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Ipoh Malaysia – 40 Epic Things To Do (2024)

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A little piece of paradise in Perak, Ipoh is one of Malaysia’s most vibrant cities – from its old town charm to its cave temples, there are lots of Ipoh things to do.

Malaysia’s third biggest city (after Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown), Ipoh is famous for its incredible street-food, awesome street art and cute Concubine Lane, plus natural wonders like Mirror Lake and jungle treks.

From cool coffee shops to cultural villages, rooftop bars to riverside walks, here are the top things to do in Ipoh, Malaysia in 2024:

Ipoh Malaysia - Epic Things To Do

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How to get to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

Around 200km north of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is very easy to get to by public transport.

To get to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur, you can go by bus or ETS train (Electric Train Service).

ETS train (Electric Train Service)

There are three different classes of train from Kuala Lumpur to IpohPlatinum, Silver and Gold.

  • Platinum is direct from Kuala Lumpur with food and Wifi included.
  • Gold is direct from Kuala Lumpur
  • Silver makes a few stops on the way to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

The ETS train takes between 2 hours to 2 hours 50 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh or vice-versa. The fare is from 25 MYR per person upwards.

Bus / coach

Alternatively, you can take a bus from KL TBS – Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Ipoh Amanjaya bus station for as little 20 MYR (£3.40 / $4.30 USD).

The bus from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh usually takes around 3 hours (although there is sometimes an express bus that takes 2 hours 30 minutes).

Read more in our Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh train and bus guide >

From other destinations in Malaysia

To get from Penang to Ipoh, the quickest way is to get a train or bus from Butterworth station.

We also got a bus from Melaka to Ipoh that went via Kuala Lumpur TBS bus station for between 25 to 40 MYR. The bus goes via Kuala Lumper and takes around 5 to 6 hours.


Recommended Ipoh Hotels and Accommodation

There are lots of inexpensive and good hotels in Ipoh – as Grab taxis are so cheap, staying anywhere around Ipoh should be fine but we’d recommend staying near the Old Town so you can easily walk in at your leisure.

M Boutique Hotel

We stayed here for over a week and loved M Boutique Hotel as the interiors are very quirky (especially the reception area).

The Japanese restaurant onsite was INCREDIBLE and so cheap, plus it was within easy walking distance of the old town. There is a free laundry too.

Check M Boutique hotel rates and availability on or Klook.

Brick Box Ipoh

A 3* hotel built in 2016 in the heart of Ipoh old town; rooms are modern with red brick walls and flat screen TVs. Check rates and availability for Brick Box Ipoh >

Cititel Express Ipoh

Located on the river and a short walk into Ipoh old town, the Cititel Express Ipoh is a 3* hotel with great views of downtown. Check rates and availability for Cititel Express Ipoh >

WEIL Hotel

5 star hotel with outdoor swimming pool, buffet restaurant and rooftop bar. Located in the new town neighbourhood next to Ipoh Parade Mall Check rates and availability for WEIL Hotel Ipoh >

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Things to do in Ipoh, Malaysia

1. Concubine Lane

Likely Ipoh old town’s most famous tourist attraction, Concubine Lane is a charming alley-way chock-full of gift shops and restaurants that still manages to retain a little of its original charm.

Concubine Lane has been around since the early 1890s, when it used to be known as ‘The Second Wife Lane’, due to all the ‘ladies of the night’ that operated here, along with gambling dens.

A curious mix of coffee shops, history and interesting architecture, Concubine Lane in Ipoh is a great place to buy local gifts, enjoy Malaysian cuisine or just people watch.

Whilst it is undoubtedly a tourist trap (there is even a Harry Potter cafe), it is a fun place for shopping and street food.

Check out our full guide to visiting Ipoh’s Concubine Lane here >

2. Tasik Cermin / Mirror Lake

A lovely lakeside spot surrounded by limestone cliffs, Tasik Cermin (translated as ‘Mirror Lake)’ is one of the best places to ‘reflect’ and unwind in Ipoh.

Located a little way out of the city and only accessible on foot via a historic mining tunnel, this is a wonderful waterside spot teeming with wildlife (and the odd traveller!).

