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Lumpini Park in Bangkok visitors guide 2023

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The quiet calm of Lumpini Park feels a world away from the usual hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

A sprawling lush open space, Lumpini Park was Thailand’s first proper public space after the King (King Rama VI) donated the land to the people in the 1920s – remarkably, Lumphini Park is set to soon celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025.

Lumpini Park is incredibly popular with local residents (and huge monitor lizards!) and a fantastic place to undertake sporting activities or lakeside walks.

Here is our guide to visiting Lumpini Park in Bangkok with all the things you can expect to see.

Lumpini Park Bangkok swan boats pedalos

How to Get to Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is easily accessible from the Silom district or Sukhumvit District of Bangkok, within walking distance of both their main shopping and business areas.

If you are using public transport to get there, the nearest MRT station to Lumpini Park is Silom MRT station exit 1 (which has direct access to the southwestern Lumpini Park gates) or via Sala Daeng BTS station.

Several tuk-tuk pick-up and drop off points are also dotted around the park’s perimeter, including one by Silom MRT station exit.

Please note no public vehicles are allowed in Lumpini Park.

Lumpini Park Opening Hours and Admission

Bangkok’s Lumpini Park is open from 4.30am to 10pm daily seven days a week. The park is free admission, making it one of the best free things to do in Bangkok.

Lumpini Park Bangkok

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The History of Lumpini Park

Often referred to as Thailand and Bangkok’s very first public park, the land used to be owned by King Rama VI who then donated it to the people of Thailand in 1925 to be used as a fairground for an upcoming fair.

After the fair, King Rama VI allowed the area to become a proper park. It was named ‘Lumpini’ after Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.

It was used as a Japanese Prisoner of War camp during World War II.

Lumpini Park also has a large landmark statue of Thailand’s King Rama VI, built in 1925 to commemorate the opening of such an auspicious park.

King Rama VI statue

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How big is Lumpini Park?

In a word, huge! In fact, Lumpini Park is over 140 acres in size. If it wasn’t for the looming skyscrapers dotted around the Bangkok skyline in every direction, you could forget you were in the city.

There are around 2.5km of paths and running tracks plus several large lakes and creeks.

Lumpini Park Lake / Boat and Swan Pedalo Hire

Perhaps the most scenic part of Lumpini Park and also the most popular is the area around the artificial lakes. Here you can sit in the shade under huge palm trees or on lakeside benches (just look out for the monitor lizards – more on this later).

At the Lumphini Park lakes, you can also hire giant plastic swan pedalos and take them for a spin (or should that be swim) on the lake, or hire kayak /canoes. Lifejackets are provided with both.

Lumpini Park Monitor Lizards

The park is home to many animals and wildlife, the most notable of which are huge monitor lizards which often lurk around the lake area or sunbath in the afternoon sun.

Lumpini Park Monitor Lizards

We saw dozens of monitor lizards during over the course of our daily visits to Lumpini Park when we spent a week in Silom. Whilst they do look freaking scary (especially when they emerge from the lake clutching flapping fishes in their mouths), Lumpini Park’s lizards are generally harmless enough if you keep your distance.

Funnily enough, there are several warning signs in the park for the benefit of cyclists, warning them to be on the lookout for crossing lizards – perhaps they need a lizard monitor?!

Lumpini Park Monitor Lizards

Lumpini Park Wildlife

Other than the monitor lizards, there is much wildlife to see from fish in the lakes through to wading birds (trying to get those fish). We spotted some turtles too at the water’s edge plus plenty of pigeons.

In addition, lots of stray cats have made the park their home and you’ll see quite a few snoozing kitties catnapping in the afternoon sun, often with half an eye open looking for lurking lizards.

The stray cats generally seem to be in OK condition and many of the locals and park business owners seem to keep an eye out for them and feeding them leftover scraps.

Eating and Drinking in the Park

Lumpini Park is a popular place to picnic or bring food to enjoy and eat on a park bench.

There are several areas along the lake with tables that have shade from either palm trees, or you can sit down in one of the numerous boat houses or shelters. Million dollar (or Baht) Bangkok views to go with your cheap as Thai street-food. Please note alcohol consumption is forbidden in the park.

Lumphini Park Bangkok lake

The park also has a small food-court plus there are a few pop-up stalls and shops. We only visited the shop closest to the King Rama VI statue / Silom MRT exit but prices were reasonable e.g. only 8 Baht (20p) for a fresh ice cold bottle of water; soft drinks and snacks were also available.

City shop at Lumphini Park Bangkok

Other attractions and amenities in Lumpini Park

There is lots to see in Lumpini Park in addition to the sporting facilities and artificial boating lakes. Other attractions and amenities include:

  • Multiple public toilet blocks (free to use)
  • Gym equipment and weight lifting stations
  • Several shrines for people to pay their respects at
  • Lumphini Discovery Learning Library – Bangkok’s very first public library
  • Lumphini Park bandstands and rotundas – various music recitals and live performances are held in the park.
  • A Chinese Pavilion
  • A 1925 statue of King Rama VI
Lumphini Discovery Learning Library
Lumphini Discovery Learning Library
Gym at Lumphini Park Bangkok
Gym equipment

Park Rules and Restrictions

Free to enjoy, there are a few rules and regulations when visiting Lumpini Park, highlighted by huge signs all around the park. There are also several security stations across the park, with police / guards regularly at their posts.

Lumphini Park is generally very safe but you are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Cycling is only allowed between 10am and 3pm daily
  • No alcohol
  • No gambling
  • No drones
  • No public indecency
  • Finally, there is no smoking in Lumphini Park
Lumphini Park Rules and Restrictions sign Bangkok

The Best of Bangkok

There is so much to do in Bangkok but we’d definitely recommend visiting Lumpini Park. It is a perfect spot to take a picnic or enjoy a book in the shade. Plus the wildlife (especially the monitor lizards) is always interesting and much fun can be had hiring a kayak or swan pedalo on the lake. Enjoy!

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