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Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 18 Things To Do Guide + Photos 2024

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Kaohsiung is King! No trip to the west coast of Taiwan is complete without a trip to the sprawling coastal city of Kaohsiung.

Although possibly not as well known as Taipei on the tourist scene, there are many things to do in Kaohsiung, from its vibrant arts scene, beautiful outlying islands and incredible street food – plus Kaohsiung calls its main waterway ‘Love River’ so bonus marks for that!

Cijin Island

We’ve previously visited Kaohsiung on several occasions (most recently in April 2024) and would totally recommend visiting this part of western Taiwan as part of your next Taiwan itinerary.

From the super-cool Yancheng neighbourhood (complete with a new Godzilla themed cafe) to Kaohsiung’s famed Dome of Light, likely the most beautiful station in the world, here is our guide to the top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2024:

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Travelling to Kaohsiung, Taipei

As Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s third biggest city (after Taipei and Taichung) plus the most populated place in southern Taiwan, there are many transport options to get here.

Going to Kaohsiung via Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR)

We visited Kaohsiung via the Taiwanese High Speed Rail System (HSR), starting in Taipei and finishing in Kaohsiung – as part of this itinerary. We also visited Taichung and Tainan on the way, finishing in Kaohsiung.

You can buy discounted Taiwan High Speed Rail one way tickets between Taipei and Kaohsiung (plus other stations) via this Klook HSR booking link >

Please note these discounted Taiwan High Speed Rail tickets are exclusive to overseas tourists and you will need to show your passport upon redemption.

If arriving from Taipei you should take the Taiwan High Speed Rail from Taipei Main Station to Kaohsiung’s HSR Zuoying Station (you can connect to downtown Kaohsiung City by taking a short MRT ride). The journey takes around an hour and a half.

There is an alternative and much cheaper TRA train from Taipei (Tze-Chiang Limited Express train) but the journey time is so much longer at around 4-5 hours.

Kaohsiung by bus

You can take a bus from Taipei to Kaohsiung for as little as $15 one way – the quickest coaches / buses from Taipei to Kaohsiung take a little over four hours.

Flying to Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung International Airport is the second busiest airport in Taiwan (after Taipei) and has many international direct flights to and from it.

Direct flight destinations to and from Kaohsiung International Airport include China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.

Getting around Kaohsiung

The public transport system in Kaohsiung is very extensive and consists of buses, Metro / MRT plus a circular tram / light rail network.

Book an unlimited Kaohsiung MRT pass >

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Things to do in Kaohsiung:

1. Lotus Lake Temples (currently undergoing renovations)

2024 update – several of the main Lotus Lake temples are currently covered in scaffolding, due to an extensive restoration process which will last many months.

A short train or bus ride away from downtown Kaohsiung  brings you to Lotus Lake – one of the top Kaohsiung things to do / attractions and famous for its eponymous lotus flowers .

Kaohsiung’s Lotus Lake is actually a man made lake that was built in the 1950s, as a way to entice more visitors to the area – it definitely seems to be working! The annual Kaohsiung Lantern Festival also often takes place at Lotus Lake.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

It is also famous for being home to several large statues and religious shrines – the most famous of these (and likely the ones you will have seen on Instagram) are the Tiger and Dragon Pagodas, the Spring and Autumn Pavilions plus the Beiji Xuantian Shang Di Pavilion.

Our favourite pagodas at Lotus Lake are the Tiger and Dragon pagodas as we had never seen anything like this before. In line with Taiwanese tradition, we visited by entering through the dragon’s mouth and out via the tiger’s jaws to hopefully increase our good fortune.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post
Tiger and Dragon pagodas

Using a drone at Lotus Lake
This was a perfect spot to use our drone as the views of the lake from up high with its epic religious relics looks incredible. We didn’t crash the drone either, so the good fortune from exiting the tiger’s mouth must have worked!

Please ensure you check the up-to-date local drone regulations in Kaohsiung as they may have changed since our trip to Kaohsiung.

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Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post
Spring and Autumn Pavilions
Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post
Spring and Autumn Pavilions
Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post
Beiji Xuantian Shang Di Pavilion

2. Pier 2 Art Center

Pier 2 Art Center is an immense complex, spread over several old industrial warehouses right next to the port in the Yancheng District. Once a hive of fishing piers and international shipping trade, this area of Kaohsiung fell into disuse until it was revived in 2006.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

The whole Pier 2 Art Center area is usually abuzz with families, friends and teenagers out shopping, browsing or going to the various pop-up exhibitions. There is a lot to see and do here so make sure you give yourself at least a couple of hours to fully explore this ‘pierless’ part of Kaohsiung.

