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Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Review – New 5* Hotel

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Hotel Adam Krabi in Ao Nang is a 5* hotel that opened in February 2024 – one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable hotels in Krabi, Hotel Adam Krabi looks incredible with each room having their own private pool balcony, with stunning views of Ao Nang’s hills.

From the incredible rooftop pool to the beautiful design and colour scheme inspired by Krabi’s ancient hills and tribal drawings, Hotel Adam Krabi is easily one of the best hotels in Ao Nang that we’ve stayed in.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

We paid £75 (around 3,400 THB, 87 Euros or $93 USD) for a deluxe pool suite garden view room including an la carte breakfast and stayed during Krabi’s peak season (April 2024).

From its awesome a la-carte breakfasts to its private pools and opulent interiors, here is our honest review of staying at Hotel Adam Krabi in Ao Nang). All views are our own and we paid for our stay.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand private pool

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Hotel Adam Krabi review 2024 and overview

Opening in early 2024, Hotel Adam Krabi is brought to you by the Panan Krabi hotel and hospitality group, who operate successful hotels and businesses in the local Ao Nang / Krabi area including:

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

At the time of writing, there are also plans to build an Ao Nang water park at the rear of the new hotel.

There are various room types including deluxe pool suite mountain view, deluxe pool suite garden view (the room we stayed in) and deluxe pool suite with seaviews.

There are also 2 bedroom duplex suites with main pool access.

2 bedroom duplex suites on ground level

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Arriving at Hotel Adam Krabi

The first thing you notice as you arrive is the design of the hotel – bright orange in colour, lined with palm-trees and curved walls.

Inspired by the local ancient Krabi hills, it actually reminded us of a Moroccan Kasbah style hotel.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

So popular and intriguing is the design of Hotel Adam Krabi, it seems to be a very popular Instagram and selfie taking spot, given the unique exterior.

As soon as you walk down the corridor to check-in, the awesome architecture astounds, comprising rich colours and a tropical tapestry of landscaping and outdoor pools.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

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Check in

The check-in process at Hotel Adam Krabi was nice – we arrived a little early and were ushered to their air conditioned Library Room.

Upon being served cool refreshing drinks, we filled out the various forms and then waited until the 2pm check-in time.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

One of the most unique things about our stay at Hotel Adam Krabi was the pillow spray and fragrance session in the spa before we got to our room.

We were taken to the spa and given a choice of four different scents to choose from – upon choosing our favourite, we were given a small spray set so we could fragrance our own pillows as we liked. This was a first for us!

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand spa pillow mist

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Hotel Adam Krabi room interiors + photos

All the rooms at Hotel Adam Krabi are over 55m2 in size and very ample in terms of space to put luggage and various belongings. Incidentally, if you aren’t a fan of orange interiors, then this hotel might not be for you!

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand room

The room interiors are mainly a rustic orange and cream colour. We were instantly drawn to the dressing gowns as they were bright orange and had drawings / icons that are inspired by the historic Krabi hills cave paintings.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand room
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand room
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand bathroom

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The room also had a comfy sofa area plus a small table and chair area. We really liked the coffee and tea selection in the room (coffee ground sachets) plus a nice touch was the complimentary tubs of dried banana chips and dried anchovies.

The cold complimentary soft drinks awaiting us in the fridge were also really appreciated.

One thing we thought could be improved on was the in-room TV – compared to other hotels (and also given this is a ‘5 star’ hotel), we thought the TV was pretty small, but a minor quibble.

It was great that the TV had Netflix, Amazon Prime and other apps (own log-in is required). The Wifi was strong and reliable too.

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Hotel Adam Krabi private pools

Obviously the (5) star of the show was the deluxe private pool that each room has, the main reason for our stay at Hotel Adam Krabi.

The private pool dominates the view from the room – in fact, you can even watch your partner or friend swim below the water as you lie on the bed – pretty unique.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand room with private pool

The private pools at Hotel Adam Krabi are a good size although they are not heated or do not have jets (this would have been a nice touch).

As we stayed during the hot season and daily temperatures were 38c+, the water temperature was good for us although a little chilly in the evening.

Next to the private pool, there is a small cushioned seating area plus a semi-outdoor shower.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand room with private pool

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Hotel Adam Krabi Rooftop Pool

After enjoying our balcony private pool, we opted to head up to the top floor to check out the Hotel Adam Krabi rooftop pool at sunset.

Towels are available and there are around 10 sun loungers in groups of two, with semi-private seating areas.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand rooftop pool
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand rooftop pool

We found the rooftop pool at Hotel Adam Krabi totally empty and only one other sunbather was on the roof terrace when we first arrived. Maybe this is because most people stick to their private balcony pools, one of the main USPs of this hotel.

