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Silom, Bangkok – 24 Things To Do Guide + Photos 2024

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One of Bangkok’s most popular neighbours, Silom is a fantastic fusion of magnificent malls, sprawling street-food markets plus some of the most interesting (and hedonistic) night-life you’ll ever encounter in Bangkok at night.

From the gorgeous green lawns and aqua-blue lakes of Lumphini Park to Patpong’s ping-pong performances (and we ain’t talking table tennis!), here is our guide to the best things to do in Silom Bangkok both by day and night.

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Things to do in Silom, Bangkok

1. King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk

One of the best things to do in Silom (and possibly slightly scary if you don’t enjoy heights) is the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk which is Thailand’s highest viewing deck.

The adventure starts in the lift going up (check out the OTT visuals) before arriving at the top to see the best 360 views of Bangkok (360 degrees).

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk silom

The highlight of visiting King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk for us was the glass skywalk floor where you stand on glass and peer at the 300 metre directly below – not for the faint hearted.

After braving the glass floor at King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk, reward yourself with a glass of bubbles (or six) at the Sky Bar.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk silom

Admission prices to King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk start from 880 Thai Baht per adult as at February 2024.

To get a King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk discount, book via this link >

Or if you are plan to do a lot of activities, this Go City Bangkok pass works out being the best value and includes ‘free’ entry to the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk. Read more about how we used our Go City Bangkok pass here >

Read our full guide to visiting King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk here >

2. Lumphini Park

Thailand’s very first public park and dedicated open space, Lumphini Park is a vast green space in the heart of Bangkok and just a few minutes walk away from the hustle and bustle of Silom.

One of the best free activities in Silom, Lumphini Park sprawls over 140 hectares, and is a popular spot for exercising, watching live entertainment or simply relaxing under one of the numerous trees in the shade to read a book or have a picnic.

Lumphini Park Silom Bangkok

Perhaps the highlight of Lumphini Park is to set sail on one of the lakes in a swan pedalo or hire a canoe; you can also observe Lumphini Park’s monitor lizards, huge (but generally harmless) reptiles who often emerge from the lake to sunbathe or hunt.

Read more about Lumphini Park here >

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Lumphini Park Silom Bangkok

3. Don Don Donki – Thaniya Silom

Japan’s favourite discount store comes to Thaniya Silom.

Originally known as Don Quixote in its homeland of Japan where it has dozens of stores all over the countty, Don Don Donki as it is branded in Thailand have recently opened their newest store (it opened in January 2023) in Bangkok’s Silom district, right on the edge of Thaniya Street.

Don Don Donki - Thaniya Silom

It is easy to find Don Don Donki Thaniya Silom in Bangkok as you’ll be bombarded with the surprisingly catchy ‘Don Don Donki’ theme tune as you get close to the front entrance.

One of the key similarities between all Don Don Donki stores (other than low prices) – is that they have speakers at every entrance blaring out the same ditty on repeat; it must drive the poor staff insane.

Specializing in cheap Japanese imported goods and foods such as Japanese Kit Kats, Don Don Donki Thaniya Silom is quite unique as Bangkok Don Don Donki’s go with its own sushi conveyor belt restaurant plus a 24 hour ramen joint where bowls of ramen noodles start as low as 60 Baht.

Love all things Japan? Then check out our dedicated Plan My Japan website >

kit kats at Don Don Donki - Thaniya Silom

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4. Silom 10 food court and Silom street food

The best place for street-food in Silom that is good value and has a huge variety is Silom 10 food-court.

With around 30 food stalls (plus lots of cheap clothing stalls at the rear), Silom 10 food court in Bangkok was our go to place for cheap Thai food. We tried various noodle dishes (all around 70 Thai Baht), waffles (10 Baht) plus bowls of Chiang Mai Khao Soi noodles (60 Baht).

Silom 10 food court Bangkok
Silom 10 food court Bangkok Khao Soi

Silom 10 food court is generally open early morning until about 2pm; most locals and nearby workers grabbed their food between noon and 1.30pm. We used to find going between 1.30pm and 2pm was the best time to visit Silom 10 food court as most stalls were still serving food and we could easily find chairs and tables.

Silom 10 food court Bangkok
Silom 10 food court Bangkok

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5. Silom Central / Central Silom Complex

During our week-long stay in Bangkok’s Silom district, we visited Silom Central shopping centre most days as it is a mall that is split over several levels, with loads to see and do (and the air conditioning at the Silom Central is amazing to escape Bangkok’s heat)!

The basement at Silom Central has lots of restaurants (many of which are Japanese and South Korean). Chains include Pepper Lunch, Swensen’s Ice Cream and Potato Corner (check out their truffle fries – you will NOT be disappointed).