From quirky pop-up shops (like a Moomin’s exhibition when we visited) to fun outdoor sculptures and murals, there is a lot to see at Pier 2 Art Centre and it is one of Kaohsiung’s top things to do.

To reach Pier 2 Art Centre, take the orange line on the KMRT to Yangchengpu Station (exit 1), or take the Light Rail tram to Dayi Pier-2 station.

Read our full blog on the Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung >

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

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3. Dome of Light, Formosa Boulevard MRT Station

Another unique Kaohsiung attraction, this has been described by many as the ‘…world’s most beautiful underground / train station’ and is one of the most popular things to see in Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung’s Dome of Light can be found at the Formosa Boulevard MRT station and was designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata.

It is the ‘world’s largest domed underground station’ and took over four years to complete and install (it is approx 30 metres in diameter, and made up of over 4,000 glass pieces).

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

The main Formosa Boulevard MRT station itself is as you’d expect of any Taiwanese MRT station but it is the Dome of Light that makes this so special and unique.

The four parts that comprise it (water, earth, light and fire) symbolize birth, growth, glory and destruction respectively, and refer to Taiwan’s democratic process and reform.

In 2024, we managed to catch the Dome of Light soundscape and lightshow that plays regularly – given how beautiful the dome itself is, we were disappointed by how bad the show was. It was basically a project animation on the floor that even included adverts for laptops and movies part way through. Definitely visit the Dome of Light but don’t wait around for the show as it us rubbish!

Read our dedicated guide to visiting Kaohsiung’s  ‘Dome of Light’ at Formosa Boulevard MRT station >

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4. Cijin Island

Kaohsiung is home to Cijin Island – a ‘tropical paradise’ just a short five minute ferry ride from main harbour in downtown Kaohsuing.

The Cijin Island beaches are beautiful but in a rough and rugged kind of way – the beaches at Cijin Island are also popular for sunbathing and surfing. You can walk along the coastal path (or hire a cyclo).

Along the boardwalk from the main Cijin Island beach, you’ll come across possibly the island’s most famous attraction, the Rainbow Church. It is more of a contemporary art installation than an actual church – although Instagrammers do seem to worship it!

We recently revisited Cijin Island’s Rainbow Church in early 2024 and it has really faded since these photos were taken. Please can someone repaint it to be as colourful and vibrant as it once was.

Other Cijin Island sites include the Giant Seashell (no, really!), Tinamou Temple and the surreal sculptures in Turbine Park.

Cijin Island is easily one of our favourite Kaohsiung things to do and attractions – check out our guide to Cijin Island blog post >

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5. Liuhe Night Market

A tasty tourist treat, Kaohsiung’s Liuhe Night Market is predominantly a street food thoroughfare that lines both sides of a city block – it is a busy road by day but closed to traffic at night.

Renowned for its seafood due to being a coastal city, we visited Liuhe Night Market most nights whilst staying in Kaohsiung and sampled lots of local fare. Popular local dishes to try whilst in Liu He night market included beef noodle soup and their take on clam spaghetti.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post
Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

There is plenty of seating down the main strip at Liuhe Night Market and it never felt too crowded – in its heyday, Luihe Night Market would often have upwards of 150 to 200 stalls, but the number post COVID seems to have dwindled a tad.

As well as street food at Liuhe Night Market, locals love to play fairground style amusements and fun games.

The prices may be a little higher than the local daytime markets, but it is still very cheap compared to western standards. Liuhe Night Market is open every night from 6pm, and to get here take exit 11 from Formosa Boulevard MRT station – which takes you to the eastern end of the market.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

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6. Ruifeng Night Market

Another popular large night market to visit in Kaohsiung is Ruifeng Night Market, located between the Yucheng and Nanping Road in the Buoying District (3 minutes’ walk from the Kaohsiung Arena MRT station).

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

One of the best night markets in Kaohsiung, this site can get a little crowded as locals and tourists alike eat dishes such as beef noodles, takoyaki and grilled squid

The Ruifeng night market in Kaohsiung runs from around 5pm most evenings (closed Monday and Wednesday until late (usually midnight) – the market doesn’t usually start to get busy until after 8pm.

7. The Kaohsiung Shoushan Love Lookout

A short (but fairly steep) walk from the Pier 2 Art Center complex takes you to the Shoushan LOVE lookout.

Located just in front of the hilltop Martyr’s Shrine, the Kaohsiung Shoushan Love Lookout opened in 2012 and is a superb vantage point to see the whole of Kaohsiung including the surrounding port and mountains. It is also one of the best free things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

As well as an observation lookout, there is a huge metal ‘LOVE’ sculpture at the top (hence the name), which is very popular as a photo spot with romantic local couples (so you may need to either queue to get a picture or if that fails, shoulder barge as alas, not everyone signs up to the queuing etiquette).

