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13 Things to do in Littlehampton Beach (2023)

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Littlehampton in West Sussex is BIG on things to do, from the lush Littlehampton Beach to the quaint harbour and promenade walks along the River Arun.

A wonderful part of West Sussex and just two hours away from London on the train, here are the best 11 things to do in Littlehampton Beach in 2023:

1. Littlehampton Beach

Likely the best thing to do in Littlehampton if you are here for just a day trip, Littlehampton’s main and most popular beach is the Littlehampton East Beach.

Littlehampton Beach

Littlehampton East Beach is a sandy, shingle stretch of shore that has all the traditional trappings of a classic seaside town. Beach huts, mini golf and fish and chip / ice-cream stalls all overlook Littlehampton beach (just watch out for those pesky seagulls).

You can swim at the beach but on a hot summer’s day, but we’d recommend you get there early as it isn’t the biggest of beaches and sandy spots can get taken very quickly.

2. Littlehampton Beach Huts

No British beach is complete without beach huts and Littlehampton beach has a bevy of brightly coloured beach huts a little away along East Beach.

The local Arun Council owns most of the Littlehampton beach huts and rents them to local people on an annual basis, so whilst you can’t hire them as a visitor or day-tripper, they are pretty as a picture and popular as a photographic backdrop.

Littlehampton Beach huts

3. Littlehampton Harbour

An idyllic slice of Littlehampton with views of the River Arun and nearby Arun Yacht Club, Littlehampton Harbour is easily accessible from the main train station and is the best way to begin your coastal walk when you first arrive in the town (there is also ample parking here is you are driving by car).

Littlehampton Harbour

Littlehampton Harbour has a popular promenade walk that runs alongside the River Arun all the way to Littlehampton Beach (East Beach). 

As well as multi-million pound yachts, also keep an eye out for the quirky Concrete recipe tablets along the walk (they might even inspire your choice of dinner!).

4. Littlehampton Beach Pier

A peaceful spot with gorgeous views of both Littlehampton East Beach and the West Beaches, Littlehampton Pier has ample benches to soak up the seaside views and is a popular place for the local fisherman.

The pier is also the ideal sunny spot to enjoy fish and chips from one of the nearby takeaways (listed below).

Littlehampton Beach pier

5. Fish and Chips

Like any good traditional British beachside resort, Littlehampton has several popular fish and chip restaurants to choose from, all within easy walking distance of the beach and seafront.

If you are visiting from overseas or haven’t been to the British seaside before, seriously one the best things to do in Littlehampton (or at any UK beach) is to eat fish and chips on the beach – this is a traditional English food regularly enjoyed by millions.

Based on the queues we saw, the best fish and and chips are:

Osca’s Fish and Chips

Mighty fine fish and chips a short stroll from Oyster Park. Based on the lengthy line outside, Osca’s could fittingly win an Academy award (ahem) for its takeaways.

Littlehampton Beach Osca's fish and chips


A couple of doors along from Oscars, Fred’s fish and chips (the best name for a chippy ever?!) is also hugely popular with the locals, and a great ‘plaice’ to eat seafood.

Traditional Fish and Chips Kiosk, East Beach

If you are on the beach or pier, for convenience, there is also a kiosk selling fish and chips just next to the lifeguard station, as well as other snacks and cold drinks, perfect for a hot summer’s day on the beach.

Traditional Fish and Chips Kiosk UK beach

6. Littlehampton Long Bench, the longest bench in Britain

One of Littlehampton’s claims to fame is Littlehampton Long Bench, reputedly Britain’s longest bench. You’ll see it running all the way along Littlehampton Beach and whilst it can be a little subtle in places, the designers have had some fun in its creation, with some interesting shapes and patterns.

Measuring over 300 metres in length, you’ll never be short of a seat at Littlehampton Beach (although you may have to wait your turn to sit in the more curvy parts of the bench).

Littlehampton Long Bench

7. Look and Sea Centre

At the far end of Littlehampton Harbour, you’ll find the Look and Sea Centre, a maritime exhibition dedicated to the local history of the area. Here you will also find lots of local tourist information as well as the Harbour Lights Cafe, which has a terrific outdoor terrace overlooking the marina and Arun River.

Littlehampton Beach look and sea centre

8. Oyster Pond / pedalo hire

The rather cutely named Oyster Park is a secluded spot (a little quieter than Littlehampton Beach) that has a nice circular pond, lined by benches and the occasional piece of public art or statue. In the summer months, you can hire pedalos on Oyster Pond too.

Oyster Pond / pedalo hire in Littlehampton

9. Littlehampton Buccaneer Bay Mini Golf and Miniature Railway

A haaa me hearties – ‘putt’ a swing in your step with a trip to the Buccaneer Bay Adventure Golf Course in Norfolk Park.

Next door to the crazy golf is a miniature railway line, fun for rail enthusiasts of all ages. Norfolk Park also has a very popular cafe Edge by the Sea and public toilets.

Littlehampton Buccaneer Bay Mini Golf and Miniature Railway

10. Harbour Park and Amusements

A mini Disneyland on sea, Littlehampton’s Harbour Park is right on the beach front and aimed at families and small children, with vintage delights such as dodgems, slides and all the traditional fairground rides you’d expect.

It is probably best not to eat too much candy floss before you get aboard the Dolphin Leap, due to the huge and sudden drop (you’ll hear the screams on Littlehampton Beach).

11. Littlehampton War Memorial and Caffyns Park

A little way from the beach, Caffyns Park is a grassy park which is a nice alternative to Littlehampton Beach if you prefer grass over sand. Littlehampton War Memorial can also be found here, which is well kept and has several monuments and statues dedicated to those who lost their lives in the war.

Littlehampton War Memorial and Caffyns Park

12. Littlehampton Town Centre and Shopping Arcade

Littlehampton town centre is a pleasant parade of independent shops and the usual chain stores – for every ‘local’ business or pub, you’ll see another usual high street presence like Greggs or Wetherspoons.

It is also a good place to stock up on snacks or food and drinks for the beach. Two of the most popular independent places include the Country Cob Artisan Bakery and neighbouring pub, The Crown.

As well as the Shopping Arcade, there is the Millenium Clock Tower, a popular meeting point that marks the start of the High Street.

Littlehampton Town Centre

13. The Windmill Cinema

Our final thing to do in Littlehampton is more for if it rains or the weather is chilly – you can catch the latest movies at The Windmill Cinema, Littlehampton’s picture house well loved by locals.

Tickets at the Windmill Cinema start from as little as £7 per adult and £5 per child as at February 2023.

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