Billed as Malaysia’s ‘First Eco Adventure Quarry Park’, the area boasts reflective lakes, colossal cliffs, green scenes galore and incredible landscapes. Plus you can take a boat ride on the lake whilst guides take photos for you.

Check out our full guide to visiting Tasik Cermin in Ipoh >

3. Kek Lok Tong temple

One of the most beautiful temples in Ipoh, Kek Lok Tong is a limestone cave temple built into the side of the mountain with a gorgeous garden and lakes.

Kek Lok Tong temple in Ipoh

Meaning ‘the Cave of Great Happiness’, Kek Lok Tong temple is one of the best free attractions in Perak and a top Ipoh thing to do.

The setting is simply stunning and you are surrounded by nature. The temple is split into 3 cave areas plus fun outdoor activities like boat hire or cycling (and a LOT of monkeys).

So serene and a must visit, read our full guide to visiting Kek Lok Tong Temple in Ipoh >

Kek Lok Tong temple in Ipoh
Kek Lok Tong temple in Ipoh

4. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Malaysia’s largest cave temple and Ipoh’s most intricate Chinese cave temple (and the oldest), we found Sam Poh Tong MUCH quieter than Kek Lok Tong temple and actually much more beautiful.

From the fishpond and ornate pagoda temples at the front to the hidden (almost abandoned) jungle shrine in the back accessible through the cave, this is truly one of the top Ipoh things to do.

Sam Poh Tong Cave was originally found by a monk in the 1890s and the site has grown magnificently over the years. It now includes a large golden Buddha inside the cave plus a turtle pond.

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5. Ipoh Mural Art’s Lane

Like Georgetown, Ipoh is famous for its street art scene – the best place for the largest concentration of street art in Ipoh is along Mural Arts Lane, close to the river.

Ipoh Mural Art’s Lane Rabbit bao dim sum street art bamboo steamer

A constantly changing canvas of street art and groovy graffiti, the Mural Art Lane showcases the works of local and international artists. The alley actually backs onto lots of restaurants and businesses so it is a little on the grimy side.

Reminiscent of mural alley in Kuala Lumpur but on a smaller scale, this is a nice way to see some of Ipoh’s alternative arts scene up close.

Ipoh Mural Art’s Lane

6. Platform 9 ½ / Ipoh Harry Potter Cafe

‘Potter’ along to Concubine Lane and you’ll discover a (unofficial) Harry Potter themed Cafe called Platform 9 ½ (we guess Platform 9 ¾ is a bit close for JK Rowling’s lawyers eh).

Inside, you can strike a pose with a recreation of the Harry Potter luggage trolley or wander round a courtyard that has a faux bookshop and cobbled streets. There are even Harry Potter themed drinks like butter beer cream soda float and Phoenix cold brew.

A bit kitsch but also kinda cool, check out our full guide to the Platform 9 ½ / Ipoh Harry Potter Cafe >

7. Ipoh Mural Art Trail

Whilst exploring the lanes and alleyways of Ipoh old town (and we aren’t just talking about Concubine Lane), be sure to keep an eye out for the iconic illustrations that form the Ipoh Mural Art Trail.

Old Uncle With Coffee Cup street srt Ipoh
Old Uncle With Coffee Cup

Comprising of 7 large murals dotted all over the old town sketched by art teacher and painter, Eric Lai, there are a series of orange plaques that show you where to go to see the artwork.

Our favourite has to be either Paper Plane (you need to look up!) and ‘Old Uncle With Coffee Cup’.

Ipoh Mural Art Trail 2023 update – it appears much of the art trail has deteriorated and many of the large Eric Lai murals are either in a very poor condition (Evolution) or worse still, covered up (Hummingbird is now hidden behind corrugated fencing panels). We hope the Ipoh street art is restored in the future as it would be such a shame to lose the art-trail.

Paper Plane

8. Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village

Hands down Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village was the most fun we had in Ipoh and it is well worth its 20 MYR entrance fee (20 MYR for foreigners, 12 MYR for locals / Malaysians).

Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village Ipoh

A historical and cultural village set amongst limestone cliffs and huge lakes, the area is filled full of recreated vintage buildings, workshops and retro shops.