Read our full Shoushan LOVE lookout full blog.

8. Sanfeng Temple

Built over 300 years ago and moved to its current location brick by brick only 40 or so years ago, Sanfeng Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Taiwan we have ever explored.

As there were no other tourists there when we visited Sanfeng Temple, it felt even more special. It is regarded as a Taoism temple of south Taiwan, but with Northern style architecture.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

We visited Kaohsiung during the Chinese New Year festivities so Sanfeng Temple was adorned with hundreds of red lanterns strewn across every available space, with a steady stream of well wishers and worshippers.

Safeng Temple has several sublime storeys  to explore – make sure you head up the staircases at the rear of the temple, up two flights of stairs, to get the best views of the temple and Kaohsiung.

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9. Love River

Is there a more beautifully titled river in the world than the ‘Love River’? Kaohsiung has definitely made something special out of its waterfront. The riverside parks, cafes and boardwalks reminded us of London’s South Bank or a summer’s day along the Rhine in Base.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

In fact, Kaohsiung’s Love River feels even more European when you see the Italian gondolas glistening in the evening sun along the river here. Bella bella – a little piece of Italy in Kaohsiung. Love (River) this? Book your romantic gondola in Kaohsiung here >

Very much the focal point of the Kaohsiung city, the locals really appear to have taken the Love River to the hearts (naturally) and it is a haven for picnics, dog walkers and waterfront diners.

Go on a Love River Boat Cruise >

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10. Kaohsiung Godzilla cafe (Kaiju Tea Shop / Guaishou Chi Tea)

This has to be one of the most ‘roarsome’ things to do in Kaohsiung! Hidden away in the backstreets trendy Yancheng district, Kaohsiung’s Godzilla cafe (AKA Kaiju Tea Shop) is a monster of a tea shop, with Godzilla galore merchandise, across two floors.

Kaohsiung Godzilla cafe (Kaiju Tea Shop / Guaishou Chi Tea)
Kaohsiung Godzilla cafe (Kaiju Tea Shop / Guaishou Chi Tea)

As you’d expect, all of the food and drink is Godzilla themed, from the Godzilla foam on the cappuccinos to the gorgeous Godzilla pancakes available in several flavours.

Browse hundreds of Godzilla statues as you wait for your drinks to be made – there is also a small museum upstairs. If you can, try to get a seat at the counter to get up close with giant Godzilla heads.

11. Yancheng District

Old school Yacheng district in Kaohsiung used to be an industrial district, known for its black market goods and cheap eateries. These days, the alley-ways are bustling with retro bars, vintage goods and top rated restaurants.

Half the fun here is just stepping into random side streets to see what eateries or stores you’ll find, from boutique bakeries to marvellous Mexican street food stalls like Maddog.

Yacheng district in Kaohsiung

Lots of the local youth indulge in cocktails and craft beer here in hole in the wall bars that are only big enough to house three or four drinkers – it is such a cool experience to walk around, especially in the early evenings.

Also be saw to check out the 75 year old Yancheng First Public Market, including the famous milkfish stall, a local Kaohsiung speciality.

Yacheng district in Kaohsiung
Yacheng district in Kaohsiung

12. 7-Eleven Fantasea Underwater themed store and Starbucks at Dream Mall

Taiwan is famous for its themed 7-Elevens (there are over 100), and Kaohsiung is no different – swim down to the basement level of Dream Mall and find an underwater themed 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven Fantasee Underwater themed store and Starbucks at Dream Mall

You can drink your coffee in an aquatic themed seating area (complete with jellyfish lights) and Open chan characters diving from the room – there are even seating booths with portals, which makes it look to passersby that you are eating underwater.

Also, there is a special themed Starbucks upstairs at Dream Mall which is themed like a ship  – the decor is dandy and it is one of the more unusual themed Starbucks we’ve been to in Kaohsiung.

Starbucks at Dream Mall Kaohsiung.

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13. Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

Kaohsiung is renowned for its annual Lantern Festival, which usually takes place in late January / early February every year.

We were fortunate enough to visit Kaohsiung during Chinese New Year when the banks of the Lover River played host to the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival.

To read more about what to expect at the Kaohsiung Lantern festival, read our festival guide here.

Note the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in 2023 and 2024 took place at Lotus Lake, not the Love River, so it may look a little different now.

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14. Takao Railway Museum

Time to take a ride on a miniature bullet train. Kaohsiung’s Railway Museum near the Pier 2 Art Center is fun for all ages (little kids and BIG kids).

