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Nimman, Chiang Mai Things To Do Guide + Photos 2024

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Nimman is one of Chiang Mai’s coolest neighbourhoods and very different from the old city.

Nimman (based along Nimmanhaemin Road) is a hipster district full of chic coffee houses, shopping malls, bars and retail stalls.

Lush, green streets give way to brand new shopping districts and co-working spaces plus you can find classic Chiang Mai attractions like night markets in Nimman.

Here is our guide to Nimman (there are many things to do in Nimman) from cool as beans coffee shops to sleek shopping malls and night markets:

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Nimman, Chiang Mai – things to do 2024 + photos

Nimmanhaemin Road is often referred to as Chiang Mai’s ‘coffee street’ and is refreshingly free of chain coffee shops.

Here, artisan and independent coffee shops are strewn around the green leafy streets meaning you can enjoy your coffee in style. Some of the best Nimman coffee shops include:

Ristr8to Coffee Lab, Ristr8to Original and Roast8ry Coffee Flagship

One of our favourite and best coffee shops in Nimman is Ristr8to, an award winning coffee shop that has come up with some incredible coffee and cold-brew creations.

Ristr8to really do brew up cups of cracking coffee that are works of art and taste damn fine.

Whilst you can go for ordinary coffee served in normal cups, you can also go for more unusual servings like coffee test tubes (139 Baht for four test tubes of cold brew) or a 5.5oz coffee served in a skull (a Ficardie for 89 Baht).

Ristr8to Coffee Lab and Ristr8to Original cafe Nimmen Chiang Mai
Ristr8to Lab branch on Soi 3

We like the Ristr8to Lab branch setting on Soi 3 as it has a shaded deck and is good for people watching but their Ristr8to Original branch is equally popular.

We also recently discovered their Roast8ry Coffee Flagship on Nimman Soi 17, a cool industrial chic space popular with students, expats and digital nomads – most coffees cost around the 90 to 110 THB mark.

Many say award-winning Ristr8to serves the best coffee in Chiang Mai so head over to check it out for yourself.

Ristr8to Coffee Lab and Ristr8to Original cafe Nimmen Chiang Mai
Ristr8to Lab branch on Soi 3
Roast8ry Coffee Flagship on Nimman Soi 17
Roast8ry Coffee Flagship on Nimman Soi 17

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We found FOHHIDE coffee shop in Nimman quite by chance (and to be honest, this is the best way to explore Nimman, wandering around the neighbourhood seeing what you can find).

Located on the fifth floor of a rickety building (don’t get the lift – use the stairs!), FOHHIDE does indeed have incredible coffee but it also has stunning aerial views of Nimman’s streets and the Chiang Mai hills.

FOHHIDE coffee cafe Nimmen Chiang Mai

Graph at One Nimman

We’d read this was Nimman’s most Instagrammed cafe and as soon as we rocked up, we genuinely found two separate Instagram wannabes (not us by the way) prancing up and down outside Graph, posing for numerous shots.

That said, the coffee at Graph is superb – their most well known coffee is a ‘Lost Garden’, a nitrogen-brewed coffee infused with rose water.

Graph coffee shop cafe at One Nimman Chiang Mai

The Baristro at Barisotel

Like Graph, this is another Nimman coffee shop that is incredibly popular both in terms of the coffee but also the seriously instagrammable interiors (the number of people posing inside can get seriously annoying).

Thankfully the coffee is spot on (loads of choice) plus the coconut cheesecake comes highly recommended.

The Baristro at Barisotel Nimman Chiang Mai
The Baristro at Barisotel Nimman Chiang Mai

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Italics restaurant at akyra Manor Hotel

There are many restaurants and cafes to try in Nimman but one we quite enjoyed was the Italics restaurant at akyra Manor Hotel.

We mainly loved it because the Italics interior is quirky as (think a forest of trees made out of lights, with black marble and mirror EVERYWHERE) and it was fine dining at a fraction of the price if you book the 50% off discount deal with Thai food app Eatigo (selected times only though).

Italics restaurant at ‘akyra Manor Hotel’ Nimmen Chiang Mai

Italics restaurant is run by famous TV chefs and specialises in Italian food.

On our first visit, we tried their signature akyra pizza which was really good although the amount of truffle used lingered a long time after we finished eating.

