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Guide to Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai’s newest and best looking market, Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers market takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning and is a short walk (or taxi / tuk tuk) ride from the North Gate.

A daytime (morning) market that prides itself in its range of fresh and organic produce and environmental credentials, Jing Jai farmer’s market is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle and ‘sameness’ of some of Chiang Mai’s other tourist orientated markets.

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai clothing stalls
Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

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The setting at JJ market is serene with many stalls (and a small temple) located amongst a glade of trees that provide an idyllic setting plus plenty of shade. Also, no mopeds or motorbikes are allowed at Jing Jai market so it is one of the most ‘peaceful’ markets you will encounter in Chiang Mai.

We think Jing Jai (JJ ) market is the best daytime market in Chiang Mai (and best organised) and was our personal favourite shopping experience during our most recent stay.

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

We’d also say that Jing Jai is very much a local market and a popular weekend activity for Chiang Mai families – in the time we were there, we only saw one other group of ‘tourists’ so is a real market and a far cry from some of the other tourist trap (or should that be tourist cr@p?) markets we’ve encountered.

Read on to see what to expect (and eat and buy) at Chiang Mai’s JJ Market, held every Saturday and Sunday.

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai
Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

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Arriving at Jing Jai (JJ) Market

We visited Jing Jai Farmer’s Market early one Saturday morning in November 2022. We arrived around 8.30am (JJ Market opens at 6.30am until 1pm) having walked from Chiang Mai’s old town. The walk is straightforward generally along one major road with a pavement / sidewalk all the way and two intersections to cross (one with traffic lights).

JJ Market was already quite busy when we got there although this was more evident in the food section (many families were getting huge breakfasts there).

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai
Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

When you first arrive, you can either browse the craft stalls at the front first or head towards the rear of the site to find the street food / farmers market section.

In the middle of all the stalls at JJ Market, there is also a rather beautiful modern temple which adds to its relaxed setting, covered in the most elaborate and colourful decorations (closed to the public when we visited). There was also a lovely spacious branch of the organic Tops Green supermarket with an in-house cafe.

Tops Green supermarket at Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai
Tops Green supermarket

Fashion and Craft stalls at Jing Jai (JJ) Market

The first section you’ll encounter at Jing Jai / JJ Market is an area of boutique and independent craft stalls – everything here is unique and mainly hand-made with (thankfully no Chang T-shirts or cloth elephants to find here – definitely no tourist tat).

The stalls are all very different with everything from cute badges through to hand embroidered safari suits.

Pin badge stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai
Vase stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai
Bag and accessory stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai
Clothing stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai
Retro stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai

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Food Stalls and Produce at Jing Jai Farmers Market

Tip – we’d recommend arriving hungry for Jing Jai market as there are lots of food stalls, all of which looked delicious. The set-up is really good with huge picnic tables all around the site (some with shaded areas) so that families can share huge breakfasts or lunches together.

There is a wide range of food with lots of options including vegan and vegetarian (we spotted a vegan bakery plus lots of fruit stalls); prices varied but were reasonable.

Pie at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai
Food stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai

JJ Market also pride themself on their environmental stand against the use of plastic – so no non biodegradable bags or polystyrene trays are allowed.

No foam or plastic bag sign at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai

From fruit and veg to meat and fish, we spotted dozens of specialist food stalls selling products like turnip cake, fried tofu, crispy pork, tortilla, Northern pork sausage, stick rice pancakes, fish maw soup plus classics like roti and smoothies.

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

There were also many produce stalls representing the best of local, artisan and organic ingredients including a jam and marmalade stall (Paddington Bear would approve) plus things we hadn’t seen before like edamame milk.

Marmalade and jam stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai

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Entertainment at Jing Jai (JJ) Market

LIve music is promised at JJ Market most weekends – even when we visited at 8.30am, there was already a live instrumental band playing with a considerable audience (although to be fair, most people were more concentrating on chowing down on their food – respect).

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market in Chiang Mai musicians band

We also spotted a roving cartoon character (someone dressed in an inflatable costume) which the kids loved but we think this may have been a one off promotion – but expect various performances and music every time you go to JJ Market in Chiang Mai.

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Coffee Shops and Coffee Trucks at Jing Jai (JJ) Market

Chiang Mai is famous for its coffee shops and at JJ Market, you will not be disappointed as there are several permanent coffee shops (revel in the air conditioning!) which are open all week as well as several coffee trucks and carts that open just at the weekends for the farmers market.

Street Coffee Crew at Jing Jai (JJ) Market Chiang Mai

One of the most popular permanent coffee shops is the JJ Market branch of Roastniyom coffee open daily until 7pm with a wide range of sweet treats.

Coffee carts include the Street Coffee Crew and the Than Coff Truck – most coffee shops seem to sell coffees from 40 baht to 90 baht depending on how you take it.

Roastniyom coffee at Jing Jai (JJ) Market Chiang Mai

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How to get to Jing Jai (JJ) Market

Jing Jai (JJ) Weekend Market is located north of Chiang Mai’s old town in the Chang Phueak area along the Atsadathdon road – depending on where you are staying, it is around a 20 to 25 minute walk from the hotels around the North / Chang Phuak gate.

Alternatively, it is easy to hail a Grabcar or GrabTaxi using the Grab app. Click here to download the Grab app.

What date and time is JJ / Jing Jai Farmers Market open?

JJ Market runs every Saturday and Sunday from approximately 6.30am to 1pm (although we’d recommend getting there early in the day before it gets too hot or the queues get too long).

What are the JJ / Jing Jai Farmers Market entry prices?

JJ Market is free entry with food stuffs to suit all variety of budgets and prices e.g. freshly made rotis started from 15 Baht.

roti stall at Jing Jai (JJ) Farmers Market Chiang Mai

What is JJ Market’s address in Chiang Mai?

Jing Jai market can be found at Atsadathon Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300.

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