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Taiwan 7-Eleven Toasted Sandwiches – Complete Guide

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Taiwan is a fine foodie destination, known for its incredible street food and night market munchies – but occasionally, a trip to Taiwan 7-Eleven beckons. Not only does Taiwan have some of the cutest and best themed 7-Elevens in the world, but 7-Eleven Taiwan also puts out some premium, tasty toasted sandwiches.

Taiwan 7-Eleven Toasted Sandwiches - a complete guide

We’ve described in detail before about the sheer range of 7-Eleven toasted sandwiches available in Thailand (around 30 flavours), but at 7-Eleven Taiwan, the Taiwanese toasted sandwiches go for quality over quantity.

We’re talking soft bread, full and flavourful fillings plus you might even get a toastie with a cartoon character etched / burnt onto the side (on purpose of course)!

From sublime scrambled egg and truffle toasties to the special toastie maker they have in most 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, here is our guide to 7-Eleven Taiwan toasted sandwiches (2023).

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Number of Stores and History

The first Taiwan 7-Eleven opened over 40 years ago in 1979 and they have since become a firm favourite of locals and tourists alike – so much so that they have earned themselves a local nickname: 7-Eleven Food Heaven.

We also noticed a definite social aspect to 7-Eleven in Taiwan (more so than any other Asian city) as many have ‘City Cafe’ sections where you can sit down and eat your toasted sandwiches, instant noodles or even have a cold beer – cheers!

It is Taiwan’s largest convenience store chain – there are plenty of 7-Elevens to explore (some practically next door to each other) and they are open well into the early hours (most but not all are 24 hours). So if you have a craving for strawberry Pringle noodles or tea eggs at 5am in the morning, 7-Eleven Taiwan has got you covered!

How Many 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan are there?

As of 2023, there were around 6,500 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan (7-Eleven in Taiwan is the country’s largest convenience store chain).

To give you a sense of how big 7-Eleven is in Taiwan compared to other convenience store brands, the next largest chain in Taiwan is Family Mart, with around 4,000 branches.

Foods to buy in 7-Eleven Taiwan

Other than toasties? There are so many tasty snacks and delicious drinks to try in 7-Eleven toasties. From fish skin crisps to hot microwave meals that get served in a biodegradable bag – find a full list top Taiwan 7-Eleven food and drinks here >

But we are here for the toasted sandwiches…

Taiwan 7-Eleven Toasted Sandwich vs Thailand 7-Eleven

Unlike Thailand 7-Eleven where the shelves overflow with weird and wonderful toasted sandwich flavours, in Taiwan 7-Elevens, toasted sandwiches are a more reserved affair with less than 10 flavours available. Compare that to the 40+ 7 Eleven toastie flavours we found in Thailand.

The famous toasties from Thailand 7-Eleven stores

The good news is that for our money (and taste), the 7 toasted sandwiches in Taiwan 7-Eleven are much better than their Thai counterparts – in Taiwan, the 7-Eleven toast quality is much better (thicker, softer and fluffier) and the fillings better quality and more generous.

Better still, there are dedicated toastie machines with timers that properly toast your sandwich. In Thailand where 7-Elevens sometimes struggle with the sheer number of tourists (the staff work so hard), the toasties are often half cooked and a bit tepid.

So Taiwan 7-Eleven toasties are triumphant over Thailand toasted sandwiches!

Taiwan 7-Eleven Toasted Sandwich Flavours

Here are all the 7 Eleven Taiwan toasted sandwich flavours available in Taiwan as of early 2023:

Note that some of these 7-Eleven Taiwan toasted sandwiches are limited edition so it is unlikely  all of these will be available in Taiwan 7-Eleven when / if you visit Taiwan.

Scrambled Egg and Truffle Toasted Sandwich

Our go to ‘breakfast’ toasted sandwich when in Taiwan, this was one of two favourite toasted sandwich flavours.

The scrambled egg inside was a generous portion and the truffle works well as a combination with the egg – the truffle isn’t too overpowering but it sure does make the 7-Eleven smell of truffle as it is being heated up in the toastie maker.

Scrambled egg and truffle toasted sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

To note we thought this toasted sandwich would be vegetarian but there were also small pieces of pork (possibly ham) in it that wasn’t mentioned on the front of the packaging – so if you are a vegetarian or do not wish to eat meat, avoid the scrambled egg and truffle toasted sandwich.

The 7-Eleven scrambled egg and truffle toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 60 TWD (£1.50 / $2 USD).

Leek Toasted Sandwiches

This was our other preferred 7-Eleven toasted sandwich – we thought it might be quite bland but it has good seasoning and the leek keeps the toastie very moist.

Leek toasted sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

The leek toasted sandwich in Taiwan 7-Eleven also has small glass noodles inside so the texture and taste with the toasted bread works really well.

The 7 Eleven leek toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 55 TWD (£1.40 / $1.80 USD) – it is also the cheapest Taiwan 7-Eleven toasted sandwich.

