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Saloma Bridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2023)

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Kuala Lumpur is lit! And none more so than at Saloma Bridge, KL’s newest tourist attraction that has become incredibly popular on Instagram and TikTok.

Located close to KLCC, Saloma Bridge is an iconic structure that connects the historic Kampung Baru district with the newer skyscrapers and city scape of ‘modern’ KL.

Saloma Bridge and petronas towers night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Illuminated each night in bright colours (and often themed in special shades to coincide with public holidays or events), Saloma Bridge in KL is a much visit next time you are in Malaysia

Also known as Pintasan Saloma and Kuala Lumpur’s most ‘dazzling’ attraction’, here is our guide to visiting Saloma Bridge in Kuala Lumpur:

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History of Saloma Bridge

KL’s Saloma Bridge opened in 2020 as a walkway and cycling route, and links the KLCC and Petrona Towers area with the Kampung Baru neighbourhood – it took around two years to complete.

Although initially seen as a useful transport infrastructure project, the Saloma Bridge has become an iconic KL attraction, with hundreds of overseas visitors and locals visiting each night to pose in and around the colourful bridge.

Given it easy to take pictures that feature both the bridge and Petronas Towers in one shot, it is a popular selfie spot too.

Saloma Bridge and petronas towers night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Saloma Bridge Design and Naming

Saloma Bridge’s / Pintasan Saloma’s unique and awesome architecture is said to be inspired by the sireh junjung (leaf of a betel nut, which is an important part of Malaysian weddings; the symbolism referring to the joining of old and new KL.

Saloma Bridge is around 70 metres long and was designed VERITAS Design Group supposedly costing over 30 million Ringgit Malaysia (over £5 million / $6.5 million) – it was opened on the 5th February 2020 and now has thousands of users every day.

This beautiful Kuala Lumpur bridge is named after Saloma, a Singaporean Malaysian singer and fashion icon who is buried near to the bridge – she died in 1983.

Saloma Bridge night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Is Saloma Bridge Free to Visit?

Yes, Saloma Bridge in KL is free admission – as its original function was as a cycling lane and walking path, it is free to use.

Saloma Bridge is normally open to the public from 5am to 1am daily, 7 days a week.

Saloma Bridge and petronas towers night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to get to Saloma Bridge in Kuala Lumpur

Saloma Bridge is very easy to visit in KL – it is accessible by public transport, by taxi or by walking from Kampung Baru or KLCC / Symphony Lake.

Saloma Bridge by Public Transport

The closest train station to Saloma Bridge is the Kampung Baru LRT / KLJ station, approximately a 2 to 3 minute walk from the bridge. This is a light rapid transit line that also goes through popular stations such as KLCC or KL Sentral.

Saloma Bridge by Taxi / Grab

Another option to visit Saloma Bridge is by taxi – Grab taxis in Malaysia are very cheap and easy to book via the online app.

We took a Grab taxi to Saloma Bridge from the Pavilion shopping centre / Golden Triangle and the journey cost around 20 MYR (around £3.50 / $4.20 USD).

Taxis usually drop you off on the northern side of the brodge, immediately below on a quiet side-street.

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Walking to Saloma Bridge

Alternatively, it is very easy to walk to the bridge from KLCC / the Petronas Towers or from Kampung Baru – pavement / sidewalk access is good but the roads can be busy.

From the KLCC / Petronas Towers side, walk past the Public Bank building and then turn right towards NZ Curry House; follow the pavement to the large Saloma Bridge sign.

To note if you are approaching Saloma Bridge from Kampung Baru’s street food area, you will either need to get a lift / elevator up two storeys or navigate some stairs – the walk from KLCC to the bridge is totally flat and on the same level.

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Best viewing spots at Saloma Bridge

Perhaps KL’s most famous bridge, Saloma Bridge is beloved by both locals and tourists alike due to its incredible photo opportunities and brightly coloured backdrop – in fact, even our taxi driver said his daughter loved to go there with her friends to take pictures.

Given its huge array of LEDs and ever changing colours, Saloma Bridge is possibly the most photographed attraction in KL city centre, along with the Petrona Towers. This is also a wonderful place to photograph the two together, and take selfies or family pics.

Some of the best photo spots at Saloma Bridge include:

The northern viewing platform on Saloma Bridge

If you are visiting Saloma Bridge from KLCC, we’d actually say the viewing platform over the other side of the bridge nearer to Kampung Baru is the best viewing spot, particularly at night.

