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A traveller’s guide to New Zealand slang and phrases

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Heading out to New Zealand soon? Or already living here and confused by the locals own set of unique slang? Well fear not – here is my essential beginners guide to ‘kiwispeak’ – the words and phrases that make no sense at all and will probably come up in conversation.

Aotearoa: Maori name for ‘New Zealand’ (meaning land of the long white cloud)

Bach(pronounced ‘batch’) Holiday home usually by the sea 

Bro: Mate

Bubbles: Prosecco/champagne

Chilly bin: Cool box

Chips: Crisps

Choice: Good/cool

Chook: Chicken

Churs: Thanks

Dairy: Newsagents/small supermarket

Eh? A word used at the end of a sentence – don’t you agree?

Far out! Wow – excitement or disappointment 

Gumboots: Wellington boots

Haere man: Welcome (in Maori)

Haka: A Maori ceremonial war dance

Hangi: Traditional Maori cooking method using an underground earth oven

Heaps: Lots of

Hokey pokey: Vanilla ice cream with honeycomb toffee pieces

Hot chips: Chips (pronounced ‘hot chups’)

Jafa: Abbreviation for ‘Just another f**king Aucklander’ (a derogatory term!)

Jandals: Flip flops

Keen: Used when someone is enthusiastic about something

Kia Ora: Hello (in Maori)

Kiwi: A flightless bird or a person from New Zealand

Lollies: Sweets

Motu: Island

Not even: No way

OE: Overseas experience

Op shop: Charity/vintage shop

Pom or Pommie: Someone from the UK

Puke: Hill

Stoked: Happy

Stubbies: Short shorts!

Sweet as: No worries

Tiki Tour: To take the long route

Togs: Swimsuit

Tramping: Hiking

Wop wops: In the middle of nowhere

Yeah, nah: A polite no

Another note – Kiwi’s province the vowel ‘e’  as an ‘i’ – so if someone invites you have a beer and sit on their ‘dick’….they mean their ‘deck’ hehe 🙂

Have I missed anything out? Leave me a message in the comments!

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