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Go City Bangkok Pass – is it worth buying? 2024 Guide

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Thinking of buying a Go City: Bangkok Pass, but not sure if it is worth it?

There are lots of things to do in Bangkok, including multiple tourist attractions from cycling to cooking classes or tuk tuk tours to soothing Thai massages. There are also fun ways to get around Bangkok like hop-on hop off river cruises or tuk-tuks.

The cost of visiting many tourist attractions and doing day-trips in Bangkok can start to add up, especially if like us, you are travelling around Bangkok on a budget.

Thankfully there is a Bangkok tourist pass to help save money when visiting attractions in Bangkok – the Go City: Bangkok Pass which includes over 30 Bangkok attractions and modes of transport.

Go City Bangkok Pass

There are two different types of Go City Bangkok pass in 2024:

The Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass can be used for either 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

There is also a Go City: Bangkok Explorer Pass, available to use on 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions of your choosing (Go City prices vary depending on the pass type).

We recently tried a Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass for two days and used it on seven attractions and tours over a 48 hour period.

Here is what we discovered about using a Go City: Bangkok Pass.

What is a Go City: Bangkok Pass?

Go City is an attraction pass available in multiple cities including Seoul, London, Las Vegas and of course Bangkok.

In Thailand, the Go City: Bangkok Pass can be used at over 30 different venues for free admission, free transport or free tours (the latter is the best value of the bunch).

The All Inclusive Passes are available for 2 to 5 day durations, and the Explorer pass covers between 3 to 7 attractions.

The Go City: Bangkok Pass starts as soon as you have your QR code scanned at your very first attraction.

As well as free admission at lots of venues like the King Power MahaNakhon sky deck, there are a variety of Bangkok activities from free drinks at a rooftop bar, free dinner at a restaurant or free day trips.

This is one of the best selling tourist attraction passes / discount cards for international travellers.

Damnoen Saduak Market

How can you buy the Go City: Bangkok Pass?

You can purchase a Go City: Bangkok Pass here >

The mobile pass / QR code can be downloaded instantly (via the Go City app) once purchased via the website. Go City attractions passes are all online based – so if you don’t have mobile data whilst in Bangkok, make sure you screengrab your pass when you have wifi at your accommodation or before you depart.

Once purchased, you can start to use the Go City: Bangkok pass immediately but we’d recommend buying the Go City: Bangkok Pass a few days before so you can plan your activities.

Many attractions and tours require pre-booking so availability is better if you contact them several days (or even weeks) before.

How much are the 2024 Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive passes and Go City: Bangkok Explorer passes 2024?

As at February 2024, the price of the Go City: Bangkok attraction passes are as follows:

Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass:

2 day unlimited attractions pass – 4,049 Thai Baht (approx £90 / $113 USD / €105)

3 day unlimited attractions pass – 5,349 Thai Baht (approx £118 / $149 USD / €139)

4 day unlimited attractions pass – 6,499 Thai Baht (approx £144 / $181 USD/ €168)

5 day unlimited attractions pass – 8,099 Thai Baht (approx £179 / $226 USD  / €210)

Go City: Bangkok Explorer Pass Prices in 2024

3 attractions in 60 days  – 2,249 Thai Baht (approx £50/ $63 USD / €59)

4 attractions in 60 days – 3,119 Thai Baht (approx £62 / $71 USD / €89)

5 attractions in 60 days – 3,799 Thai Baht (approx £84 / $106 USD / €98)

6 attractions in 60 days – 4,599 Thai Baht (approx £101 / $128 USD / €119)

7 attractions in 60 days – 5,099 Thai Baht (approx £113 / $142 USD / €132)

Bangkok Culture Cycling Guided Tour

What are the highlight / best attractions on the pass?

Obviously the ‘best’ attractions on the Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive passes and The Explorer Pass are down to your personal taste and preferences, but we would say the below attractions are the highlights and best money savers:

30+ Bangkok sites guided 5 hour tour attractions with all admissions – worth 1,750 THB

2 hour Evening Dinner Cruise (buffet & soft drinks) on the Chao Phraya river – worth 1,600 THB

Bangkok Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by tuk tuk – worth 1500 THB

Go! Thai Cooking School (market cooking class with 5 dishes) – worth 1500 THB

3 hour e-scooter tour around the Bangkok streets – worth 1,500 THB

Grand Palace Walking Tour – worth 1,400 THB

Ayutthaya Day Tour visiting four temples – worth 1,200 THB

Our experience with Go City

Buying a Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass is easy

After purchasing a Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive 2 day pass online, you receive a code to your registered email address.