More recently, we revisited Italics and tried the salmon tagliatelle and a classic carbonara dish. As of 2024, you can still get 50% off Italics in the afternoon on the eatigo app.

Italics restaurant at ‘akyra Manor Hotel’ Nimmen Chiang Mai

Rock Me Burger

Established in 2014 by a Thai musician who craved good American style burgers in Thailand, Rock Me Burger moved from the Chiang Mai old city to the backstreets of Nimman. And burger me – these are seriously satisfying burgers and fine fast food.

Rock Me Burger Chiang Mai

We opted for the mac and cheese burger and the truffle burger which were both served with fries and an onion ring for around the 240 THB mark each.

Very popular with expats and travellers, Rock Me Burger is a nice respite if you want something different from traditional Thai Food. Note, Rock Me Burger in Nimman only accepts cash.

Tong Tem Toh Northern Thai restaurant

Such a popular Nimman restaurant that it even has its own electronic ticketing system (a bit like a deli counter in a supermarket), Tong Tem Toh is a traditional Northern Thai eatery that has a huge garden like terrace and a mezzanine seating area.

Tong Tem Toh Northern Thai restaurant Nimman

Specialising in ant egg dishes, we opted for crispy pork, fried tilapia, green veggie dishes with egg and stir fried chicken dishes – prices were good and the service was brisk.

Tong Tem Toh Northern Thai restaurant Nimman

Koyi Chicken

A quick mention of this incredible (and cheap) chicken shop we discovered near to Buri Suri hotel where we were staying at.

Koyi Chicken Nimman

Koyi Chicken serves the most delicious Hainanese Chicken / Fried Chicken and rice with a ‘secret sauce’ for only 60 THB a portion.

Always popular, Koyi Chicken is a hidden gem and literally just serves 3 or 4 chicken dishes with their addictive sauce – highly recommended and a nice Nimman restaurant to try for lunch.

Stewed Beef Akkara 4 / Akara Beef Stew (อัครฯเนื้อตุ๋น)

Hands down for us the best restaurant in Nimman, this side-street stewed beef and pork noodle shop is a local eatery that is high on taste but low impact on your wallet.

We ate at the Stewed Beef Akkara noodle shop several times as the flavours were so rich and the meat was so succulent.

Akara Beef Stew nimman

The menu is in Thai but the owner speaks good English and was always so warm and welcoming. A local Nimman neighbourhood eatery, dishes here cost between 50THB to 65THB and are better than any Michelin restaurant (in our opinion).

Help yourself to cold drinks in the fridge plus keep an eye out for the HUGE tortoise that waddles around the gorgeous green garden next door.

Please note – there is no proper name for this on Google Maps; we think it is called Akara Beef Stew – the address is 27 Sirimangkalajarn Road Lane and is a 2 minute walk from away the famous Cheevit Cheeva dessert shop on the same road.

Akara Beef Stew nimman

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Maya Lifestyle Shopping Mall

A sometimes welcome respite from the humid and hot temperatures in Chiang Mai, Maya Lifestyle Shopping mall has INCREDIBLE air-conditioning – oh and lots of nice, lovely shops (but for us, it was all about the air con!).

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre has many local and international brands, plus several Japanese stores like Daiso and Moshi Moshi. We are also partial to the Swensen’s ice cream chain store here.

Current stores and brands in Nimman’s Maya Mall as at 2023 include H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, a Mango outlet, Seiko, Casio, Watson’s pharmacy, Fila, Crocs and naRaYa.

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre Nimmen Chiang Mai

As well as lots of shops, Maya Shopping Centre has a cheap food court on level 4 – you will need to buy a top-up card at the cashier to buy food here (a bit like the Terminal 21 food court in Bangkok).

Maya also has a cinema on level 5 and a free viewing deck on the top floor (level 6).

Maya Kitchen in Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre Nimmen Chiang Mai

One Nimman

One Nimman is a shopping centre and retail space handily located just across the road from Maya Lifestyle shopping mall and Think Park – it is easy to find, just look for the Italian bell tower!

One Nimman Chiang Mai
One Nimman Chiang Mai

That’s right, One Nimman is a little different from other Chiang Mai shopping centres – it has cobbled streets, town squares plus a beautiful Italian style street (known as One Street) of chic shops and coffee bars / cafes. It actually feels kinda like the Bellagio in Las Vegas (faux Italy).

