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Nana Plaza in Bangkok – Visitors Guide (2024)

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Bangkok’s night-time ‘naughty but nice’ district, Nana is certainly a lot more eye-opening than nearby Soi Cowboy or Patpong. Bangkok is renowned for its evening entertainment and night-life and no more so than Nana Plaza, near the Sukhumvit District.

To a first time visitor, nocturnal Nana is certainly a sight to behold and could be construed as a little on the slightly seedy side

Nana Plaza in Bangkok

We’ve been to Nana Plaza a handful of times over the years, mainly to drink beers and watch the casual comings and goings of others. Nana Plaza certainly isn’t for families and has more of an emphasis on ‘good times’ and adult entertainment.

Here is our guide to visiting Nana Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is Nana Plaza?

Found in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Nana Plaza is renowned for its go-go bars, dancing girls and an array of eye candy to lure you into various bars.

Located over three floors with a security presence at the main entrance, the ground level of Nana Plaza is the most accessible and ‘safest’ part (and best bet if you are just looking for a casual drink).

On the upper two levels of Nana Plaza, the neon lights get a little dimmer and the various rooms and clubs are mainly accessed by dimly lit staircases.

Unlike Patpong, there is no street-food or good restaurants here; Nana Plaza is purely about go-go bars and good-times. That said, there are several bars on the ground floor where you can easily just grab a drink and watch what goes on.

Getting to and from Nana Plaza

If you are coming from the southeastern districts of Bangkok, the best way to get to Nana Plaza is to use the MRT and alight at Nana Station (exit 2).

Alternatively, Phloen Chit is roughly the same distance away from Nana Plaza as Nana MRT station.

If you happen to leave Nana Plaza after the last MRT has departed, there are numerous tuk-tuks drivers located outside – to avoid any potential future disagreement, it is best to agree a fare before departing.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok

Nana Plaza opening times

Nana Plaza is properly open in the evening time, generally from around 7pm to 2am  – Nana Plaza is busiest and most popular Friday and Saturday evenings and open seven days a week.

Security checks

On our first ever visit to Nana Plaza over a decade ago, you could quite easily walk (or stumble) into Nana Plaza with no restrictions imposed. Nowadays, Nana Plaza is guarded by a security team.

You must not take any of your own drinks into Nana Plaza – this includes soft drinks and water (you’ll be asked to leave them behind at the door).

Bag searches also sometimes happen and there is a strict no photography policy (hence why this is the CK Travels article with the fewest pics ever.

Nana Plaza Bars

The ground floor of Nana Plaza is the best (and only place really) if you just want to go for a drink without any other business. There are several open air bars and beer terraces here meaning you can quite happily just grab a few ice cold beers or cocktails and not be bothered.

The more interesting bars, night-clubs and ‘adult entertainment’ takes place on the upper levels – be warned that if you venture up the staircases on levels 1 and 2 at Nana Plaza, you will be actively encouraged to enter bars and dance / tip your host/esses.

There are many stories of visitors to Nana Plaza either being scammed and / or paying incredibly high prices for drinks and ‘live shows’ – this isn’t always the case but ‘caveat emptor’ and use common sense.

Some of the more popular bars at Nana Plaza include Whiskey & Go-Go Nana Plaza Bangkok on the second floor, Butterflies Go Go Bar.

Nana Plaza also has several dedicated Thai ladyboy bars including DC 10 Ladyboy Bar (which currently has a Google review rating of 1 out of 5.

Things to do around Nana Plaza

All around the outside of Nana Plaza, you’ll find an array of street food carts and food stalls – generally most of the street food around Nana Plaza is pretty good and safe to eat as many of the workers and bar people from Nana also eat from them.

We also noticed the bars immediately outside of Nana Plaza were cheaper than inside, often with long and inexpensive happy hours – a big bottle of Chang for between 70 to 100 Baht seems to be the standard price as at February 2023.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok

Tips for a safe visit

We usually visited Nana Plaza around the 7pm to 10pm period, as this is generally when the area is still really busy and visitors aren’t too intoxicated.

Nana Plaza happy hours run at some bars on the ground floor, generally from opening time (7pm) until 9pm or 10pm – longer happy hours at Nana can be found at the bars just outside Nana Plaza along Soi 4.

Personally and if you just want to visit Nana Plaza as a casual observer or out of curiosity, stick to the open air bars on the ground level, where the drink prices are clearly displayed – and don’t offer to buy any drinks for strangers as they may come at quite a price.

Final thoughts

We are in no way promoting or encouraging what goes on at Nana Plaza in Bangkok.

Sex tourism is abhorrent and ruins lives – we know we aren’t helping by visiting and people-watching at Nana Plaza but it is still one of the most popular places in Bangkok to visit at night so we are hopefully detailing how to have a safe and stress-free visit to Nana.

Also, we haven’t ever been inside any of the Nana Plaza go-go bars on the upper levels so we can’t say which are good or bad, or vouch for what exactly goes on (or indeed doesn’t) behind closed doors.

We’d just say it best to be on guard and try to find out in advance what you’ll be paying for drinks and services rendered.

Nana Plaza address

3, 1 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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