You then download the Go City app via the Apple store or Google Play. Once downloaded, enter the code into the Go City app and your passes appear electronically within the app.

When it is best to buy your Go City: Bangkok Pass?

The Go City website is very practical to use and one of the features is that it tells you which of the attractions are likely to book out early (you need to pre-book many tours and classes in advance).

Some attractions like Zoom rooftop bar or the King Power MahaNakhon skywalk allow you to just rock up to and show the QR code on your phone without advance booking.

Knowing we had to book some of the tours in advance, we purchased our Go City: Bangkok Passes around two weeks before we intended to use them and started contacting the various attraction providers with our Bangkok pass reference number.

As part of our two day Go City Bangkok: All Inclusive Pass, we wanted to pre-book five tours in advance. Out of the five tours we contacted, we managed to successfully book four.

In our instance, the Go! Thai cooking class was fully booked, so we switched out to another tour instead. All the other Bangkok tours were very easy to book in advance.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk

Go City – All Inclusive Passes vs Individual Attraction Explorer Passes

There is no doubt that the longer passes are ‘best value’ in terms of cost if you are staying in Bangkok for several days.

After much research, we discovered that the key four or five tours and attractions we wanted to in Bangkok could all be done in two days.

We decided to do an All Inclusive pass in Bangkok as we wanted to do a lot of attractions in a short amount of time as opposed to doing less over a longer period. This was our personal preference so we could fit in as much as possible over two days.

With the best will in the world and incredible planning, likely the most attractions you can effectively do on a 2 day all inclusive pass is 7 or 8. If you want to do more than that or not be rushing around Bangkok non-stop, it best to purchase a longer Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass.

Go City – multiple people on one pass / perfect for a couple

One thing we really liked about the Go City set-up was that as a couple, we could do tours and attractions together but there was also the ability to do separate things.

So for instance, whilst one of us did a cycling tour at the start of the pass, the other one of us did a Grand Palace Walking Tour. We then met up afterwards and did all the other activities together.

This is great if say one of you wants to do a cooking class but the other isn’t keen (e.g. the cooking class tour company also operates a bicycle tour at the exact same time as the cooking class so you could split it that way).

Attractions we visited on a 2 day Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass

We managed seven attractions and tours between with our two day Bangkok All Inclusive Pass. It could have been 9 if we also went for rooftop drinks at Zoom, or the Nara Thai Cuisine meal that is part of the pass.

Our 2 Day Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass itinerary


9am: Neil: Bangkok Culture Cycling Guided Tour
9am: Caroline: Grand Palace Walking Tour
2pm: Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat
5pm: King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk
7.45pm: 2-Hour Meridian Dinner Cruise (International Buffet)


9am: Damnoen Saduak Market and Maeklong Railway Market tour
5.30pm: Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

1. Bangkok Culture Cycling Guided Tour (worth 1100 THB)

Possibly our favourite activity on the whole Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass, this small group tour (maximum 6 people) takes you on an easy ride through the back-streets of Bangkok, through colourful areas and temples and along the Chao Phrya river and the Talat Noi neighbourhood.

Along the way, we saw sublime street art, fed temple turtles (snappy as!), had an incredible roti cooked fresh in front of our very eyes plus had some free time to explore the Bangkok flower market.

On our particular cycling tour, there was a nice mix of people including three South Korean girls and an elderly couple from the Netherlands. The cycling route lasted around 4.5 hours and was flat, around 15km in length.

Water and all safety equipment was provided and the tour guide also takes photos along the way which can be sent to you after the tour.

2. Grand Palace Walking Tour (worth 1400 THB)

Whilst one of us was doing the Bangkok Culture Cycling Guided Tour, the other did a wonderful walking tour of the Grand Palace.

The tour inside the palace was around 2 hours long with a small group size of around 8 people. Our english speaking guide showed us around and explained the history behind the art and architecture of this magnificent complex. The Grand Palace is certainly one place in Bangkok you cannot miss!

If you are taking part in this activity remember to dress appropriately with shoulders and knees covered.

3. Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat (worth 850 THB per person)

After we’d both completed our separate tours, we met in the afternoon to do the rest of our Go City tours and activities together.

Although we’d been along the Chao Phraya river many times before, we’d never explored the lesser known Bangkok canals and residential areas by longtail boat before so this was an exciting and insightful tour.

Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat  using Go City Bangkok Pass

Around 7 or 8 of us (and a tour guide) jumped on our private longtail boat and soared along the Chao Phraya river before taking a side turning into the more sedate canals.

As well as Wat Arun, you’ll explore the the old city of Thonburi by water and get a glimpse of how people live along the klongs (canals).

The highlight of the Bangkok canal longtail boat tour for us (other than being given the front seat in the boat!) was seeing the massive Phra Buddha Dhammakaya Thep Mongkol (a giant golden Buddha statue). Incredible to see such a unique temple from the water.

Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat  using Go City Bangkok Pass
Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat  using Go City Bangkok Pass

4. King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk (worth 880 THB each)

Bangkok’s tallest skydeck, the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk is a must visit when visiting Thailand and / or using a Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass.

The best bit (other than the stunning views at the top) is that you don’t need to book in advance. You can just show your Go City QR code at the visitor desk and you’re instantly given an entry ticket – so easy.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk using Go City Bangkok Pass

Once at the top of the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk, you can fool around on the glass platform (don’t look down!), or grab a beer at the outdoor Sky Beach bar or indoor cafe.

If possible, try to time your visit to King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk to coincide with sunset as the lookout here is unparalleled, especially with the sun setting over the Chao Phraya river – blissful.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk using Go City Bangkok Pass

5. 2-Hour Meridian Dinner Cruise (worth 1,600 THB each)

Our final Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive pass activity for day one was an evening river cruise.

This particular evening dinner cruise departs from ICON Siam shopping centre at around 7.45pm every evening (although you must check in between 5.30pm and 7.30pm). As the cruise ship first arrives, you are greeted by the staff and entertainers all waving and playing live music as they dock.

Meridian Dinner Cruise Bangkok using Go City pass

Once aboard, we were given our own private table for two with a riverside view. Along the way, we saw various temples and high rises plus lots of riverside shopping centres all lit up, like Asiatique.

The dinner cruise buffet was really delicious (very good food quality) which included unlimited seafood, plenty of Thai and Western dishes plus free soft drinks and drinking water.

Alcoholic drinks were also available to buy (a bottle of Chang beer was 100 THB so pretty reasonable). Live entertainment and dancing kept us entertained throughout the evening.

Sunset cruises are also available as part of the Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive passes but these are only available on Saturday and Sundays.

Meridian Dinner Cruise Bangkok using Go City pass
Meridian Dinner Cruise Bangkok using Go City pass

6. Damnoen Saduak Market and Maeklong Railway Market (worth 1,000 THB each)

Day two of our two day pass started with a 6 hour guided tour (with mini bus) of the Maeklong Railway Market followed by the Bangkok floating market at Damnoen Saduak Market.

Whilst both are very much tourist central, seeing such unique markets is always fun particularly the set up for the railway market.

For this, we jumped aboard the train at first so we could wave at people as we tightly pulled into the station.

Afterwards, our tour guide then found us a prime spot along the railway tracks to watch as the stallholders packed up their wares as the train inched by – seriously, the train gets so close; you really do have to breathe in.

Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok
Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok

Afterwards, we then had about an hour at the Damnoen Saduak floating market – the tour includes a long tail boat ride around the markets plus a little free time to explore – just remember to haggle with the stall holders as these are all tourist prices.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

7. Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk (worth 1,500 THB each)

Our final tour and activity (the seventh in two days – not bad going eh) was a 3 hour tuk tuk tour that took in four restaurants, all of which have featured in the Michelin Guide (not to be confused with the Michelin star system).

All of the restaurants have been picked for their quality and reputation (plus food handling) and you get to go between them in your own tuk-tuk; it is fun whizzing off after each meal as part of a group of tuk-tuks racing through the Bangkok streets.

Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk Bangkok using Go City pass

The tour included a couple of soup noodle dishes, a fried dough dessert with pandan custard, crab fried rice, plus for those brave enough, fried insects (we politely declined on the latter).

Our group was a good mix with people from Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK. The tour ended with a couple of night-time temple visits.

Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk Bangkok using Go City pass
Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk Bangkok using Go City pass

Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass savings

Based on our itinerary above, the value of our combined attractions and tours was 14,160 baht for the two of us.

The cost of our Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass for two days in 2023 was 3059 baht each (6118 baht in total), meaning a HUGE saving of 8042 baht saving between us.

So using conversions, we saved £195, $234 USD or €219 after taking away the original cost of the pass. Please note the Go City Bangkok passes for 2024 have increased slightly.

Bangkok Canal Tour by Longtail Boat

Is the All Inclusive Pass good value?

Yes, although it depends on how many attractions you visit and the cost of these.

If you use this pass for the higher cost attractions like the evening river cruise (usually 1,600 THB per person), you’ll be saving money straight away as long as you visit several high value attractions or undertake several tours in Bangkok.

In summary, Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive 2-day pass:

Total price without pass = 14,160 Thai Baht

2 x 2 day Bangkok All Inclusive Passes in 2023 =  6,188 Thai Baht*

We saved 57% = 8,042 Thai Baht

*2024 price – 8098 THB

How to use the Go City: Bangkok Pass tactically

The key thing to remember about a Go City: Bangkok pass is you can buy it whenever you like, but the timer only starts to count down (on the app) at the first point of redemption i.e. when you hand over your phone to an attraction ticket desk and they scan the QR code.

To get the best use out of say a two day pass, make sure you start the first day with an early tour (all the ones we did start at 9am) and continue with an afternoon tour.

Then consider what you can do at night like the river cruise, rooftop drinks or Nara Thai Cuisine Meal (the latter closes at 10pm).

The same principles apply to the 3, 4 and 5 Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive passes.

Bangkok Culture Cycling Guided Tour

Can you get a refund on the pass if you don’t use it?

Yes, you may cancel the Go City activity pass within 90 days of the payment date – this is the Go City risk free guarantee. However, if you use the pass, it is activated and you cannot get a refund.

How long is the pass valid?

It depends on the type of Go City Bangkok pass you have purchased.

If you have purchased an Explorer Pass, you’ll have 60 days from first use to visit your remaining attractions.

With an All-Inclusive Pass, it will activate when you visit your first attraction and then be valid for the number of days you’ve purchased.

Non-activated Explorer and All-Inclusive passes are valid for two years from the date of purchase.

Are there any downsides to using an All Inclusive Pass?

No, not really (other than feeling shattered after doing 7 activities in 2 days!).

One thing we noticed is that the tour length descriptions (likely provided by the tour companies themselves) weren’t always accurate meaning it can get tricky if you are trying to fit in several activities in one day without much time between them.

For instance, our cycling tour was stated as finishing at 1pm on the Go City website but it finished at 1.30pm meaning we had to rush to make our 2pm long tail boat tour.

So if your timings are tight, do check directly with the tour companies to double check when their activities finish.

Also double check with the tour company where they drop you off at the end. After our Damnoen Saduak Market and Maeklong Railway Market tour ended we were dropped off at MBK shopping mall, rather than River City (which was where the tour started). This was a bit inconvenient as we had another tour lined up that day that started at River City.

Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass Summary

We received a 2 day Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass online and found it very easy to purchase, set-up and use within the Go City app.

We used our Go City: Bangkok All Inclusive Pass on 7 different attractions and tours over a two day period and made a saving of over 8,000 Thai Baht between us.

If you plan and make your bookings in advance, you can definitely get more value out of the pass.

When we return to Bangkok, we would definitely consider purchasing another Go City product – we would also likely look to use Go City activity passes when we go to other cities like Seoul.

You can find out more about the Go City: Bangkok passes here >

Damnoen Saduak Market

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Disclosure: Our 2 day Go City Bangkok Passes were gifted, but all views are our own.

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      Hi G – I’m not sure why it would do that. Might be best to contact Go City directly to find a solution

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      We loved our Go City Bangkok pass! Hope you get to try it soon 🙂

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    Thank you for the review. Just purchased from the link on your site.

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    Thank you

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      CK Travels
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      Hey! How exciting and glad you found our review helpful! The Grand Palace tour did indeed start from River City, and the tour guide leads the group onto a river taxi to get to the Grand Palace. Let us know if you have anymore questions, Thanks Caroline

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