New for 2023, One Nimman has opened a new shopping area on the upper levels called One Nimman Select. Upstairs, there are a lot of nice looking independent shops and stalls selling everything from discount sneakers to nice smelling incense.

One Nimman Select also has food stalls selling snacks like dried fruit, stroopwafels and Thai rice cakes – pop up events take place here too.

One Nimman Chiang Mai
One Nimman Chiang Mai

One Nimman has an eclectic weekly events schedule including night markets every Friday to Sunday (more on this in our Nimman night market section below) plus even yoga, body balance and salsa sessions.

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There are several night markets in Nimman, Chiang Mai.

The most well known Nimman night markets (in terms of tourists) are the Chiang Mai University Night Market and Rincome night market – the latter located right next door to the Maya shopping mall (you can even peer over from the roof terrace on Maya’s 6th floor to get a bird’s eye view of Rincome night market).

Chiang Mai University Night Market

This night market isn’t just for students but being so close to one of Thailand’s biggest universities, this might explain why it is certainly one of the cheapest night markets.

On our most recent visit to Chiang Mai University Night Market, we only saw a handful of tourists there and it is very much a local night market. It is certainly worth heading to for the many clothing, fashion and furnishings stalls (so many Hawaiian shirts!!!).

When you first enter as you head towards the centre, you’ll find several busy food courts.

We would guess that there was around 200 non food stalls and around 100 food kiosks at Chiang Mai University Night Market, so kind of mid range in size when to compared to all the other night markets.

Note you cannot buy or bring any alcohol / beer at the Chiang Mai University Night Market.

Chiang Mai University Night Market is open daily from 5pm until around 10pm to 11pm.

Rimcome Night Market

We visited Rimcome night market early one Tuesday evening (perhaps too early) and stayed until approx 6.30pm. Many of the stalls hadn’t opened and the food court was quite spartan, although we think it is the cheapest place in Chiang Mai for beers – 60 Baht for a large Chang Leo.

Rincome night market Nimmen Chiang Mai

There were around 10 food stalls open at Rincome market when we last visited with dishes like Northern Thai sausage for 15 Baht. It was a mix of both locals and tourists attending (plus a lot of cats).

Rincome night market is open daily (except Sunday) from 5pm till midnight, but it is not the best night market in Nimman to be honest.

Street Food Market / Japanese White Market at One Nimman

The European style One Nimman has a couple of cute night markets that both take place every Friday to Sunday, from 3pm to 10pm.

The street food night market at One Nimman takes place in the One Square area, in the shadow of a big and beautiful clock tower.

Live music and busking takes place in the cobbled square, and you’ll find around 20 food and drink stalls selling snacks like lobster rolls, German sausages plus a few Thai style dishes.

One Nimman Street Food Market

Next door on a tree lined side street road immediately outside One Nimman, the White Market sells handcrafted and artisan goods.

Described as a Japanese Lanna Hand Craft night market, it has around 30 stalls selling fine fashion items and high quality / quirky goods, as opposed to souvenir and tourist tat. Kind of like a really fantastic flea market!

White market, Nimman

Langmor night market

Open daily from 5pm to 9pm, Nimman’s nightly Langmor market has shorter opening hours than most Chiang Mai night markets but that is because it is squarely aimed at Chiang Mai’s huge student and university population (the second biggest student population in Thailand after Bangkok).

This means Langmor night market is cheaper than most and well attended by young people and isn’t so tourist orientated. Langmor night market has some of the cheapest food in Chiang Mai with plenty of seating areas but can get quite busy during the peak hours of 6 to 8pm.

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Tim Baan Yaii – homemade ice cream in Nimman

A dainty dessert cafe in the back-streets with just a handful of tables inside, this is our favourite Nimman ice-cream shop.

Tim Baan Yaii - homemade ice cream in Nimman

The ice-cream here is incredible with delicious homemade flavours like lemon cheesecake plus seasonal specials.

A scoop of single ice-cream at Tim Baan Yaii costs 55 THB. We also tried the 89 THB chocolate sundae which included a free choice of ice-cream, crushed wafers, chocolate brownies bits plus lashings of sauce – honestly, it is ice-cream heaven!

Tim Baan Yaii - homemade ice cream in Nimman

Cheevit Cheeva dessert shop

Popular with TikTokkers and well-known on the ‘gram, Cheevit Cheeva is a Nimman dessert shop that is known for its blinged bingsu desserts plus colourful cakes and wonderful waffles.

