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15 Themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, Taiwan (2023)

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Taipei is themed 7-Eleven heaven! We all know that Taiwan is famous for its sheer number of 7-Elevens, regularly frequented by tourists and locals alike. There are currently around 7,000 7-Eleven branches in Taiwan – now that is a lot of slurpees and ready meals!

However, unique to Taiwan (mainly Taipei), there are tonnes of themed 7-Elevens with famous cartoon characters or well-loved brands.

At the time of writing, there are over 15 themed 7-Elevens in Taipei including a Heineken themed 7-Eleven, two Snoopy themed 7-Elevens plus even a Maserati car themed 7-Eleven.

From Hello Kitty 7-Elevens to an aeroplane themed 7-Eleven, here is our 2023 guide to all the cute and charming themed 7-Elevens in Taipei (with a map and photos for each):

Please note these themed 7-Elevens in Taipei change regularly and some of the supposed themed stores we tried visiting (like the Pokemon 7-Eleven) had reverted back to normal 7-Elevens – so do check the Google reviews on our map links before you make a wasted journey.

Themed 7-Elevens in Taipei Map

Themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, Taiwan

1. Sumikko Gurashi 7-Eleven Taipei / Corner Friends 7-Eleven

Our first themed 7-Eleven in Taipei (Tacheng Gate) is Sumikko Gurashi heaven! From the cute Corner Friends character window theming outside to the walls and ceiling in the store, this is one of the best themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, Taiwan.

Sumikko Gurashi themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

Inside the Sumikko Gurashi 7-Eleven Taipei, you’ll find a cute coffee shop with Sumikko Gurashi themed tables (and even character chairs) plus Sumikko Gurashi merchandise like water bottles, bento sets, plushies, stationery and T-shirts.

Around the store, all of the Sumikko Gurashi characters are wearing chef’s hats, perfect for the 7-Eleven cafe setting. If only every 7-Eleven in Taiwan was this charming!

Sumikko Gurashi themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Sumikko Gurashi themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Sumikko Gurashi (which translates as ‘Life in the Corner’) are joyful Japanese cartoon figures – they are also known as Corner Friends.

All of the main Sumikko Gurashi characters can be seen in this Taipei 7-Eleven including Neko the Cat, Shirokuma the Polar Bear, Penguin, Tonkatsu the lizard and Tokage the dinosaur and Penguin – don’t expect  Shirokuma the Polar Bear to be in the freezer section as he is actually afraid of the cold!

7-Eleven Sumikko Gurashi / Corner Friends is also referred to as 7-Eleven Tacheng Gate online.

Google Maps Link to Sumikko Gurashi 7-Eleven >

Sumikko Gurashi themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Sumikko Gurashi themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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2. Peanuts (Snoopy)

7-Eleven Taiwan does Peanuts – and we don’t mean the ones in the nut section! Taipei has not one but two Snoopy themed 7-Elevens (or should that be ‘elevenses’ if you are reading this in the UK)?

Charlie Brown and Co have transformed a couple of Taiwan 7-Elevens with Snoopy looming large out front with the kennel – you’ll be left in the ‘doghouse’ if you don’t visit these Peanuts / Snoopy themed 7-Elevens when in Taipei.

As well as Snoopy themed cafe sections, you can buy lots of Snoopy merchandise like water bottles, flasks and Peanuts plushies.

Peanuts (Snoopy) themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

The larger Snoopy 7-Eleven near Huashan Creative Park 1914 and the MRT Shandao Temple Station is the better of the two as it has a dedicated Snoopy seating area in the basement complete with a recreation of the Peanuts school bus and Snoopy chairs to sit. It even has two huge Snoopy dog plushies / teddy bears which people regularly pose with.

The smaller Snoopy 7-Eleven in Taipei can be found close to Taipei main station and around a 10 minute walk from Ximending, next door to this hotel.