The museum is a former railway station – Kaohsiung Port Station. After the last ever train left in 2008, it is now Taiwan’s best-preserved cargo station.

Trainspotting in Taiwan? You can also see huge steam passenger locomotives and freight locomotives on display.

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15. Day trip to Tainan

If you have a spare day in your Kaohsiung itinerary then you might want to consider visiting the charming city of Tainan (Taiwan’s former capital and oldest city).

Tainan is revered for its ancient temples and fortresses – it was even the island’s capital for over 200 years until 1887 under the Qing dynasty.

As well as beautiful old buildings and modern street art, Tainan is home to some of the best Taiwanese food plus sublime side-streets packed full of lanterns and old tea shops.

From night markets to old movie theatres, creative parks to ‘coffin bread’ (better than it sounds), there are so many things to do in Tainan (and eat and drink!).

Tainan is only 1 hour away by local train and there are lots of things to do in the city.

Check out our guide to Tainan blog post >

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16. Kaohsiung 85 Observatory (closed temporarily as at 2024)

One of the most striking looking buildings in Kaohsiung if not the whole of Taiwan. The 85 Sky Tower is the tallest building in Southern Taiwan and once had an observatory but this has closed down in recent years (it is mainly offices and accommodation now).

Spoiler alert, it is also only 83 floors high so they rounded it up to 85 to make it sound better!

17. Kaohsiung Museums and Factory Tours

There are several museums to enjoy in Kaohsiung including

Our final thing to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

18. Go on a guided tour or visit attractions in Kaohsiung

If you fancy a local to show you around, Kaohsiung tours and activities include:

Visit the biggest VR experience theme park in Asia – E-Da Theme Park >

Experience the newest multi-sensory and most extraordinary theater showcasing the beauty of Kaohsiung >

Hit the water on a Kaohsiung Cultural Yacht: Zhan Erku – British Consulate Dagang Cruise & Gourmet Package for Two >

The Japanese style Senya Village Restaurant >

Kids will love Austin Land in Kaohsiung >

Hot spring glamping in Kaohsiung >

Feet Massage in Kaohsiung >

How to get around Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has a really easy to use transport network for getting you to all the main places of interest in the city. They have an underground train system (MRT/KRT) with 2 separate lines (red and orange), plus a light-rail system (LRT), and an easy to use bus network.

If you are staying in the city for a while you might want to consider purchasing an iPass which you can use to pay for rides on the MRT, buses, local trains and ferries. These can be purchased and topped up in metro stations plus convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Family Mart.

Pocket WIFI rental in Kaohsiung

Having a pocket WIFI device was super handy during our trip. We pre-ordered one online with Klook and collected the device at Taipei airport and dropped it off at Kaohsiung’s airport.

The rental cost was pretty cheap at only £2.45 per day, and we were both able to connect our phones to it. 

Kaohsuing Accommodation

We really enjoyed our stay at FX INN – Kaohsiung on Zhonghua Road. The location was great with two MRT stations within a short walk, plus plenty of 7-Elevens nearby! We stayed for 4 nights in total and for our last 2 nights we were upgraded to a suite with a large and spacious separate TV/lounge room.

Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan  FX INN HOTEL blog post
Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan  FX INN HOTEL blog post

Here are some other highly rated accommodation suggestions for all types of budget:


Hostel accommodations that come highly rated include:

Brand new guesthouse located near Formosa Boulevard metro station with private and dormitory rooms. Check out prices and availability for AHIRUYAH

Mid range

If you are looking for something mid range then these hotels are in excellent locations with great reviews:

Kindness Hotel Shinkuchan 
Comfortable hotel a 5-minute walk from the Shinkuchan Night Market with buffet breakfast. Check out prices and availability for Kindness Hotel Shinkuchan

Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station
Clean and spacious hotel located a 5 minute stroll away from Formosa Boulevard MRT Station. Check out prices and availability for Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station

Treat yourself!

Alternatively if you are looking for something more special then treat yourself to a stay at one of these beautiful hotels in Kaohsiung:

Silks Club Kaohsiung 
Modern and stylish hotel with rooftop infinity swimming pool and SPA and wellness area. Check out prices and availability for Silks Club Kaohsiung 

Park Lees Hotel 
Elegant hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows and 3 minutes walk from MRT Kaohsiung Arena Station. Check out prices and availability for Park Lees Hotel 

Starhaus Hotel
Comfortable hotel with hot tub in each room and 5-minutes walk from Love River. Check out prices and availability for Starhaus Hotel

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Top things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blog post

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