The best way to get around is by tandem bike, which you can use for free (we’d recommend doing a circuit of the lake on the tandem then walking around the site afterwards).

Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village Ipoh
Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village Ipoh

There are plenty of fish feeding spots plus tranquil lakeside shrines.

The highlight of Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village for us was the the walk up into the mountain to find a grotto full of recreated historical shops like a barbers or sweet shop plus a huge dinosaur land in the hills – the whole thing is just beautifully bizarre!

Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village Ipoh
Qing Xin Ling Cultural Village Ipoh

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9. Market Lane

The most colourful street in Ipoh (thanks to all the rainbow streamers and umbrellas), Market Lane is a popular and artisan street to visit, and a tad less busy or enclosed than nearby Concubine Lane.

Market Lane Ipoh
Market Lane street art Ipoh

Also referred to as the second Concubine Lane, Market Lane has several street art murals and spots for selfies.

The highlight has to be the 3D street art mural by Ernest Zacharevic (famous for his Penang street art) of a man loading rubbish into a rickshaw cart. It is better than it sounds!

Ernest Zacharevic Rickshaw Cart street art
Ernest Zacharevic Rickshaw Cart street art

Also in Market Lane, you’ll find several restaurants including the highly rated Baba Nyonya Alley (good food with gorgeous interiors) plus gift shops. We found Market Lane to be a lot nicer to browse and had better quality gift shops than Concubine Lane.

See more of Ernest Ernest Zacharevic’s street art in our Penang street art guide >

Market Lane Ipoh

Ipoh Night Markets

There are two main Ipoh night markets, one of which is fantastic (the larger one out of town) and another which is pretty poor:

10. Ipoh Night Market

Probably the best things to do in Ipoh at night, the main Ipoh night market is open from 4pm until midnight and is jam-packed with street food stalls, clothing stalls, fairground games plus even a new go-karting track.

We’d estimate that there are around 60 to 70 food stalls here, selling everything from satay skewers to nasi lemak.

Ipoh Night Market

As the Ipoh Night Market is most popular with locals, prices are reasonable and cheaper than what you’d expect to pay in the old town area.

Whilst the emphasis is on food, there is lots to enjoy including a new go-karting track which we had a spin on (fun and a good way to work off all that food).

The main Ipoh Night Market is open seven days a week from 4pm to midnight and well worth a visit – unlike our next Ipoh night market below…

Ipoh Night Market go karting

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11. Gerbang Malam Night Market

Compared to the main Ipoh Night Market, the Ipoh Gerbang Malam night market in the new town is very disappointing and only worth going to if you are staying very close by.

Comprising about 15 to 20 stalls that were selling mainly counterfeit goods or cheap perfumes / trainers, Gerbang Malam Night Market also has an undercover section meaning it is an all weather affair.

Gerbang Malam Night Market Ipoh Malaysia

We’d read it was open from 7pm until 1pm but when we arrived at 7.30pm, most of the stalls were just setting up so best to get there later. Try to eat beforehand as there are no food stalls at the market and most restaurants next to it close early.

The tourist guide books also say that there are over 150 stalls here – perhaps there used to be but now there are far, far fewer stalls, sad times.

If you do want to go to a night market, definitely go to the main Ipoh Night Market over Gerbang Malam.

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12. Ipoh Coffee Shop Hopping / Ipoh White Coffee

There are some very cool coffee shops and cafes in Ipoh. As we spent a couple of weeks in Ipoh, we hopped our way around various coffee shops both in the old town plus nearby caffeine hot spots in the Canning neighbourhood.

Ipoh’s coffee shop and cafes are mainly based in old school colonial style buildings, often with courtyards or huge open spaces. Plus many of Ipoh’s coffee shops have incredible sweet treats and lovely latte art.

Be sure to try the local speciality Ipoh white coffee, where the coffee is more flavourful as the beans are roasted with palm oil margarine and then served with condensed milk.

From brews with views to a perfect patisseries, here is our guide to the best coffee shops and cafes in Ipoh >

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13. Book Xcess Ipoh

One of Malaysia’s leading book stores, Book Xcess has locations all across the country including an epic store in an old theatre in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown.