Silom Central / Central Silom Complex

We also found the Top’s Supermarket at Silom Central the best supermarket in Silom.

On the upper levels at Silom Central, there are more restaurants and food chains like Krispy Kreme plus heaps of chemists and pharmacies like Boots and Watsons.

6. Hai Som Tam Convent

Silom’s best som tam place has to be Hai Som Tam Convent – it has a huge som tam menu with about 6 pages of som tam varieties including crab.

We opted for their standard som tam which cost 65 Baht – it was really delicious although it wasn’t that spicy though so we think they may have toned it down for our Western palette.

Hai Som Tam Convent Silom Bangkok

You can accompany your som tam with other dishes like a delicious grilled chicken breast for 80 baht.

Hai Som Tam Convent has a large sit down area (it is a proper restaurant) and as you’d expect, it can get very busy at lunchtime although we found the service brisk. Ham Som Tam Convent has a separate coffee bar on site too, plus an English menu. The dining area was a good mix of local workers and overseas tourist / foreign expats.

Hai Som Tam Convent Silom Bangkok

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7. Patpong Night Market

Many first-time visitors to Bangkok’s Silom district will likely be here to see and experience the bright lights of Patpong Night Market, a legendary walking street with some rather interesting night-life and shows (perhaps they should rename it Ping Pong night market…)?

Patpong Night Market Silom Bangkok

Likely the most famous thing to do in Silom, the area in and around Patpong Night Market is probably best known for its live sex shows, adult entertainment and go go bars, where young ‘ladies’ (and some not so young) try to entice you in. Oh yeah, and of course there is the actual night market itself, full of tourist tat, greasy food and overpriced beer.

Patpong Night Market Silom Bangkok

Patpong is also legendary for the bar touts and their ‘live sex’ show menus which run down what is available like ping-pong shows, gold-fish shows (!) and other dubious acts.

There is usually a high cover charge and you aren’t always guaranteed to get what you pay for (so we hear).

Patpong Night Market Silom Bangkok

On our most recent visit to Patpong Night Market (February 2023), we were surprised how much it had changed since our last visit 5 years ago.

There were only 3 or 4 active go-go bars trying to attract us in and a lot fewer night market stalls. We found that nearby Thaniya street (Little Japan / Little Tokyo) was now the most popular place in Silom for ‘night-time’ entertainment.

Patpong Night Market is open daily from around 5pm to the early hours.

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Patpong Night Market Silom Bangkok

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8. Soi Thaniya (AKA Little Japan / Little Tokyo)

Forget Patpong Night Market. If you are looking for a ‘good-time’ in Silom (and possibly an empty wallet), head on over to the little Japan area of Silom, Soi Thaniya.

Here at Thaniya, you’ll find numerous go-go bars (we lost count after 12) where large groups of scantily clad women and lady-boys will try and entice you in. Like literally – we saw groups of men and individuals being semi-pulled into the bars (although to be fair, some groups seem to quite enjoy it).

Soi Thaniya (AKA Little Japan / Little Tokyo) Silom Bangkok

As a couple, we were left alone and were free to wander around without being bothered, but we saw lots of men (generally in groups) being hugged and dragged towards various bars with large groups of scantily clad ladies gathered outside.

Popular with businessmen as a spot to go to after work, Soi Thaniya in Silom is an interesting night spot – there are also lots of Japanese restaurants in and around Thaniya too hence its nickname of Bangkok’s Little Japan / Little Tokyo.

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9. Kuay Teow Khae – Street Noodle Stall

For an authentic Silom street-food experience, try the street noodle stall Kuay Teow Khae.

Located on Covent Road and across from Silom’s Le Siam hotel, here you can devour a delicious bowl of dry noodles for around the 60 to 80 Baht mark.

Kuay Teow Khae street food noodles Silom Bangkok

As recommended by famous food vlogger Mark Wiens, we tried the dry tom yum noodles with crispy pork with a side dish of soup and they were absolutely delicious. Kuay Teow Khae street food stall has around 4 tables to sit at so can get quite busy at peak times.

We visited one day at around 2pm just as they were closing and managed to grab the last table.

10. Lalai Sap Market

Very much a local’s market and all the better for it, Lalai Sap Market in Silom is based around several side-streets. Lalai Sap opens for business early in the morning with most street food carts closing up around 2pm.

Lalai Sap Market Silom

The Lalai Sap stalls are generally focussed around two tightly packed side-streets in a ‘L’ shape meaning it can get quite busy.

As well as temporary street food carts, there are several permanent coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants along the strip, as well as a few fashion, clothing and jewellery stalls (inexpensive compared to most Bangkok markets).