The rooftop pool was incredibly warm (possibly heated) and like stepping into a warm bath. The views are nice and you can see the ocean in the far distance, plus mountains and palm trees.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand rooftop pool
View from the back of the rooftop area

The one thing we found disappointing, especially compared to their other Panan Krabi Hotel is that there is no rooftop bar – it looks like one was planned for and built (there is an island with seats) but it appears to have been removed or changed.

So to order drinks on the rooftop, you have to order by phone from a limited bar and tapas menu next to it. This place would really benefit from a rooftop bar, especially given the views and stunning terrace.

The rooftop pool is open daily from 8am to 7pm and for hotel guests only – towels are also provided on the top floor.

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Main Pool

Located on the ground floor, the main pool never seemed that busy (presumably because there are better views from the rooftop pool) plus the abundance of private pools in each room.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand  pool

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Curry Restaurant

The Taste of Southern Thailand – that is how the Hotel Adam Krabi restaurant positions itself. Both the decor and food are both excellent here.

Staff were attentive and the menu was comprehensive – at the time we stayed, there was an in-room promotion where guests could get 20% off all drinks and food in the restaurant, as part of the soft opening.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant

We opted for a spicy and sour fish curry, fried chicken with cashew nut plus fried shrimp and stink beans.

All the food was delicious, although it was the hottest Thai curry we’ve ever had and it was a medium spice (this was probably our own fault though!)

The Hotel Adam Krabi restaurant prices are pretty reasonable given the setting and sublime food presentation. We paid 750 THB for three mains, two rice (included for free) and two soft drinks including service and GST (note this also included a 20% soft opening discount).

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant

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Hotel Adam Krabi breakfast

We LOVED the breakfast at Hotel Adam Krabi – it is an a la carte offering making a nice change from the usual Krabi hotel buffet breakfast offerings.

Note that breakfast isn’t part of the lowest room rate so you may need to pay extra to include breakfast (but it is SO worth it).

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast

Choosing from a huge a la carte breakfast menu, we shared

  • Eggs Royale (salmon and Hollandaise sauce on small muffins – eggs benedict is available too) – delicious
  • Fluffy egg white omelettes with peas, mushroom, tomato and mint salsa
  • Lemon scented pancakes accompanied with strawberries and pineapple.
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast

A huge Adam breakfast is also available (your classic eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and potato combo) plus sweet treats like coconut waffle or cinnamon toast.

Breakfast dishes are quite small so you might want to share 3 or 4 between 2 of you if you are feeling hungry.

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast

Look out for the rather unique multicoloured Adam croissants plus the fresh honeycomb (which looked incredible).

There is also a chiller full of fresh fruits, desserts and more plus whole coconuts – cereal, coffees and more are also available. You definitely will leave feeling very full!

Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast
Hotel Adam Krabi Ao Nang Thailand restaurant breakfast

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Other Facilities at Hotel Adam Krabi

Kids club

Next to the restaurant, there is a small kids club with tents, dens, toys and more.


As we only stayed one night, we never used the spa but we did get a glimpse when we did the pillow fragrance tester session.


The gym at Hotel Adam Krabi is open 24 / 7.

Incidentally, we highly recommend the Japanese restaurant Kaze. It is located next door at Sea Seeker Hotel. A great option if you are staying several days and want a change from the Curry Restaurant

Kaze restaurant at Sea Seeker next door

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What we didn’t like about Hotel Adam Krabi

It should be remembered that whilst this is classed as a 5* Krabi hotel by Thailand standards, it is more like a 4* hotel compared to say UK or USA standards. However with room rates starting from £60 upwards, this represents such good value.

Our only minor criticisms were that by having an semi-open air shower, you have to keep your bathroom door and lounge door shut all the time or the mosquitos fly in (especially true at night).

We left our bathroom door open for like 10 minutes by accident and found we has lots of mosquitos buzzing around the bed whilst we slept – so make sure to keep the bathroom door shut all the time.

After two months of opening, the stone floors were also showing signs of staining and disrepair but this was a minor thing.

How far is Hotel Adam Krabi from the beach?

Hotel Adam Krabi is a short 10 minute walk to the beach. Better still, you can take the back road left out of the hotel which by-passes the busy main strip and brings you out right next to the Last Fisherman Bar on the beach (by Centara Beach Resort).

This little quiet short cut to the beach is one of Ao Nang’s best kept secrets!

Hotel Adam Krabi review and summary

Krabi’s Hotel Adam is a new 5* hotel in Ao Nang Beach, which looks stunning both inside and out.

Staff are very friendly and their are some really nice personal touches, including the pillow scent testing session.

The best part of the Hotel Adam Krabi is the private balcony pools which often have ocean or mountain views – the rooftop pool is also a nice touch plus their Curry Restaurant is one of the best looking restaurants in Krabi.

Whilst not 5* by western standards, this is an affordable stay in Krabi and one of the best hotels we’ve stayed in Ao Nang.

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