Boox Xcess Ipoh is no different and equally iconic as it is located in an old bank.

Book Xcess Ipoh

This mean all of Book Xcess’ book shelves on the lower floor are literally displayed amongst old safety deposit boxes and housed in giant safes – this is surely Ipoh’s coolest bookshop?!

As well as books amongst safety deposit boxes, there are rather naughty neon signs to peruse plus the basement houses temporary exhibitions – so take a leaf out of our book and head to Book Xcess in Ipoh.

Book Xcess Ipoh
Book Xcess Ipoh

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14. Ipoh Railway Station

Likely where you’ll first arrive if you are taking the Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh train, Ipoh Railway Station is often referred to as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh and was built over 100 years ago, opening in 1917.

Here you can board the Electric Train Service (ETS) plus there are several shops and a cafe inside and a train ticketing office (note the toilets inside are free to use but not very nice).

To be honest, whilst the exterior is incredible, the interior is pretty dirty and grubby inside so don’t arrive for your train too early!

Outside, you can see the iconic Ipoh tree and nice landscaped gardens plus a tourist friendly large Ipoh sign to pose in front of – regular local bus services run from the front of Ipoh Railway Station.

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15. Canning Dim Sum

We heard rave reviews about Canning Dim Sum so we had to check it out for ourselves and we were not disappointed.

Canning Dim Sum Ipoh

A short Grab taxi ride from Ipoh old town, this is the most decadent of dim sum restaurants with over 100 options to choose from.

After you are sat at your table, an endless stream of staff pass by your table with oodles of colourful dim-sum to choose from – there is so much choice that it is easy to fill your plate.

Canning Dim Sum Ipoh

Canning Dim Sum has an indoor restaurant plus a garden terrace and is really good value for money. If you are still feeling hungry afterwards, be sure to check out the incredible pastries at Etre Patisseries just down the road.

Be sure to arrive early (especially at weekends) if you want to guarantee a seat at Canning Dim Sum.

Canning Dim Sum Ipoh

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16. Ipoh Perak Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Although Ipoh old town itself is quite small and easy to explore on foot, a fun way to see some of the outer areas of Ipoh and Perak is to jump aboard the Ipoh Perak hop-on hop-off bus (easy to spot as it is so brightly coloured).

Operating at the weekends only between 8.30am and 9.30pm, the Ipoh Perak hop-on hop-off bus has 12 stops in total including:

  • Sunway Lost World of Tambun
  • Sam Poh Tong
  • Pomelo Orchard Farm
  • Kellie’s Castle
  • Paglima Kinta Mosque

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17. Above Gastro Bar

Ipoh’s rooftop bar scene is quite limited but for the best Ipoh views with brews, head to the Above Gastro Bar in Ipoh’s old town, located in the same building as Book Xcess.

Above Gastro Bar rooftop bar Ipoh

We visited Above Gastro Bar one Saturday evening for sunset and managed to get one of the outside tables overlooking the hills and old town. Combined with the call to prayer from the nearby mosque, the Above Gastro bar is an atmospheric experience.

We stayed for several beers, wine and some snacks like calamari and topped chips. Whilst it is one of the more expensive bars in Ipoh, the service was brisk and setting stunning – highly recommended for sunset drinks in Ipoh.

Above Gastro Bar rooftop bar Ipoh views
Views from Above Gastro Bar
Above Gastro Bar rooftop bar Ipoh

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18. Kellie’s Castle

Dating back to the 1910s, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Europe when visiting the Kellie’s Castle folly and ruins.

A fairytale castle straight out of a Agatha Christie novel, Kellie’s Castle was the brainchild of Scottish engineer William Kellie-Smith who moved to Malaysia in his early 20s.

Kellie’s Castle is said to be haunted (hmmmm) and had a starring role in the Jodie Foster movie ‘The King & I’.

There is a small admission fee to visit Kellie’s and become King (or Queen) of this Perak castle.

Kellie’s Castle features as part of the ‘Ipoh Perak Caves Temple Gardens and Castle Best Tour’ >

19. Kinta River Walk

Apart from the occasional moped, the walk along Kinta River into or out of the old town is a peaceful affair with boardwalks and concrete paths along the riverside.