As Lalai Sap isn’t really geared towards tourists and more so for local workers and nearby residents, the food quality is good. Note that unlike nearby Silom 10 food-court though, there aren’t any proper seating areas so this is more of a grab and go affair.

Lalai Sap Market Silom

11. Silom Soi 4

Likely Bangkok’s biggest gay street and night-time entertainment, Silom Soi 4 is chock full of late bars and nightclubs.

This side street just off Silom is the biggest and best gay street in Bangkok, that becomes neon nirvana at night. The best time to visit Silom Soi 4 is after 9pm with most bars and massage parlours on Silom Soi 4 open until the wee small hours.

Silom Soi 4 gay street

Silom Soi 4 attracts a real mix of people, with the more mainstream bars at the start of the alley and the more interesting ones located down the far end.

Popular bars along Silom Soi 4 include Pride Bar and Restaurant, The Balcony Pub & Bar and Banana Bar on 4. Note that legendary Telephone Pub Restaurant & Karaoke has now closed down and is sadly a chain Mexican restaurant (Sunrise Tacos).

12. Unicorn Cafe

An explosion of pastel colour, plus heaps of 1980s My Little Pony nostalgia – the Unicorn Cafe in Silom is an Instagrammable paradise and one of the best themed cafes in Bangkok.

The cafe walls are covered from floor to ceiling with brightly painted unicorn murals and furnished with diamanté-studded sofas, whilst various pony plushies hang from the ceiling.

Unicorn Cafe Silom Bangkok

The menu is chock full of rainbow coloured desserts such as waffles, ice cream as well as savoury dishes such as burgers and pasta.

We just stopped by for a 100 baht hot chocolate drink as we had read reviews online that the food served here is not very good.

We recommend visiting when it opens at 12pm, so you can take lots of nice photos before it gets too busy. If you take your Instagram photo taking to extreme levels, you can hire or buy a unicorn onesie to wear (rental is 100 baht and to purchase is 1,200 baht).

Unicorn Cafe Silom Bangkok
Unicorn Cafe Silom Bangkok

13. Silom Plaza

Whilst Silom Plaza has seen better days (it has declined a little over the years since our first visit ten years ago), Silom Plaza is still a fun night out if you are staying in the Silom district.

With multiple restaurants, massage plazas and even a rooftop bar, you’ll find something to suit most tastes at Silom Plaza.

Overall, whilst Silom Plaza can’t really compete with Patpong or the bright lights of Thaniya, if you are staying close by, this is fine for some cheap eats and night time drinks.

Silom Plaza Bangkok

14. Sky Bar at Lebua State

Located on the 63rd floor of the Lebua State Tower, Sky Bar is one of Bangkok’s best rooftop bars (albeit pricey) and once had a starring role in the movie The Hangover II (starring Bradley Cooper).

Not only is this one of Bangkok’s best bars and sublime Silom attraction, but it is also the world’s highest outdoor bar – reservations are usually required for dining here but if you are just staying for a drink, you can usually drop by (although you may need to queue).

Book here for Lebua Rooftop Bar Reservation and Round-Trip Transfer >

15. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple / Wat Khaek

Built in 1873 and one of the main (and most beautiful) Hindu temples in Bangkok, this is a popular place to worship and also known as Wat Khaek or Uma Devi temple.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple / Wat Khaek Silom Bangkok

The first thing that strikes you as you approach Silom’s Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is how colourful the temple is, bedecked in bright rainbow hues. In fact, the whole neighbourhood is a vivid show of colours, given all the flower stalls outside Sri Maha Mariamman Temple who sell floral offerings.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is free to visit  – photography is not allowed inside the temple and please remember to take off your shoes as you enter and keep yourself covered.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple / Wat Khaek Silom Bangkok
Flower stalls near Sri Maha Mariamman Temple / Wat Khaek Silom Bangkok

16. Silom Thai Cooking School

Spend some of your Silom time honing your Thai cooking culinary skills. One of the most popular activities in Bangkok is to learn Thai cooking. At Silom Thai Cooking School, you’ll create and cook from scratch a fabulous five course lunch in a traditional Thai kitchen.

Your day at Silom Thai Cooking School begins with a trip to one of Silom’s local markets. After being mentored by a top Thai chef, you’ll get to cook and then try your delicious dishes before taking any leftovers back to your hotel. This Silom Thai Cooking School experience will be …chef’s kiss!

Book your Silom Thai Cooking School experience >

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17. Silom Edge

Silom’s newest food-court based over two levels (a basement food-court plus an upstairs dining area), Silom Edge is a slick, clean and good looking affair.