Cheevit Cheeva dessert shop Nimman Chiang Mai

We tried the molten chocolate cake for 125 THB, plus a sang ka ya and young coconut waffle, washed down with kukuto pearl caramel milk. All were good but not exceptional – see for yourself what all the Cheevit Cheeva hype is about.

Cheevit Cheeva dessert shop Nimman Chiang Mai

Flour Flour Small Batch Ice-Cream

An Ice-cream Instagrammers dream, this newly opened for 2024 Nimman ice-cream shop offers a huge range of 98 THB sweet treats and various options and flavours.

The first step is to choose your bread which the ice-cream will go on – you can choose between a classic brioche, salted butter pretzel or vegan crispy oat wafer.

Flour Flour Small Batch Ice-cream Nimman

Then choose one of 9 ice-cream flavours including burnt honey and butter (a top seller), basil and sun-dried tomato ice-cream or camembert and caramelized onion ice-cream.

Feeling brave? Then try the jalapeno and cucumber pickles FOYO flavour at Flour Flour.

Finally you can sprinkle with caramel sauce, roasted khao mao or coconut.

We liked the concept and the store is cute but personally, we found our burnt honey and butter ice-cream a tad flavourless so we’d try something else next time.

Swensen’s Ice-Cream Nimman

Ok, this is a standard and safe bet, but another ice-cream option is the Swensen’s ice-cream store in Maya Lifestyle shopping mall.

It may be a chain but this is the only Swensen’s in Chiang Mai and is a nice way to enjoy some mall air-conditioning after a day of exploring Nimman.

A two scoop sundae with cream costs 99THB or you can treat yourself to sweet treats like chocolate lava cake or banana splits.


Guess what – ‘Smooth’ makes smoothies. A pretty pink kiosk hidden along Nimman Haeminda Road Lane 17 (and near to Roast8ry Coffee Flagship), Smooth is a simple but effective smoothie bar that just churns out super smoothies at low prices.

Most smoothies cost 69 THB including avocado fresh milk smoothies, mixberry smoothies or mango smoothies, plus a huge cup of iced Thai tea only costs 40 THB.

nimman smooth

Door Bell Ice Cream

Temporarily closed as of February 2024

A ‘n-ice’ thing to do in Nimman, Door Bell Ice Cream is a cute and charming homemade ice-cream stop hidden in the side-streets with lots of flavours to choose.

Unlike like most ice-cream stores, this is actually located in the drive-way of someone’s house and you put your money into an honesty box. How refreshing in every sense!

Door Bell Ice Cream Nimman Chiang Mai

There are two big freezers of ice-creams and sorbets to choose from with incredible flavours like jackfruit, Horlicks, Ovaltine and Thai Tea.

As well as normal milk ice-cream, you can get tubs of sorbet and coconut milk ice-cream as well. All ice-creams are priced at 33 Baht per small tub (prices as at June 2023).

Door Bell Ice Cream Nimman Chiang Mai

Given how inexpensive they were (and we visited on a hot 36c day), we tried three flavours, Banana and Oreo, Passionfruit and Black Sesame. Our fave was banana and oreo which tasted like banana bread ice-cream! The black sesame was also a fave and is a coconut milk concoction so it didn’t melt as quick as the others.

Choose your dessert from the freezer and then put your money into the honesty box or use the QR code to e-pay. There are also a couple of small seats and benches in the drive way if you want to enjoy your Door Bell ice creams there.

We discovered this homely, incredible ice-cream shop as part of our Chiang Mai Chef’s Tour – find out more about it here >

Door Bell Ice Cream Nimman Chiang Mai

Nimman by day is delightful but Nimman at night is even better. Nimman is one of the best Chiang Mai neighbourhoods to explore in the evening – better still, stay there for a few nights so you get to encounter all the best bars and pubs.

Some of the best night time spots in Nimman include:

Think Park Nimman, Chiang Mai (open day and night)

A little piece of Japan in Nimman, Think Park is a relatively new themed shopping area with loads of cute and charming features like a Japanese road crossing (even the nearest entrance from Maya shopping centre is themed like a Tokyo Metro / Underground station).

There are cutesy characters on benches to pose with plus other subtle stylings like a Japanese postbox.