Kinta River Walk Ipoh

You’ll likely glimpse some wildlife including numerous herons / cranes swooping in and out of the water.

Be sure to drop by Chang Jiang Ipoh White coffee shop next to the river, an old wooden coffee shop that is located in the park and full of local characters.

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20. Guan Yin Temple Ipoh

Located next to the river in downtown Ipoh (and not to be confused with the larger cave temple of a similar name), the Guan Yin temple has a statue of its namesake crafted out of limestone and has beautiful, intricate interiors.

Guan Yin Temple Ipoh

Whilst not spectacular compared to the larger temples out of town, this is a quiet place for reflection with numerous candles and lanterns inside (remember to take off your shoes).

A few of the locals congregate outside to beg for money and may ask you to help them out.

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21. Paloh Khoo Miu Temple / Ipoh Chinese Tai Pak Koong Temple

Located next door to and said to be the oldest Chinese temple in Ipoh’s old town, the Paloh Khoo Miu shrine and temple is very small but a serene and peaceful place to pray or worship.

Ipoh was originally known as ‘Paloh’ and the temple was built over 140 years ago. When we visited, there were dozens of candles and lanterns lit up inside.

One of the most striking features at the temple is the pond in the courtyard outside with a huge Chinese dragon and water fountain, plus the elaborate entrance gate.

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22. Memory Lane

Also known as ‘Loken’ or Pasar Karat, Memory Lane is a small Ipoh flea market that takes place every Sunday from 7am to 1pm.

Located along Jalan Horley, the Memory Lane market in Ipoh is around a 15 minute walk from Concubine Lane and well worth a visit if you happen to be in Ipoh on a Sunday.

There are other places to look at antiques and vintage / retro memorabilia (like 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery ) but it is nice to see stalls all congregated together as tourists and locals browse.

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23. Upside Down World Ipoh

If you’re exploring Ipoh old town and stumble across an upside down house, don’t worry (unless you’ve been to the pub for a long session)… the upside house is meant to be inverted.

Upside Down World Ipoh

Call it naff or ‘good fun’ for all the family, there is no denying it is quite a unique photo opportunity – there is even an upside down car in the foyer.

Upside Down World costs 16 MYR per adult is open daily from 10am on weekdays and from 9am on weekends until 6pm.

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24. Kong Heng Square

A small retail plaza fashioned out of the ruins of an old warehouse, Kong Heng Square has a small crafts market that is open from Friday to Monday, plus a few small container style shops and kiosks.

It is very popular for selfies amongst all the rubble and tree roots.

Kong Heng Square Ipoh

While most of the stalls open up during the daytime, the main and busiest place in Kong Keng Square is Plan B, an all day restaurant and cafe popular with expats and travellers for its good food and awesome air-conditioning.

Kong Heng Square Ipoh
Plan B restaurant, Kong Heng Square Ipoh

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25. Ipoh Little India

Located in Ipoh old town, Little India is renowned for incredible food, colourful garment stalls and celebrating the culture of the local Indian community.

One of several designated heritage zones in Ipoh, Little India is especially popular during the Thaipusam and Deepavali festivals and celebrations.

As well as shopping for Indian accessories, saris and clothing, there are lots of authentic Indian restaurants and diners here.

We tried Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant – one of the old town Indian restaurants open early for breakfast.

It wasn’t the best but if you are in search of an early morning bite and want to avoid European style Cafes like Chloe Co, this is an OK and cheap Ipoh breakfast option. Our breakfast cost 15 MYR for two coffees and 4 roti canai.

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26. Restoran Wong Koh Kee

The oldest restaurant on Concubine Lane, Restoran Wong Koh Kee was established around a 100 years ago, dishing out delicious Malay Cantonese food, which his grandson still continues to this day.

Reputedly, Restoran Wong Koh Kee serves Ipoh’s most iconic “Gwoo Lo Yook” dish (sweet-sour pork) and many recommend the homemade egg tofu, steamed minced pork and crispy skin chicken here – prices are also pretty reasonable.