Google Maps Link to Peanuts 7-Eleven (small store) >
Google Maps Link to Peanuts 7-Eleven (large store) >

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OPEN-Chan themed 7-Elevens in Taipei (the 7-Eleven mascot)

Unique to 7-Eleven Taiwan, Open Chan is the 7-Eleven mascot / cartoon character that appears all over Taiwan, especially at store openings and parades. You may have heard about the huge Open Chan mascot balloon escaping in Kaohsiung in December 2022 (check out the video here).

Taiwan 7-Eleven’s Open Chan is an adorable alien cartoon dog who comes from the Open planet and eats onigiri. This is the 7-Eleven brand mascot you’ll see in most Taiwan 7-Eleven stores and on ads and posters.

As of summer 2023, there are three incredible Open Chan themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, each with a slightly different theme (one is Open Chan Dream World, one is Open Chan Camping and the other Open Chan Plaza). Let’s take a look at each one:

3. Open Chan Dream World 7-Eleven / Hanzhong 7-11

The best of all the Open-Chan themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, Open Chan Dream World (located near Ximending/ Hanzhong) is one of our top 3 themed 7-Elevens.

In this particular themed 7-Eleven, cute mascot Open Chan has a huge DJ booth that sits pride of place in a themed cafe – presumably Open Chan is playing something by ‘Snoop Dog’!

Open Chan Dream World themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

This Open Chan Dream World 7-Eleven has so much Open Chan merchandise too like branded bags and drink containers.

Open Chan Dream World themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

Better yet, you can also create and customise your own Open Chan T-shirts using the in-store print area – set up your unique Open Chan design and then ask a 7-Eleven member of staff to print it for you.

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes and provides one of the most unique 7-Eleven Taiwan souvenirs ever.

Google Maps Link to OPEN Chan Dream World 7-Eleven >

Open Chan Dream World themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Open Chan Dream World themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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4. Open Chan Camping 7-Eleven (near Ximending)

Compared to the theming of Open Chan Dream World 7-Eleven above, the Open Chan camping store is quite limited and doesn’t have a themed 7-Eleven cafe seating area as such.

But the cuteness continues all through the store with Open Chan camping scenes covering the walls – because dogs love camping too!

Possibly not worth a special trip but it is OK to combine with the other themed 7-Elevens in Ximending (more on these later!)

Google Maps Link to OPEN Chan Camping 7-Eleven >

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5. OPEN Plaza

Along Roosevelt Road and a little away from Taipei’s Gongguan Night Market and Gongguan Subway stop, you’ll find 7-Eleven Open Chan Plaza.

As soon as you enter, Open Chan’s beaming doggy face is smiling down at you, plus there is LOTS of Open Chan merchandise to browse and buy (plus Hot Wheels and Sanrio merch).

OPEN Plaza taipei

And it isn’t just Open Chan 7-Eleven character merchandise – this 7-Eleven also sells lots of Disney and Sanrio merchandise.

To note this is one of the few themed 7-Elevens in Taipei that doesn’t have a dining area or seating (but it does have a huge Mister Donut cabinet and a Cold Stone Creamer inside so swings and roundabouts…)

As with Open Chan Camping 7-Eleven, this one probably isn’t worth a special trip (unless you want to tick off all three Open Chan themed 7-Elevens).

Google Maps Link to Open Plaza 7-Eleven >

OPEN Plaza taipei

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6. Lay’s Crisps / Potato Chips

In the heart of Ximending shopping district near the Cinema Park, you’ll find a Lay’s Crisps* themed 7-Eleven. It is easy to spot by the bright yellow Lay’s potato chips branding running through the store, plus on the bright neon sign outside – talk about the Taiwan potato chip promised land!

*UK readers – Lay’s potato chips are branded as Walker’s Crisps in the UK.