Think Park Nimman Chiang Mai

There are several bars and restaurants at Nimman’s Think Park plus around 10 to 15 shops (think fashion, Japanese groceries, jewellery, beauticians etc).

Nimman’s Think Park! is much more busy at night – lots of Japanese lanterns and neon signs light up, plus it has popular late night craft beer bars like 053 Craft Beer Bar and east Asian restaurants.

One of the nicest bars is The Camelia cafe and music bar which has a huge outdoor stage.

There is also a weekly night market at Think Park every Thursday evening.

A great place for alfresco drinks and an izakaya style night out, Think Park Nimman is open daily from 11am to 10pm.

Think Park Nimman Chiang Mai
Think Park Nimman Chiang Mai
Think Park Nimman Chiang Mai

Sucking Stones Brewery

Recently opened, Sucking Stones Brewery in Nimman is Chiang Mai’s newest craft beer bar and brewery with gorgeous interiors, good quality craft beer (for Thailand) and lovely staff.

Sucking Stones Brewery Nimman Chiang Mai

A sleek modern bar awaits at Sucking Stones Brewery and it is cool to sit so close to all the brewing vats – they serve their own brewed beers as well as guest taps from other Thailand craft beer breweries.

The craft beers here are a little on the pricey side though – we paid around 430 THB for two small craft beers (around half a pint); but the craft beer was really good!

Why Me

A fun outdoor bar and beer terrace, Why Me is a cheap and cheerful Nimman bar that serves large beers for around 90 THB and has a stage with live acts.

Why Me bar Nimman Chiang Mai

We stayed for a couple of hours enjoying the music (there seems to be a different band or performer every hour or so) – snacks are available onsite or a steady stream of street-food vans pop by to drum up trade. A fun night out.

New Town

A coffee shop by day and super cool bar by night, New Town Nimman is where all the cool kids hang out (and us!).

Busy every night of the week, New Town has a huge beer garden and terrace set amongst the trees and lit up by fairy lights with a DJ most nights.

Big groups meet here to share beer towers, chug Changs or just enjoy the chillled out vibe – a good place for a laidback night out in Nimman.

Aura Nimman

A chic cocktail spot and live music venue, Aura Nimman is open every day from 5pm to midnight (it used to be known as PERNG Cafe).

A little more expensive than other nearby Nimman bars, this is good spot to enjoy performances with some booze.

Nimman Warm Up Cafe

This cafe has been around for over 20 years and one of the mainstays of Nimman’s nightlife.

Open daily from 6pm to 2am, Warm Up Cafe has 3 ‘zones’ and is renowned for its EDM and live DJs.

Along with a stage for live bands and its very own souvenir shop, Warm Up Cafe is popular with all the cool kids in Chiang Mai.

Rise rooftop bar

Located on the top floor of the akyra hotel (the same hotel we mentioned earlier when we dined in its Italics restaurant).

The focal point of Rise bar is the hotel’s rooftop pool, with cocktails and cold beers all part of the mix – tapas and shared BBQ platters are also available to combine with your rooftop views of Nimman and Chiang Mai.

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Myst rooftop bar

Whilst at Nimman Hill, you can also visit one of Nimman’s best rooftop bars and restaurants, Myst. This chic cocktail bar comes alive at night with a mezzanine seating area and often has DJs and live music playing till the small hours.

Whilst prices are not cheap compared to most other bars (some of the cocktails are 800 baht), the views are spectacular and the restaurant boasts a Thai and international fusion menu.

Read more in our guide to Chiang Mai’s best rooftop bars >

Nimman Rooftop Bar - Myst Chiang Mai

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Side streets and alleyways

One of the joys in visiting Nimman is to actually rock up, potentially without a plan or map and just wander round all the various Nimman sois / streets / sois discovering little coffee shops or cafes and pastry shops for yourself.

After the moped mania of Chiang Mai’s busy old town roads (especially around the city walls), Nimman’s lush green streets and peaceful back alleys are wonderful to just stroll around.

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Co-working in Nimman – Yellow Nimman and Camp (Creative and Meeting Place)

Chiang Mai is famous for being popular with digital nomads and Nimman is no exception. Whilst there are many older building co-working spaces in Chiang Mai old town, Nimman has several newer and modern co-working spaces.