Restoran Wong Koh Kee is open daily from 10.30am to 3:30pm.

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27. Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Part of the Ipoh Heritage trail and tin mining trail, you’ll likely see the Birch Memorial Clock Tower if you are walking from the old town to Ipoh Railway Station.

There is also a few nice street art spots by the stairs leading up to the clock tower.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower is over 100 years old, having been built in 1909 to remember James W. W. Birch, Perak’s very first British resident.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower Ipoh

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28. Sunway Lost World of Tambun

A huge theme park and tropical jungle experience found 20 minutes drive away from Ipoh old town, the Sunway Lost World is a family fun adventure park.

Sunway Lost World has almost 90 attractions set across 10 themed zones with natural springs, hot pools and a glorious hillside setting.

You can also stay till the evening for a swim in the Lost World Hot Springs Night Park, complete with a hot as fire show performance.

Get your discounted Sunway Lost World of Tambun tickets >

Book your Sunway Lost Way Hotel with or Klook

29. Tambun Pomelo

Famous in Ipoh, Tambun pomelos are renowned for their huge size plus sweet and succulent taste. There are two main varieties of Ipoh grown tambun pomelos, one with a pink and sour inside, the other whiter and sweeter.

To enjoy the Ipoh Tambun pomelos at their freshest, there are numerous pomelo stalls along the Ipoh Kampar road or head to the Pomelo Orchard Farm.

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30. 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery

Housed in two restored Ipoh townhouses and depicting the history of the local area through artefacts, pictures and modern history objects like vintage furniture and gramophones.

22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery also holds regular pop-up events and exhibitions.

For instance, when we visited Ipoh in late November 2023, there was an outdoor Christmas market at 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery.

On the first floor is a heritage gallery, where admission is by ticket (self-tour or guided tour). A guided tour is available for 20 MYR or an audio tour for 10 MYR.

22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.

31. Han Chin Pet Soo

The most beautiful building in Ipoh’s old town, Han Chin Pet Soo is open to the public and was the former home of the Hakka Tin Miners Club, that began in the 1890s (although the building itself was rebuilt in the 1920s).

Across three floors, see artefacts and a history of Perak’s precious tin mining industry – guided tours are available. Entry to Han Chin Pet Soo but donations are actively encouraged.

Han Chin Pet Soo is open daily except Monday from 11.30am to 3:30pm.

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32. Rainbow Cheese Toast

One of the most popular and Instagrammable stalls in Ipoh, the Kuma Rainbow Cheese stall on Concubine Lane does colourful cheese toasties with stringy rainbow cheese inside.

A popular photo spot, a rainbow cheese toastie costs 21.50 MYR including a drink (prices correct as of December 2023).

A little further down the lane, you can also get a rainbow cheese chicken chop for 19.90 MYR – the mind boggles!

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33. Baby Coco

Next to the east entrance of Concubine Lane, Coco Baby churns out cooling coconut shakes, with their original coconut shake costing 11.90 MYR.

We’ve tried a LOT of coconut shakes in Ipoh and Melaka and this one of the best – creamy coconut goodness with small lumps of actual coconut finished off with a dollop of ice-cream, amazing!

Coco Baby offers up lots of coconut shake blends including Oreos, strawberries or avocado – go coco-nuts and try them all!

34. Ipoh Heritage Trails

A two hour historical trail of some of Ipoh’s most magnificent buildings, the Ipoh Heritage Trail consists of 30 buildings which includes Han Chin Pet Soo, the Old federal Building and the Church of St John The Divine.

To follow the trail, pick up a free leaflet from Ipoh Tourist Information (near to Padang Ipoh park) and follow the signs or yellow painted footprints around the old town area.

Ipoh Heritage Trails

35. Ipoh Parade Mall

There are no real branded shops or branded goods in Ipoh Old Town (other than one Malaysian 7-Eleven) so if you want to do some serious shopping in Ipoh in air conditioned surroundings, head to Ipoh Parade.

Ipoh Parade Mall Malaysia

Ipoh Parade shopping mall has several levels of retail and restaurants including big brands like Uniqlo, Skechers, Body Shop, Puma and Nike.