Popular with the young (lots of selfie spots and bright colours), Silom Edge is cheap as with neon lights, white tables and quirky toilets all par for the course.

Silom Edge Bangkok

We dined at Silom Edge’s Phra Nakhon boat noodles restaurant one night which was super popular, dishing out bowls of meat and noodles for as low as 20 Baht (larger bowls were available for 80 Baht).

The food at Phra Nakhon boat noodles was delicious – you could easily try several small noodle dishes given it is only 20 Baht a small bowl.

Open 24 hours, Silom Edge has a nice mix of standard chain restaurants like KFC, Swensen’s (and a large 7-Eleven to boot) plus other restaurants like Cha Tra Mue,

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18. Thaniya Walking Street

Not to be confused with Soi Thaniya next door which has a totally different kind of night-time entertainment, this new-ish development houses ten or so restaurants and food kiosks which serve a variety of food from hot bowls of noodles through to more snacky fare like Korean hot-dogs and Pure Scoop ice-cream.

Thaniya Walking Street food stalls can be visited day or night.

Thaniya Walking Street Silom Bangkok
Thaniya Walking Street Silom Bangkok

19. Owl Cha

Newly opened in Silom in 2023, Owl Cha / Tea Silom is a chain of bubble tea kiosks which serves ice-cold coffee and bubble tea at very affordable prices.

Owl Cha tea Silom Bangkok

We hadn’t heard of Silom’s Owl Tea before but noticed a steady stream of people (locals and tourists) clutching brightly coloured drinks bearing an Owl logo – so we tried it for ourselves and were not disappointed. Basic drinks start from 15 Baht and we opted for an iced mint matched tea for 25 Baht.

Owl Cha tea Silom Bangkok

20. Hi So Bar

With prime views of Lumpini Park and Bangkok’s beautiful skyline, Silom’s Hi So Bar located on the 29th and 30th floor of the So Bangkok Hotel is one of Bangkok’s best rooftop bars

Open daily from 5pm until midnight for rooftop cocktails or fine dining on their rooftop terrace, Hi So is suitably so much fun.

21. Hands-on Thai Cooking Class and Market Tour in Silom

Time for a hands-on cooking class in Silom. This morning tour begins with a guided visit to Khlong Toei market to shop for ingredients, while the afternoon and night-time workshops feature a mango carving workshop.

Make curry paste from scratch as well as tasty Thai dishes before sitting down to eat your homemade culinary creations.

Read more about Hands-on Thai Cooking Class & Market Tour in Silom >

22. Barcade at Silom Edge

If you are into arcade games or a cheeky cold beer with some retro games, head onto the upper levels of Silom Edge for some great gaming action.

There are multiple machines like air hockey or even grabbing claws plus a small cafe bar on the side for snacks and drinks.

Barcade at Silom Edge

23. Silom Golf Mall / Bangkok Golf Town

When we last visited Silom in early 2024, we stumbled upon a huge glut of golfing stores in Thaniya Mall – seriously, this has to be the biggest selection of golf clubs and golfing equipment in Bangkok.

Silom Golf Mall / Bangkok Golf Town in Thaniya Mall

There were around three floors of every type of golfing equipment you could imagine from golf club heads (including cute character ones) to tartan golf-bags – so if you are into playing golf in Bangkok, the Thaniya Mall in Silom should be very much your cup of ‘tee’.

Silom Golf Mall / Bangkok Golf Town in Thaniya Mall

Our final thing to do in Silom, Bangkok

24. Park Silom

A new Bangkok shopping center that has opened in 2024 in Silom, Park Silom is being billed as the ‘Wall Street of Thailand”  with 40 storeys of office space, shops, bars and restaurants.

Park Silom

At the time of writing in February 2024, only a few ground floor shops and basement restaurants were open at Park Silom but this is set to be one of the best things to do in Silom in the future.

Where to Stay in Silom, Bangkok

We stayed at the Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom in February 2023, a new-ish hotel that opened in 2021 that has a rooftop swimming pool and bar, a beautiful atrium plus very good WIFI (it coped well with Netflix).

We booked several months in advance and booked an outward facing room with breakfast for £40 a night. Very centrally located in Silom and right across from the legendary Patpong Night Market, this is one of the most affordable and best hotels in Silom.

Check rates and availability for Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom >

ibis Styles Bangkok Silom
ibis Styles Bangkok Silom pool
ibis Styles Bangkok Silom

Sim cards and pocket WIFI for your stay in Silom, Bangkok

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You can also prepay online and collect a SIM from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang Airport or Central World mall. Just remember to make sure your phone is not locked to your local network provider before purchasing one.

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