Lay's potato chips crisps themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Lay's potato chips crisps themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

Inside the Lay’s 7-Eleven in Taipei, you’ll find themed dining tables, Lay’s memorabilia on the walls plus the biggest 7-Eleven Lay’s potato chips section ever.

The attention to detail here is incredible – one of the dining tables is even decked out like a foosball table but with packets of potato chips replacing the ‘players’.

Locals and tourists genuinely make special trips to this particular 7-Eleven in Ximending just to stock up on those harder to find Lay’s potato chip flavours; we saw people leaving the store with big bags full of potato chips.

Google Maps Link to Lay’s 7-Eleven >

Lay's potato chips crisps themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Lay's potato chips crisps themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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7. Hello Kitty / Sanrio themed 7-Elevens

As one of the most popular cartoon characters in Taiwan and across Asia, it comes as no surprise that there are a couple of Hello Kitty and Sanrio themed 7-Elevens in Taipei.

As it happens, most 7-Elevens in Taiwan sell Sanrio branded merchandise but these two Taipei 7-Elevens take it to the next level!

Hello Kitty themed 7-Eleven Ximending

The larger of the two Hello Kitty themed 7-Eleven stores, this Ximending Hello Kitty 7-Eleven one is much bigger and brighter with a super cute themed dining area – one could say it is the ‘purr-fect’ place to enjoy Hello Kitty and her Sanrio stablemates.

Sanrio themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Sanrio Hello Kitty themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

The Hello Kitty theme starts as soon as you arrive with a HUGE Hello Kitty on the 7-Eleven store front- Miaow! Once inside, an adorable Hello Kitty statue greets you, complete with a colossal coffee cup.

Loads of Sanrio and Hello Kitty branded merchandise is available inside – check out the Hello Kitty shaped shelf full plushies. The cafe dining tables also are all hollowed out with Hello Kitty merchandise inside behind a perspex surface.

A cavalcade of Hello Kitty cuteness, of all the themed 7-Elevens we visited, this was one of the most popular, especially with people taking pictures inside and out.

Google Maps Link to Sanrio 7-Eleven (large) >

Sanrio themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Sanrio themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

7-ELEVEN Xinhanhua Hello Kitty Store

The second of the two Hello Kitty branded 7-Eleven stores at the time of writing, this one doesn’t have the same level of theming as the above store but is nice to visit if you are in the Xinhanhua / Ximending area.

A pretty pink 7-Eleven with  a Hello Kitty neon sign and illustration out front, the Hello Kitty theming continues inside on the walls and ceiling.

Google Maps Link to Sanrio 7-Eleven (small) >

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8. Heineken

Cheers to this boozy beer, branded 7-Eleven. Definitely one of the more unique Taiwan 7-Elevens on this list, this particular store feels like you are taking part in a Heinken beer TV commercial.

Heineken themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

Whilst the main store floor is a relatively standard 7-Eleven, there is a green Heineken lounge on the side where Heinken bottles and branded merchandise adorn the faux bare-brick walls, complete with green strip lighting (some would call it a ‘man cave’ style lounge) and a cycle mounted to the wall.

A huge Heineken neon star and green checkered floor tiles also greet you as you first arrive.

Heineken themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

However, to us, this Heineken branded 7-Eleven felt like a missed opportunity – the beer fridge itself doesn’t have a special Heineken section and it would have been great to have a Heineken draft bar in the lounge area. There is so much more that could have been done here.

Did you know there are several 7-Elevens in Taipei with bars inside that serve draft beer? We’ve seen 7-Eleven bars in both Taiwan and Singapore – if you know of any more 7-Eleven with bars inside, please let us know in the comments as we wanna go!

Google Maps Link to Heineken 7-Eleven >

Heineken themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Heineken themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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9. Starlux Dunhua North Road AKA the airplane 7-Eleven

One of our personal favorite themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, ‘take-off’ to this airplane themed 7-Eleven on Dunhua North Road.