Here there is enough room to take pictures of large groups, and get both the bridge and Petronas Towers in shot.

Saloma Bridge and petronas towers night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The Saloma Bridge Sign

By the Saloma Bridge entrance closest to KLCC, there is a deck that has a large Saloma Bridge sign as a background and place to pose for pictures. Interpretation panels are also available to read here.

Inside the Bridge Itself

Although this may not be so good by daytime, Saloma Bridge lights up by night and the interior looks incredible.

The constant ebb and flow of changing colours and twisty nature of the ceiling make this a prime photo spot. Given how busy the bridge can be, you may find it hard to get a ‘quiet’ shot so choose your moments wisely.

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Saloma Bridge – Best time to visit?

Is it best to visit Saloma Bridge by day or night? Saloma Bridge is free to visit from 5am to 1am so can be visited generally at any time of day but at night is certainly best, when the bridge becomes ‘alive’ with lights!

Given the magnificent colours and brilliantly bright LEDs that pulsate in the dark, we’d recommend visiting from the early evening onwards, to see all the lights. Also in the daytime, the temperatures in KL can be pretty hot so it is much more pleasant to explore this area at night.

Saloma Bridge’s light display often changes to coincide with public holidays or festivals so if your trip to KL coincides with a public holiday, the Saloma Bridge lights may do a special display to mark this occasion.

Saloma Bridge and petronas towers night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Things to look out for at Saloma Bridge

Saloma Bridge is very safe to visit (KL generally is very safe, with overall crime rates even falling by 10% in 2022 /23).

That said, given its new prominence as a tourist attraction, it attracts thousands of people daily and large crowds of tourists gathering is not uncommon – so always keep an eye on your valuables and be on the lookout for any pickpockets.

One thing to be aware of is the amount of local photographer ‘touts’ that congregate in large numbers, offering to take your pictures on their mobile phones, often using special light rigs.

They can be pretty persistent and usually charge a few Ringgit per picture. Note these rogue photographers are a common problem in KL, especially around the Petronas Towers.

They have been banned from congregating in the park directly below the Petrona Towers but this ban does not include Saloma Bridge.

We also spotted a few street performers dressed as characters like Mickey Mouse who charge to appear in photos.

One other thing to be aware of (especially in the daytime) is that bridges primary purpose is as a cycle and walking lane, so watch out for speeding cyclists whilst taking pictures or posing!

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Saloma Bridge Controversy

In recent months, a few of the local citizens living around Saloma Bridge (particularly in Kampung Baru) have voiced their concerns about all the traffic that has been created by this unlikely tourist attractions with cars parked everywhere below the bridge.

Many residents have pleaded for tourists to take public transport to the bridge so as not to create too much traffic in the area.

And yes, you can park nearby (there are multiple car parks within a ten minute walk) but locals would prefer you took the LRT.

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Other things to do near Saloma Bridge

Whilst visiting Saloma Bridge in KL, there are several other attractions to visit nearby. Other things to do nearby including:

Petronas Towers

KL’s iconic twin towers must be the most photographed towers in the whole of Malaysia – opened in 1996, these are the tallest twin towers in the world with 88 storeys.

The Petronas Towers can be viewed for free from the KLCC Park / fountains below or get up close with a visit to the viewing platform at the top.

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Kampung Baru

Located at the northern end of the bridge, Kampung Baru is one of KL’s oldest neighbourhoods that is now well now as one of the best foodie destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

Translated as ‘New Village, Kampung Baru consists of many traditional wooden houses on stilts plus a huge array of restaurants and street food stalls (make sure you try a Ramly burger!).

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KLCC Park and Symphony Lake

If you are visiting Saloma Bridge by night, be sure to head on over to the KLCC Symphony Lake afterwards for the free nightly fountain performance, set against a beautiful backdrop of the lit up Petronas Towers.

Two musical fountains spring into life every half hour from 7:30pm onwards until 10pm daily.

We’ve read online that the shows on the half hour are lights only but when we visited KLCC and Symphony Lake in October 2023, the 9:30pm display we saw had both lights and music.

One of the most fun free things to do in Kuala Lumpur and a tad ‘Las Vegas’, the KLCC Symphony Lake could be classed as a little naff but is fine to combine with a night time trip to see Petronas Tower and the bridge lit up.

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