Leek toasted sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

Peanut Butter, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs Toasted Sandwiches

Another brilliant breakfast toasted sandwich, this is almost like a traditional English breakfast with a pinch of peanut butter.

An acquired taste, this toasted sandwich in 7-Eleven Taiwan wasn’t for us, but we can see the appeal especially if you love peanut butter with everything.

The 7-Eleven butter, bacon and scrambled eggs toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 60 TWD (£1.50 / $2 USD).

Peanut butter, bacon and scrambled eggs toasted sandwiches at Taiwan 7-Eleven

Cheese and Egg Overload Toasted Sandwich

For simpler sandwiches fans, the cheese and egg toasted sandwich is a decadent cheesy choice, quite bland in flavours and rather filling – it is a good hangover cure too if you had many Taiwan Beers the night before (although this is not scientifically proven!).

The cheese and egg overload toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 60 TWD (£1.50 / $2 USD).

Cheese and egg overload toasted sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

Pork Tenderloin and Egg Overload Toasted Sandwich

Which came first? The pork or the egg? This is one tasty toasted sandwich in Taiwan (try saying that after a big night out!).

A little like a McMuffin from McDonalds, the pork tenderloin and egg sandwich works well together but is quite rich – probably not something you’d want time and time again.

The 7-Eleven pork tenderloin and egg overload toasted sandwichin Taiwan costs 65 TWD (£1.70 / $2.10 USD).

Pork Tenderloin and Egg Overload Toasted Sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

New Orleans Style Roast Chicken Toasted Sandwich

Whilst most of the 7-Eleven Taiwan ‘meaty’ sandwiches contain pork, this seemed to be the only chicken based toasted sandwich we could find in store.

In this New Orleans style roast chicken toasted sandwich, the chicken inside is kept juicy and moist by an outer layer of cheese and peppery sauce. Nice!

The 7-Eleven New Orleans style roast chicken toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 75 TWD (£2 / $2.50 USD).

New Orleans style roast chicken toasted sandwich at Taiwan 7-Eleven

Pepper Cake Toasted Sandwich

Not something we tried before, pepper cakes are originally from China and usually comprise of sliced and minced pork with spices, chives and additional seasonings like salt and pepper.

The ‘mighty meaty’ of toasted sandwiches, the 7-Eleven pepper cake toasted sandwich in Taiwan costs 60 TWD (£1.50 / $2 USD).

Previous toasted sandwich flavours

As mentioned, many of the 7-Eleven toasted sandwich flavours are limited edition or on rotation. Previous toasted sandwich flavours in Taiwan include:

  • Triple cheese and ham
  • Spicy Thai basil chicken
  • Danish toast tuna and cheese
  • Beef sukiyaki

Enjoy your toastie in style – Taiwan 7-Eleven themed stores

Did you also know there are many, special themed 7-Elevens in Taipei (particularly around Ximending), complete with cute cartoon theming?

There is even a Heineken beer themed 7-Eleven in Taipei as well as a whole 7-Eleven that has an interior to replicate a Starlux aeroplane. If you love crisps / potato chips, there is also a themed Lay’s 7-Eleven.

Taiwan 7-Eleven themed stores
Taiwan 7-Eleven themed stores

We often purposely sought out themed 7 Eleven cafes in Taiwan to eat our toasties at.

For instance, there is a Sanrio / Hello Kitty Themed 7-Eleven. It is a cute kaleidoscope of cartoon characters and a homage to Hello Kitty and her Sanrio chums.

Bright pink on the outside with huge characters to greet you, this has to be one of the most charming 7-Eleven cafes and toastie spots in Taipei.

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Hello Kitty Taiwan 7-Eleven themed stores
Hello Kitty Taiwan 7-Eleven themed stores

Special toastie makers

Unlike the bog standard sandwich toasters that 7-Eleven stores in Thailand use, in Taiwan, many Taipei 7-Eleven stores have a special electronic sandwich toaster.

Usually painted lime green, once you purchase your toastie, the 7-Eleven staff will heat up and toast your sandwich for free.

Taiwan 7-Eleven toasted sandwich machine

The toastie is taken out of its packaging and they slip it on a tray on the toaster. A bit like a CD going into a CD player, the staff member presses a button and the toastie slides in, and a 3 minute countdown timer begins.

When the toastie is ready, the tray pops out with a little musical tune to let the staff member know it’s ready. Now that is one piping hot toastie!

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The World’s Largest 7-Eleven

Finally, did you know the world’s largest 7-Eleven can be found in Pattaya, Thailand? And yes, it has toasted sandwiches!!

Better still, the world’s largest 7-Eleven in Thailand is in the shape of a boat, with maritime theming throughout, making it feel like you are aboard a cruise ship rather than in a convenience store (well, maybe if you squint your eyes real hard).

We recently visited this prodigious 7-Eleven store (Thara Pattaya) to see what it was like and how it compared to other 7-Elevens.

Find out more about the world’s largest 7 Eleven here (with pictures) >

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