Launched to help promote Starlux’s daily flights from Los Angeles to Taipei, 7-Eleven Taiwan in the past has also sold StarLux airline style ready meals with snacks like roast pork rice, oolong ice dessert and Thai milk tea.

We particularly liked the StarLux themed 7-Eleven as the attention to detail is incredible – from the dining area themed like an airline cabin (just like you are eating on a plane) to the runway strip that is on the floor.

Other airline theming includes a small plane that flies around the ceiling, StarLux branded clocks that show all the different world time zones and a lit up roof area that looks like a landing strip.

Starlux themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

You can also buy Starlux branded merchandise like small toy planes or their StarLux cold brew coffee which is usually only available to buy on their planes (if only they had called it StarBuX…)

Google Maps Link to Starlux 7-Eleven >

Starlux themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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10. Coca Cola

Coke is it. This Coca-cola themed 7-Eleven in Taiwan is the …Real Thing.

With a colossal Coke bottle on the side, this is one of the easier themed 7-Elevens in Taiwan to locate. While the downstairs 7-Eleven store is pretty standard, the upstairs seating area is transformed into a retro / vintage American style diner and Coca-Cola Museum.

Coca Cola themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Coca Cola themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

There are Coke bottle shaped glass cabinets on walls showing all the different Coca cola bottle types and promotions over the years plus lots of vintage Coca-cola advertising.

If you’ve bought any ready meals downstairs, you can eat them upstairs here on the red diner style tables and chairs.

The Coca-Cola themed 7-Eleven in Taiwan is quite unique as convenience stores go – a bit like the Heineken themed 7-Eleven, it is shame there wasn’t a Coca-Cola machine or similar upstairs but it is still worth a visit.

Google Maps Link to Coca Cola 7-Eleven >

Coca Cola themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan
Coca Cola themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

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11. Bugcat Capoo branded 7-Eleven Songgao store

Ok, an admission – we hadn’t actually heard of Bugcat Capoo before we visited this themed Taipei 7-Eleven but based on how brilliant this store looks, Capoo is one cool cat.

A bubbly blue male cat with six legs, Bugcat Capoo is a Taiwanese cartoon character, popular on the LINE messaging system – he also likes to eat humans so you have been warned.

Bugcat Capoo themed 7-eleven convenience store in Taipei Taiwan

Bugcat Capoo and all his friends are brilliantly brought to life in this themed 7-Eleven – the cafe area has fun cartoon statues and Bugcat Capoo branded merchandise is available throughout. Even the bathroom area has Bugcat Poo theming (hopefully you won’t find kitty litter in the toilet).

One of the largest 7-Elevens we encountered in Taipei, this 7-Eleven Songgao branch also includes a vegetarian cafe (formerly a Dominos Pizza kiosk) and a Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream counter – so there are plenty of food options to enjoy in the rather blue Bugcat Capoo themed dining area.

Google Maps Link to Bugcat Capoo themed 7-Eleven >

12. Kanahei / Kanahera Piske & Usagi themed 7-Eleven

Meet Piske the Rabbit and Usagi the bird, the popular characters created by renowned Japanese illustrator Kanahei (also known as Kanahera in some countries).

There are two themed Kanahei / Kanahera 7-Elevens in Taipei and the larger store near Nanjing Fuxing is easily one of the most creative themed 7-Elevens we’ve encountered (the smaller one less so).

Kanahei’s small animals are brought to life in and around the 7-Eleven dining area including Piske posing in a French beret with a sandwich and coffee plus Usagi sat on one of the tables drinking a smoothie.

It kinda feels like having lunch in a weird and wonderful magical forest (well, sort of). You can also see a huge model of Piske eating onigiri, plus the shelves are stocked with so much Kanahei Small Animal merchandise.

The smaller 7-Eleven Guangyan Kanahei store has similar Small Animals branding on the wall, but none of the models or cute adornments so if you only want to visit one, stick with the larger Nanjing Fuxing 7-Eleven.