It also has a well stocked supermarket in the basement (the cheapest place in Ipoh to get fruit) plus well known pharmacies like Watsons.

If you are feeling peckish, there are also a few food places in Ipoh Parade like A&W burgers, Baskin Robbins, Burger King plus an eerily quiet Malaysian food court on the top floor.

Uniqlo Ipoh Parade Mall Malaysia

36. Wawasan Cendol / Cendol Abang Kacak

There is no greater respite from a red hot day in Ipoh than a bowl of ice-cold cendol, a sublime sweet dessert made of coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and green rice flour jelly.

As well as cooling you down, you can choose toppings like durian or jackfruit.

Wawasan Cendol / Cendol Abang Kacak Ipoh

Wawasan Cendol is a popular chain of cendol restaurants although their flagship Ipoh old town stall is pretty special with incredible vintage interiors. It feels part flea market, sitting room; a very n-’ice’ place indeed to enjoy some cendol in Ipoh.

37. Masjid Panglima Kinta Mosque

Overlooking the Kinta River and very close to Mural Arts Lane, Masjid Panglima Kinta Mosque was built in the 1890s and is famed for its blue and gold dome and exquisite minarets.

The prayer hall is one of the largest in Ipoh, able to accommodate several hundred worshippers at any one time – in late 2023, a new coffee shop also opened onsite open to all called PagiPagi Cafe.

Masjid Panglima Kinta Mosque Ipoh

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38. Tin Mining Heritage Trail

A showcase for the colonial style architecture that became apparent during the reign of the British Empire, the Tin Mining Heritage trail showcases over 25 buildings with signposts and interpretation boards.

Buildings along the Tin Mining Heritage Trail include Ipoh Town Hall, Concubine Lane and Birch Memorial Clock Tower. Free maps are also available from Ipoh Tourist Information.

39. Birch Memorial Clock Tower Hawker Centre

A quick mention of the fantastic food court that is situated in the shadow of Birch Memorial clock Tower. We knew we were onto a good thing as this is where all the nearby bank and finance workers seem to get their lunch.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower Hawker Centre Ipoh
Birch Memorial Clock Tower Hawker Centre Ipoh

This was the cheapest Ipoh hawker centre and food court we found, with around 20 stalls.

We basically tried to pick the most popular stall and sat where all the workers were, which ended up being stall number 5.

We ate roti goyang (cost 5 MYR), nasi goreng kampung (7 MYR) washed down with fresh juice and cold kopi – the whole thing cost less than 25 MYR.

Nasi goreng kampung ipoh Malaysia
Nasi goreng kampung
Roti goyang eggs on toast Ipoh Malaysia
Roti goyang

Our final Ipoh thing to do

40. Jungle Trekking Experience in Ipoh

If you tire of downtown Ipoh or the cave temples, go on an awesome jungle adventure through the gorgeous green forests of Gopeng and enjoy the incredible viewpoints and vistas of Bukit Batu Putih with a hike through the jungle.

Round trip transfers from the meet up location, a professional guide, and light meal are all included as part of Ipoh jungle trekking trip.

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Practical tips when in Ipoh, Malaysia

  • The Ipoh Perak Tourist Information office can be found next to the Pandang Ipoh recreational park and is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and is full of useful leaflets and maps (plus has a free toilet). Why Ipoh’s main tourist information office is closed at the weekends is a bit of a mystery.
  • There aren’t that many convenience stores in Ipoh old town other than one 7 Eleven next to Kong Heng Square and a KK Supermart near to Little India.
  • A few other travel articles seem to mention Tin Pan Alley in Ipoh but when we visited one weekday late morning, the area didn’t seem to be open to the public (or have a defined entrance) so maybe check so you don’t have a wasted journey.
  • All of the Ipoh banks and ATMS can be found in between the Memorial Birch Clock Tower and Padang Ipoh park, near Jalan Dato Maharajalela road.

Is Ipoh worth visiting?

Yes, Ipoh is most definitely worth a visit and a great addition to a Malaysia itinerary.

With incredible street food, awesome street art, colonial charm and many natural wonders, Ipoh is a perfect destination for a short break.

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