your fill of flavoured and salted sunflower seeds at 7-Eleven Malaysia; sunflower seed flavours include  walnut, caramel and buttercream. We tried caramel flavoured sunflower seeds which were OK but kinda chewy.

Roasted Sunflower Seeds Malaysia 7-Eleven

49. Malaysia 7-Eleven Healthcare Zone

If you are feeling a little unwell during your Malaysia trip or KL vacation, thankfully 7-Eleven usually has a dedicated healthcare display where you can buy paracetamol / aspirin.

Or if you’ve overindulged in Malaysian street food or shopping mall fine dining, there are indigestion tablets too!

7-Eleven Malaysia also has its brand of panda branded baby wipes plus disinfectant spray.

50. Ice

Ice ice baby – given how hot Malaysia can be, it is now small surprise 7-Eleven sells ice by the bucketload.

You can either buy large bags of ice in the freezer section or alternatively, small sealed cups of ice so you can create your owned ice coffees or super freeze your already chilled fridge soft drink.

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - Ice cups

Our Final Thing to Buy in 7-Eleven Malaysia

51. 7-Eleven Wallet

As we spend so much time and money in 7-Eleven, it only seems sensible that you can get a 7-Eleven branded wallet in Malaysia. Another clever way to take our cash eh!

Malaysia 7-Eleven Stores - 7-Eleven Wallet

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