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Bang Bang Oriental – London’s biggest Asian food court

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London’s biggest and possibly best Asian food hall has arrived with a bang (Bang). Nestled away in the north London environs of Colindale in Barnet, Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall brings a bit of Asian spice to the capital and is the one of the newest street food destinations in London.

Based in a huge, newly built building, Bang Bang Oriental has over 20 different street food key kiosks and huts, plus a well stocked bar (The Pearl Bar) and a permanent, more formal dining restaurant on the lower floor, the Golden Dragon Restaurant.

Not only a welcome addition to the London dining and street food scene, Bang Bang Food Hall also boasts the widest range of specialist Asian restaurants in the whole of the UK (presumably under the one roof).

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

Our visit to Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

We first visited Bang Bang Oriental Food Court in late 2021 and were blown away by the set-up; the food court itself is bright and breezy and particularly clean. There were lots of seats and tables (it has capacity for up to 450 diners) and so many food choices.

We walked around the stalls and didn’t really know where to begin – we were spoiled for choice and so made a couple of circles around the various kiosks before buying our dishes.

Korean food at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels
Spicy Korean beef noodle soup from Harune Korean

We visited on a weekday lunch time and were pleased to see it quite busy, with a nice mix of families, workers on their lunch break, lone diners and large groups – there is definitely a sense of community here. Some of the more popular food stalls had queues but none were too long and the service for our dishes was brisk.

As with many new food courts and street food set-ups in London, you order your dish at your chosen restaurant counter and are then given an electronic buzzer which vibrates a few mins later when your dish is ready to pick-up.

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall Prices

Food prices at Bang Bang were reasonable, with most noodle and rice dishes coming in at around the £7 to £10 mark (although seafood dishes were markedly more expensive). Cheaper options are available including small snack dishes from Indian stall Patiala Express for less than £5.

Some of the Bang Bang Oriental food stalls and highlights include:

Yaki Ya Japanese

Joyful Japanese dishes at good prices, Yaki Ya at Bang Bang Oriental offers hot treats like Seafood ramen soup, katsu curry and our favourite, okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancakes – the best!) and personalised bento boxes. Various meal combo deals are also available from Yaki Ya.

Yaki Ya Japanese at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

Very Duck

Known for their hand-pulled noodles, Very Duck is very delicious with specialty dishes including sizzly and spicy noodles, beef with pickled cabbage and beef noodle soup. Most Very Duck dishes are less than £10 – for instance, Spicy Pork Noodles are currently £8.80 a portion and big plate chicken noodles are £9.80.

Very Duck at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

T.H.E Formosa Taiwanese

Regular readers of CK Travels will know we love all that Taiwan has to offer, including tasty Taiwanese cuisine. So we were delighted to see The Formosa at Bang Bang Oriental. Highlights include braised pork rice, danzai noodle soup and Taiwanese curry rice (all £8 to £10 a portion although cheaper street food options are also available).

T.H.E Formosa Taiwanese cuisine at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

Orchard House Singaporean cuisine

Sublime Singaporean cuisine including Hainanese chicken rice (one of our favourite dishes from Singapore, spicy as sambal seafood nasi goreng and beef rendang. Orchard House dishes generally cost £9 to £11 per portion for the Singaporean rice dishes and less than £10 for the rice dishes. Shaved ice and cold sweet treats are available too.

Orchard House Singaporean cuisine at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

Hakka Southern Chinese

Chinese street food comes to Colindale. Their specialist dishes include Hakka pork belly rice, Ho Fun four treasures and homemade braised noodles. Our interest is also piqued by the fried mango prawns and vinegar pork knuckle.

Hakka Southern Chinese at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

The Pearl Bar at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Unlike some Asian dining establishments, there isn’t a Bring Your Own (BYO) option at Bang Bang Food Court so no bringing in your own drinks from the Morrisons next door! All types of drinks can be purchased from the Pearl Bar (very similar to an open plan cafe) located near to the main entrance to the food hall.

Drink prices at Bang Bang Oriental were OK with a pint of mid strength Cobra for under £6.

The Golden Dragon Restaurant

Billed as classic Chinese cuisine, the Golden Dragon at Bang Bang Food Hall is a more formal and modern permanent restaurant, open for lunch and evening meals. The sister branch of the popular Golden Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown, Soho, their menu consists of dim sum, hot pot specials plus seasonal offerings and chef’s specials.

We have to visit the Golden Dragon restaurant at Bang Bang Oriental so we can’t say how good it is but aim to try it on our next visit to Colindale.

How to get to Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall is based in Colindale on Edgware Road in the North London suburb of Barnet. The nearest London Underground Tube station is Colindale, half a mile / 10 minutes walk away. If you are driving to Bang Bang Oriental, there is free car parking for three hours available in the Morrison’s car park next door.

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Copyright CK Travels

Bang Bang Oriental Opening Hours

Bang Bang Food Hall is open 7 days a week from 12pm, and closes at 9.30pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 10pm (Friday and Saturday).

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