Yellow Nimman is one of the biggest Chiang Mai co-working spaces with 24/7 access, an onsite cafe (titled Yellow Cafe, obviously) plus a huge slide that goes from the office space to the lush outdoor deck.

Packages vary and if you take out a monthly Yellow co-working booking, drinks are also included in the package.

Yellow Nimman Chiang Mai

Another Chiang Mai / Nimman co-working space is CAMP, which stands for ‘Creative and Meeting Place) located on the 5th floor of the Maya shopping mall, accessible 24/7 (and also very popular with Chiang Mai university and school students). There are 5 meeting rooms, food and drink outlets and a reading zone.

Camp (Creative and Meeting Place) Maya shopping Mall Nimmen Chiang Mai

Nimman Hill

Nimman Hill is actually the area atop Maya shopping mall, located on the 6th floor – just take the escalators to the top floor, walk past the cinema and you’ll be treated to incredible views of the Chiang Mai hills plus an aerial view of next-door Rincome Market (plus you might see some planes taking off from nearby Chiang Mai airport as the flight-path goes past Maya shopping centre). Nimman Hill is free to visit.

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Wat Suandok, Nimman

Also known as WatBuppharama, this Nimman temple is actually one of the biggest temples in Chiang Mai, with sprawling grounds and dozens of white chedi outside (it is kind of reminiscent of the larger temple grounds in Chiang Rai).

Wat Suandok, Nimman Chiang Mai

A Royal Buddhist temple located on Suthep Road, Wat Suandok can be seen for miles around, with a huge golden chedi as the centrepiece.

The sermon hall next to the huge chedi was added in the 1930s and contains a 5 metre tall Buddha statues and hundreds of other bronze statues – it is the most beautiful temple in Nimman and is certainly worth a trip from Chiang Mai’s Old Town (approximately 80 to 100 THB in a Grab taxi).

Whilst the Wat Suandok grounds are free to visit, there is a small foreigner fee of 20 THB to visit the main sermon (to assist with upkeep).

Wat Suandok, Nimman Chiang Mai

Wat Umong Suan Puthanam

Most of the Nimman things to do we mention are relatively modern but on the outskirts of the neighbourhood, Wat Umong is one of the most historical and beautiful temples in Chiang Mai.

Wat Umong Suan Puthanam Chiang Mai

Unlike most of the Chiang Mai temples you can visit, Wat Umong has an incredible array of ancient tunnels you can explore thought to date back to the 13th century (keep an eye out for the cave paintings) and a large Chedi monument that is around 700 years old (walk around it three times for good luck).

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Wat Umong Suan Puthanam Chiang Mai
Wat Umong Suan Puthanam Chiang Mai
Wat Umong Suan Puthanam Chiang Mai

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Get High in Nimman

Since 2022, it has been legal to smoke grass in Thailand – that said, please note it is illegal to smoke (and vape) in public places. As such, several ‘dope’ cafes have set up in Nimman (although there are nowhere near as many in Nimman as there are compared to Chiang Mai old town).

One of the most biggest dope cafes in Nimman is All Good, located just across the road from the One Nimman shopping centre and night market.

Where to stay in Nimman, Chiang Mai


Buri Siri Boutique Hotel
Lovely hotel set in a colonial building with good sized swimming pool and on-site restaurant, located a short walk from many bars and restaurants. Check out prices and availability for Buri Siri Boutique Hotel.

Buri Siri Boutique Hotel nimman
Buri Siri Boutique Hotel

Sakulchai Place
Budget friendly hotel with outdoor pool and a fitness centre. Located within walking distance of the night markets and Maya shopping mall. Check out prices and availability for Sakulchai Place.

ibis Chiang Mai Nimman Journeyhub
Brand new – this budget chain hotel is a short walk from MAYA mall and offers facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and restaurant/bar. Check out prices and availability for Ibis Nimman.


De Chai Oriental Nimman 
Boutique hotel with stylish oriental-designed rooms. Facilities include a fitness centre with views of Doi Suthep, outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant. Check out prices and availability for De Chai Oriental Nimman 


U Nimman Chiang Mai
Stylish 5 star hotel with outdoor pool and views of the mountain, located opposite Think Park and Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre. Rooms have a terrace and hotel facilities include a pool bar, restaurant and sauna. Check out prices and availability for U Nimman Chiang Mai.

U Nimman hotel Chiang Mai
U Nimman Chiang Mai

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