Google Maps Link to Kanahei themed 7-Eleven (small store) >
Google Maps Link to Kanahei themed 7-Eleven (large store) >

13. Mickey Mouse

The only official Disney branded 7-Eleven that we are aware of in Taipei, this particular 7-Eleven has become a house of mouse!

Located next to Taipei Municipal Stadium, this themed Mickey Mouse 7-Eleven was one of the busiest ones we encountered – we couldn’t get a table which is a shame as the dining area had lots of Disney miniatures built into them.

As well as Mickey Mouse merchandise and other delightful Disney gifts, there is a big Mickey both on the ceiling inside plus above the entrance outside. Out front, there is also large panels displaying Mickey Mouse so this themed 7-Eleven is easy to spot.

Also, this was the only themed 7-Eleven in Taipei that we saw that had its own unique branded coffee cups – Mickey the Mouse with your mocha eh.

Given this is the only Disney themed 7-Eleven in Taipei, we were expecting a little more to be honest – all the Disney tables and Mickey themed shelves were just looking a bit tatty and forlorn, like they needed replacing – more ‘dismal’ than ‘Disney’ alas.

Google Maps Link to Mickey Mouse themed 7-Eleven >

14. Detective Conan themed 7-Eleven AKA Cased Closed

Case closed! Now this is certainly one 7-Eleven in Taiwan worth ‘searching’ for – a Detective Conan themed 7-Eleven! 

Detective Conan is a Japanese manga series launched in the 1990s that is still going strong today (and certainly very popular in Taiwan based on this Case Closed collaboration).

In-store, as well as heaps of Detective Conan / Case Closed merchandise, there are Detective Conan branded chairs plus a large wall mural. Keep an eye out for the cute keyhole display unit full of Detective Conan plushies.

His arch nemesis Kaito Kuroba also features predominantly through-out this 7-Eleven located near exit Z10 of Taipei Main Station – given the quality of theming, it is no ‘mystery’ as to why this is a popular branch.

If only this were a Detective Sherlock Holmes 7-Eleven; you could use the slogan 7-Eleventary, My Dear Watson…

Google Maps Link to Detective Conan themed 7-Eleven >

15. Maserati

Vroom vroom – did you know there is a Maserati racing car themed 7-Eleven? Alas, this was the only themed 7-Eleven in Taipei we didn’t make it to ourselves (we ran out of time and this one is quite far out of the city).

The history of the Maserati motor company dominates the walls inside and as well as various racing car model displays and pictures, there is a Maserati themed bicycle (so it is similar to the themed Heineken 7-Eleven store).

The 7-Eleven dining area also has a chequered flag feel so race over to check it out yourself.

Google Maps Link to Maserati themed 7-Eleven >

Previous 7-Eleven Cafes that no longer exist in 2023

Pokemon Themed 7-Eleven – we visited the former Pokemon themed 7-Eleven in Taipei in May 2023 but alas, the Pokemon branding had been removed in March 2023. Apparently this was because the store was having problems with all the children coming in after school to play on the Pokemon arcade machines.

Top 5 Themed 7-Elevens in Taipei

With almost 20 themed 7-Elevens in Taipei, it is a lot to visit so if you want to see the best ones only, here are our recommend top 5 themed Taiwan 7-Elevens to visit:

1: Open Chan Dream World 7-Eleven – that DJ booth and self-design print station are amazing.

2: The larger Snoopy themed 7-Eleven – the dedicated Snoopy themed basement dining area is so cool.

3: StarLux –  a Taiwan 7-Eleven themed like an airplane and airport – what is not to like?!

4: Bugcat Capoo branded 7-Eleven Songgao store – we don’t know the characters but the branding and models are so cool.

5: Kanahei 7 Eleven – the best and most interactive theming of any 7-Eleven in Taipei. You get to eat your food amongst Piske and Usagi; super cute!

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